Dearborn: Local Muslim calls for sharia patrols at city council meeting


Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 5.38.18 PMSo for those who insist that sharia coming to America, step back. It’s here.

“Dearborn: Local Muslim calls for sharia patrols at city council meeting,” Posted on by creeping

Not really shocking considering the locale.

via The Arab American News. h/t Dee

…a local Arab American took the podium to address concerns he had with the city. The man, who identified himself as Hassan, stated that he lived in Westland but had concerns he wanted to address as an individual who works in the city. He refused to publicly give his address fearing for the safety of his family.

After referencing Prophet Muhammad and loudly chanting Islamic prayers, Hassan said that the city needed to monitor neighborhood parks around the clock because people have been using them to conduct sexual activities. Council President Susan Dabaja, however, told him that the city doesn’t have the resources or money for increased security at parks and asked him to move on to his next point.

Hassan also stated that there were magazines and newspapers at the public libraries and civic center that can “cause colossal damage to a child’s health,” asking the city to review and monitor literature before they are distributed. Dabaja cited that freedom of speech laws exist and that parents, not the city, should monitor what their children read.

“These issues are not relevant to this body,” Councilman Thomas Tafelski added, looking frustrated.

Hassan was told he needed to speed up his message to the council because, according to council rules, an individual is limited to three minutes of speaking time during the public comments portion of the meeting. Hassan proceeded to address concerns he has regarding discrimination against Arabs in the city. He cited his current place of employment as an example.

“There is no political correctness contained and there is so much harassment towards Muslims and Arabs,” Hassan said.

Dabaja, however, was quick to tell him that his points were out of line and not issues that the council usually tackles.

“If you have concerns about your supervisor, then go ahead and seek the advice of legal counsel. This is not something that we as a body can address,” Dabaja stated before telling the individual that his time on the floor had expired.

Expect this in your city soon.

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  1. If an individual does not like American law and want sharia law, they should move to a country that has sharia law. I’m tired to hearing how our freedom offends their sensitivity.

      1. From your lips to GOD’S ear. I swear I am going to dance an Irish Jig if we last long enough to see him leave office (he is of course free to continue on to Kenya if he so desires)

        1. He can’t just be allowed to leave, before or after his illegal term expires. He and his ilk must be punished. With extreme prejudice.

  2. Dearbornistan,I guess that will be the next place we will have to send troops to fight the Taliban !! Our children will be subjected to seeing moslems having sex with goats .The consequences will be devastating !! Burkas on the goats can’t be far behind !!

  3. I am puzzled by these Muslims. Why on earth would they like to come to a hell pot called Western society. Their places are much better than ours.

    1. Really, Amber.
      That’s what’s happening in your country — at the duplicitous provocation of islam scum like this and al-bama.

    2. Obama and Hillary Clinton have been indicted in Egypt for aiding abetting crimes against humanity because they supported, endorsed and used American military resources to assist Morsi (muslim brotherhood) in the rounding up of 50,000 women and doing forced female genital mutilation to conform with sharia law. Are you complacent so much that that is not worth fighting against? After Hitler we said “never again”. Now we have an administration that is endorsing, paying for, and using American military power to subgegate women in foriegn lands. No response is too strong against that type of abuse of women. Why is it that liberal women are the first to defend this inhumanity? Not directed at you just a question based on facts. How can this be? Cry huge foul over the “glass ceiling” while assisting barbarians to continue in female genital mutilation and honor killings that are supported by their man child Obama the junior pharaoh?

      BTW – no pain killers or numbing agents are allowed. allah would not approve

      1. The Funny thing is in the Nineties Genital mutilation was a liberal cause celebre. Now that they are afraid of the muslims and their compatriot BHO they won’t touch the subject.

        1. Obama ALSO, won’t touch the subject of the Many Christians
          being KiLLED by HIS Muslim Brotherhood. I have not heard him speak of these killings, burning their churches to the ground, and beheading even the children of Christians. This,
          as he has armed and sent OUR tax dollars to HIS Muslim Brotherhood who are Killing these people worldwide.

    3. agreed if any of you read that it said nothing about sharia law he said ppl where haveing sex in the park and wanted around the clock watch to stop it witch might not be something they can do becuse of lack of funds but is not a sharia patrole there called cops and there everywhere

    4. Someone said, “Choose a side.” Unfortunately you will submit. I am over here and I can tell you they hate Americans, especially American females. If you choose their side you will be r@p3d and you will have your head sawed off. There is no tolerance with these people – they do not believe in it. Are we as a nation, innocent? No, not by any means, but now it begins and no matter who started it – you must choose a side. Sorry about that.

  4. Their goals are to infiltrate an area, build up their numbers, and impose their way of life. Because this country is so PC, no one will stand up to them. In my book, it’s assimilate or leave. Period.

      1. thats faggot. maybe you should have asked uncle saddam to teach you to read. and it is not nice to talk ill of people of different sexual orientations. sheep fucker.

      2. Mahdi, just because no-one likes you doesn’t mean they are wrong. There are reasons why you are not liked. Look at yourself first.

        1. i love americans, i am one myself. they have been lied to however and have misunderstood many things from the government. i only pray that the truth will come to you

          1. Islam and the Constitution do not mix. One or another.

            The Koran invalidates the Constitution and the Constitution invalidates the Koran.
            John Witherspoon said if you don’t love God, you are not an American. He meant the God of the Bible.

          2. islam requires a muslim to comply with the law of the land, please research islam and you will surely find the truth with patience

          3. dude your lieing throught your teaeh. it require you to force your so called religion on to everyone else. you are taught lie like you just did about it. so you are just here to fulfill what your called to do. disinform until the polulation of muslim is big enough in a erea, to threaten other. you a peice of shit man

          4. You are either really stupid or knowingly lying. Muslims have their own set of laws, which are part of their religion. The Shariah.

            The more they grow in numbers in any given area, the more they push to live under their laws regardless of what country they reside.

            Educate yourself on Islam, which is actually a political supremacist ideology cloaked as a religion.

          5. If you are a Christian, how can you condone the intentional killing of other Christians solely because they are Christian? How can you condone the treatment of females and gays?

      3. FEGIT IT? Read my post above, and KNOW, that You will NOT dictate to Americans what WE NEED TO DO TO PLEASE YOUR SORRY AZZ. HAD A SAYING A WHILE BACK:
        “America, Love It, OR Leave It”……

    1. Correct post upload. Also, they KNOW they have Obama to further THEIR cause and protect THEM, NOT we Americans. If these phucks came here, then THEY Need to Follow OUR Laws, NOT their 7th Century Barbarism, which treats “their females like Dogs, who smell and are like Raw Meat(THIS, is a quote from one of their own filthy Imams) and they NEED to be covered up.” They STILL use barbarizm against little girls-FGM-Female Genital Mutilation. They can KILL/Maim their women, JUST for NOT having a male walking with them, or if he tires of her, he can KILL her by saying she was an adulterer. Oh Yeah, these

  5. got news for you this is the muslim agenda. The Brotherhood agenda is to build mosques, get rid of christianity and force Sharia in the USA. …… You know what it will probably happen because we are passive enough to let it happen.

    1. And Jehovah is going to destroy every last one of you satan loving, inbred, violent, worthless piles of smegma that have never and will never contribute a single worthwhile thing to human civilization. Perhaps because you are sub human scum.

        1. As opposed to you who are “A Person Of Interest” On a related matter I noticed you said Hezbollah rather than you. Are you too cowardly to go after your enemies? Unless by Hezbollah you do mean you which brings me back to the “Person Of Interest” comment.

          1. Actually I have spent a great deal of time in the M.E. teaching the things that I know. I have many friends in S.A., Lebanon, Syria, ISRAEL, Dubai, Etc. and have the right to place enough letters behind my name to form a new alphabet. I am far from dumber than a rock. Speaking of rocks why don’t you crawl back under yours.

          2. Go phuck another goat, or another of your Muslim/Islam brothers. We Know you all hate women,by the way you treat them and the little girls you treat like Dogs.

    2. Compared with the sunnis, the shia are at least more honest (if we forget the taqiya for a bit). They sure now how to beat themselves up.

  6. If CAIR has their way we will be dealing with this is issue across the nation. Let me go on record as a constitution following christian American. I WILL NEVER LIVE UNDER SHARIA LAW. I am not ANTI-MUSLIM but, I will not hesitate to engage anyone who attempts to dominate me with their religion.

      I am a lifelong Democrat ( age 65 now ) but also a never-give-up-my guns Democrat…
      The NRA can sometimes seem like a “no-manners” pit bull, but when it comes to standing up to pussy-ass Leftists, we need a four legged beast to keep our gun rights.

    2. Make sure you dip your ammo in pig blood and pig shit before you load. They really believe that they wont go to their whore heaven if they are contaminated with pork. Just the thought of it makes them shit in their pants. Good hunting Jeffrey.

      1. DID YOU ACTUALLY READ IT ALL. Hassan was trying to protect the children and get his right because of discrimination, and the picture above is not in America. GET THE FACTS RIGHT

        1. Are you kidding me? In what way was he trying to protect the children? He’s a Muslim and he does not give a damn about kids. He only cares about his fucking religion. With regards to the so called innocent Muslims. More Muslims have died by Muslims hands then those killed by the United States. Those so called innocents, are were not innocent people. If you love Muslims so much, go live in the Middle East, and see how they treat you.

    3. I stand right with you brother. I didnt go fight in that damn desert and repair those damn roads for them to come here and try to pull that shit. we try to fix that place so its nice and they just keep f’in it up. If they want to live like it is in Iraq I am sure no one would be hurt by them taking that one way trip back. I am a ARMY man myself but have stood next to a devil dog on many counts.

      1. Thanks for your service, Brother Warrior and may the Great Spirit watch over you and yours and guide yours and their steps for all eternity.

        US Combat Veteran: Vietnam, ’68-’69; Door gunner, 228th
        Avn. Bn. (ASH), 1st Cav. Div. (AM) and former Armored Cavalry Scout (19D30) and damned proud to have served and would do it again if this wonderful country and its people ever needed me. (However,
        not under BHO and his Socialist Regime.) Enlisted into the Army Dec. 20, ’63 and retired out of the Id. Air National Guard Apr. 1, ’92.


      2. that’s why you killed thousands of people around the world, they were living in peace before the gov. brainwashed with 9/11, get your fact straight. OH you killed Sadam but YOU BROUGHT worse president in there to be the puppet of US. DO YOUR RESEARCH because they fool you GOOD.

        DID YOU ACTUALLY READ IT ALL. Hassan was trying to protect the children and get his right because of discrimination, and the picture above is not in America. GET THE FACTS RIGHT

        1. Suzy, Are you American? Most Americans are aware of the facts of our recent war history, we didn’t go there to kill for the sake of killing. We went there because that is where the Taliban and Al Queida is at, and they are who was attacking our country. As well as their very own. We took out Hussein and Bin Laden because they were leading and funding these radical groups to attack us. Whose fault is it? Well everyone can point fingers but, to disrespect our service [wo]men directly because of your own warped political beliefs is pretty messed up. This isn’t a joke, our service personnel put their lives on the line everyday for morons like you to have the ability to speak your mind. And additionally, to preserve all our freedoms, including freedom of religion. I will not live by rules or laws generated based on any one religion. The issues this man raised were domestic issues that need to be addressed at home and by the parents themselves. It is not within the governments power or business to ban any material based on religious beliefs or otherwise, nor do they have the funds or resources to look for and prosecute sex in public. He probably is being discriminated against, because of being Arab American, to which it is a legal matter that needs to be addressed in a court of law, not city council meetings. That is not within their scope of jurisdiction.

        2. Ok, Suzy, you’re a moron. He was advocating censorship and confiscation of reading materials. That’s about as anti-1st Amendment as it gets. Worse, he was doing it in the name of fanatical religious ideals. As to being “brainwashed” about 9/11…I don’t even understand what you’re talking about. It happened. It wasn’t a hoax. And we responded. We went after the groups responsible. Yeah sure, the Bush administration screwed the pooch with their hunt for WMD’s in Iraq, but I defy ANYONE to think removing Saddam from power was a bad thing. And another thing… WE didn’t kill Saddam. He was tried and executed by his own people. We just caught him. And while I was serving in Iraq and living with the Iraqi military, I got to befriend quite a few of them. EVERY ONE of them was grateful that we were there and had removed Saddam. So, maybe you should research your own “facts” before running off at the mouth about something you know nothing about. Idiot.

          1. I would bet you would have as much understanding of the law if you lived over-seas, and you would have a whole lot less of an ability to bring it up. That is what makes this country great, that you can speak your mind however unpopular and not be jailed.

            This man spoke his mind, was responded to the same as if someone Russian or German or Greek would have asking about the same things (censorship is alive and well in those contries) and none of our laws changed simply because he asked about them.

            Be proud of this man – who lived in a country where he could not have done this – for doing this in our country.

            Oh, and this is an okay example of why you need to know the laws of the country or state that you live in.

        3. trying to protect children??? dude it’s a parents responsibility to monitor what your kids are reading… If your kids are looking at or reading inappropriate material then that is bad parenting on your part. It is not the libraries job to monitor your, that’s right “YOUR” kids. And in case you didn’t notice, there are local law enforcement. so if you see something bad in the park, call the police… cuz while people want to keep screaming discriminate, that could be pointed at you. Go to a communist country and quit trying to turn ours into one…

          1. It is the right of every individual in this country to challenge the law through legal means. Every American – even Americans with different opinions. Let this be a lesson to Christians who try to bend the will of the law to favor them too. They also want censorship, and books banned, and sex banned.

            You cannot make your religious law into state law… and brandishing a gun does not make you a hero. It makes you a tyrant.

        4. you need to get back to the kitchen. I need a sammich. but no in all reality you need to go to the nearest tree and apologize. It is working far to hard to provide you with oxygen. I wish your mom would have swallowed.

    4. Can you reload that thing in the dark? Take it apart and clean it in the dark and put it back together? Good training is to be able to do that while a couple of your buddies are banging pots and pans and yelling at you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m with you. I’m just all for training.

      1. Why do people assume gun owners are uneducated idiots playing with toys? I am a proud owner of my first gun and the first thing I did was go to my local range and get training. I also practice at home with my husband, learned to take apart and clean it myself, and will get my next steps training soon as well. Who needs to be lectured by anyone about training? Most gun owners grew up with guns and know about them very well thank you.

    5. I am hoping you feel the same as well about Christians who believe in censorship, the War on Drugs and other government invasive thangs :-)

      1. The Christians are not killing innocent people, targeting children, solely because they’re Muslim – a bit of difference there.

    6. Semper Fi, Marine! I agree 1000% with you on not allowing anybody to dominate me or mine with their religion, let them believe the way they want but under no circumstances attempt to push your beliefs on to me because you’ll have one p…ed off God fearing Scot/Irish American Indian come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    7. Yet something tells me you’re OK with forcing Christianity on others in the form of marriage inequality and anti-abortion laws?

    8. I got out in ’84. No love for the GI back then. The rag-heads put a little fire under their butts, and they sure love us now!!!!
      watch your six, that’s their favorite attack….

    1. Enter dearborn MI on youtube and you will see plenty of stuff like this. BTW. are you new to clip photo’s in articles. Why don’t you tell us how you feel about the content rather than laming out on a photo.

      1. It’s not a clip photo. It clearly states “Hello! this is Dearbornistan, Michigan” on the image. This is factually incorrect. It’s Kabul. I’m not talking about “stuff like this”…I’m talking about THIS image – which is a misrepresentation.

        1. It’s called creative license and you still did not address the content of the article. IOW if you are going to take issue, take issue with something of substance rather than the insubstantial origins of a picture. That may of course be your intent, deflecting away from the important issue by focusing on a peripheral one.

          1. LOL, I have no issue with the image licensing or even the origins of the image. Again, I have issue with the false & misleading claims attached to the image.
            & to famouswolf (I couldn’t be bothered replying twice).
            I’m actually right wing & Jewish (if that matters) from a military family who fight Islam every day.

          2. Then why pick apart a picture. Remember not all who are in the fight use martial weapons some use wordsmithing and imagery. Now Do You or Do You Not take issue with the Muslims trying to use Dearborn as their staging ground in america. Edit To add Shalom My Hebrew friend. May GOD guide and protect his children as they stand up to his enemies.

          3. LOL “Wordsmithing and imagery” – or in this case FALSEHOOD. You don’t think there is enough wrong with Islam to find/use some imagery that is actually a factual representation of the article? Sure, go ahead & use the image of the 2009 protest in Kabul – but at least remove the textual claims that it is “Dearborn Michigan” when clearly it is not. Spreading disinformation does nothing to further the cause, it only damages credibility.
            Regarding the article & the Muslim stance in Dearborn, Islam has no place in any civilized nation. It’s a barbaric cult based on bloodshed and bent on world domination.
            Enjoyed our discussion. :)

          4. Take a moment to investigate the tidal wave of propaganda ‘they’ are using to advance their cause. Look for examples in their web pages. They edit photos shamelessly to change the truth of the photos, take events out of context, tell half-truths, advance conspiracy theories. This photo may have been in Kabul, but the context is the same.

          5. I don’t need to take a moment. As a Jew, I’m already well aware of the propaganda machines active within Isam/Arab nations. The “they do it too” argument isn’t a valid one. The fact remains, claiming a photo taken in Kabul as an image of Dearborn is a falsehood, however you look at it.

          6. Glad to hear it. That was still very Alinsky.
            You are Israeli?
            The image could be considered an example of what can be seen in Dearborn, not necessarily a current photo from there taken today. If that helps.

          7. It’s not a current photo taken from there ANYTIME nor is it an example of what can been seen in Dearborn (because it is not Dearborn). It is an example of what can be seen in Afghanistan.
            If you have further questions about my nationality feel free to hit me up on FB.

          8. So you say, but you don’t sound like it, as you STAY focused on a dumb picture, but NOT the article and Pamela that you have taken issue with.

        2. Sorry bud, but the Images we will ALWAYS have seared in our brains, is on 9/11, as 3,000 Americans were Killed by these animals, and we saw OUR citizens jumping out of windows. Want to Cut the Bullshit-this picture of of Little Consequence, as you want to split hairs.

  7. Id call it sedition, not criticizing the government but looking to over throw it?? Where is the DHS NOW. ?dumb fucks??

    1. They are mostly muslim brotherhood non citizens in the 2nd from top positions. Feel safer now. THE PATRIOT ACT IS APTLY NAMED FOR WHOM IT IS INTENDED TO ULTIMATELY TARGET

      1. what i should feel bad for you when you come here with your trash to take us over and kill us but i cant defend my country from your evil. really dude who is the evil hypocrate now. and your going to say your a good muslim right. your koran you read teaches hate and to li to us till you have enought to force the oppposite. so what should i think. you and your people caused this. we tried to be niice but no you wont asimulate , you force. lie and threaten everyone to turn into muslim. so again what should i do sit here and coward to the devil and his minions= you

          1. I dont have to 1- you read the koran. 2- i have read how you jump back and forth on your replies to other, lying about your religion. you are taught to say that in your religio or its of peace then when time come you change and start to force you religion on to others by threat’s soon after its actual force and killing. so please stop lying, just because i am so called infadel and christian. does not mean im dumb. just to damn nice to asshole religions, at first. but most christians and jews are way to nice to your religion, , that has been killing our kind for 13 centuries.. so tell me again who mixed up and who is lying

          2. sir , yuou all study the koran, and it is filled with250 some passages on hate, killing jews, christians, how to beat your wife, how to to lie to the infadel , how raping a 9 yr old is ok, if you study the koran you can not be trusted,
            the reason is 99% are pulling it of by being like you at first world wide, for tha last 15 yrs and are now openly proving some who warned us write are now calling for the heads of everyone. so stop your crap and deal with your people and your political ideal, stop trying to lie to us, that book is evil and any!!!!!!one who reads from it can not be trusted…..

      2. Try to cut someone’s head off on the street and see what happens to you here, you pos.
        You chickenshit bastards have no idea what you are messing with.

        1. How long do we have to wait for a major surge against Islam i(the ideology of evil) in our American cities?
          When will a complicit Congress stop them from coming here?

        1. Mahdi – That is correct, what AmericanFaith has said. You didn’t come here to be good Americans. You came here with the intention of trying to destroy the USA. Not gonna happen. Too many rednecks and patriots, Mahdi, who won’t think twice about defending themselves, should the need arise.

      3. Because your Koran says you are to kill me because I am not a Muslim.

        – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where
        they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief] is worse than

        but if they desist, then lo!
        Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no
        more Fitnah [disbelief and worshiping of others along with Allah]
        and worship is for Allah alone.

        1. i wish i can reply to all these but it is too much. these verses you quote are from the quran correct. however you have not read the time the verse had been revealed and for what reason. it is known fact that whenever there is fighting mentioned in the quran, it refers to only self defense and never aggression, when read the context of the verse

          1. So all those Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere around the world who brutally murder Christian daily, are just defending themselves? Yeah right.

          2. What horse shit you spew. You are not listing facts,
            you are obfuscating truth. The Quran may not
            use the word “fighting” but it mentions killing
            infidels dozens of times. So FO

      4. Kill… Who are supposed to be killed according to islam?

        How many people did Muhammad kill?

        What a disgusting ideology.

      5. Again, Islam and the Constitution do not mix.
        Choose Islam – you choose Sharia – not America.
        You can call yourself an American, but your heart belongs to Sharia.
        Pedophilia, child brides, harems, wife beating = this is Islam.
        Your founder said it all with his actions and words.
        Aisha. Wife beating.

    1. That first word, would be your pedophile-Loving Mo Ham MUD, who dressed up little boys and made them dance like little girls. He also married little 6 yr.old Aisha, then, consumated the marriage when she turned 9 yrs. Old.
      If that’s not your picture, a black face seems more like you, with your stupid statements.

  8. Dearborn is a foreign country pretty much. It definitely isn’t American. Parts of Canada are more American and Western than Dearbornistan. Effing pigs

  9. I’m delighted to read news of harassment towards Muslims and Arabs – every country should launch harassing Muslims/Arabs as a great physical exercise and a great way of boosting the ratings for the Reality TV productions. Wonderful stuff – keep harassing them, until they leave, or die!

    Any Muslims who don’t immediately publically declare their venomous opposition to the Sharia Law in a Western world’s country, or opposition to the Islamification of any Western world’s countries, ARE MUSLIM ENEMIES, IMMEDIATELY – they must then be (1) declared the enemy and (2) treated as the enemy must be treated – with contempt and hostility! Save your country…GET THEM OUT OF IT!

    1. Sept 11 every year hold a muzzle skeetshoot day… I’m sorry, did I miss your headrag? lol. Bet you’ll never see a headrag, burqa, muzzle protest again. *snicker* “To the rooftops!”

  10. Nowhere in this article did the guy “call for Sharia patrols” as the title claims. He voiced some concerns about people having sexy-time in the park and complained about what he considered inappropriate stuff at the library.

    This took place at a city council meeting where nutbag citizens often take their 3 minutes to spout all sorts of nonsense. This example is fairly tame too. When they were planning to build a super-sized Copt church in our neighborhood, the city council meeting erupted into all sorts of hatey crap, mostly from Catholics who believed the area was Catholic (it wasn’t and isn’t) and didn’t want anyone else on their ‘turf.’ Of course, in the example above, the guy’s a Muslim so his speechifying is seem as far more sinister than anyone else’s similar speechifying cause, well, that’s what Geller does. Also, the council dismissed the dude’s concerns out of hand, as city councillors are wont to do, so not Sharia either.

    The photograph that’s used to illustrate the article – it actually says “This is Dearborn, Michigan” – is not from Dearborn at all, but taken in Afghanistan a few years back. There’s lots of things to criticize about Islam, but the fact that Geller felt the need to use a totally dishonest photograph, to gin up a quoted story about a fairly innocuous event at a city council meeting, speaks volumes about this blogs credibility.

    1. You’re walking down the highway picking the fly sh*t out of the pepper, oblivious to the 18-wheeler that’s about to smash you to pieces. Seriously, “Spiffy”, what do you think the Muslim was referring to, at least obliquely? Put your big boy thinking cap on and think hard. Muslims so love little dhimmi enablers like you. OK, the photo’s from somewhere else and another time, so what? It’s still Dearborn in association and what is or will be happening there.

      1. “OK, the photo’s from somewhere else and another time, so what?” Maybe some people care about credibility, integrity, honesty, accuracy, journalism, etc? Obviously not you, so never mind.

        1. Start reading on Jihad Watch — Start learning the risks of pandering to Islam. Where ever they settle there is culture
          clash and Islam DOES NOT BELONG IN OUR CULTURE!

          1. LOL – Jihad Watch for unbiased, non-hyperbolic reporting? Sure. Your comment seems to indicate you need to spend less time reading that and this blog though. See, pointing out inaccuracies in an article is not pandering to anything or anyone. If you want to be taken seriously, you shouldn’t make things up, because people won’t believe you even in the instances when you’re right. Simple stuff really.

          2. There is right and wrong. Islam is wrong and you are part of that . You are part of the lie-and will go down with the rest of the liars from the liberal left who are into denial. You do not study cultures and show that by ignoring the facts.

          3. Actually, facts are kinda my thing – a lack of them is why I commented in the first place. You don’t mind facts being bent to forward your agenda, and that’s okay for you and your ilk. Don’t expect many other people to be convinced by such blatantly dishonest reporting though.

          4. Spiffy, you know what they do to fags right? First they butt fuck you, Then they cut your head off. Like Stevens. #BENGHAZI.So fuck you and yours spiffy. Fuck Disqus too.

          5. Ha ha Yes! You must be one of Geller’s saner readers. Pleased to meet.

            I’m thinking you need to switch to decaf though.

          6. You hate Pamela Geller AND Robert Spencer, because they bring FACTS before people, and what is happening in the world of Islam- Just hate that don’t you? Tough- People Need to be made aware of what the Muslim/Islam Agenda IS. Don’t like it? Stay OFF the two sites you want to disparage with your “Obama/Muslim Bootlicking”

          7. Facts? Strange – I’ve pointed out two facts that are wrong on this page alone. Oddly, nobody – including yourself – has been able to refute me on it, preferring to use insults and ad-hom attacks. Fair enough I suppose – but don’t whine to me about facts, caps lock on or not.

            “Obama/Muslim Bootlicking”

            Strange – I didn’t mention Obama. You did. See, when you have to make stuff up like that, you don’t have much of an argument.

          8. No, it’s not okay Alex. You’re a mental-case douche canoe without a cohesive or sane argument. Which leaves you projecting your Oedipal-Bestial sex fantasies onto others.

            Guess that makes you feel a little more normal about your issues. But you’re not.

          9. You wouldn’t know a fact if it kicked you in the teeth.
            For the record, you are wasting your time here. We all recognize an enemy when we see one.

          10. Sure thing sparkles. Let’s recap: Is the photo from Dearborn? No. Did the one solitary guy call for Sharia Patrol at city council? No. Until one, or both, of those things are true, this post is to be charitable, factually challenged. As you don’t realize it, so are you.

            You’re probably right about wasting time though. One can always lead wingnuts to facts, but you can’t make them think for themselves.

          11. Question Spiffy- How about These Facts-? The Muslim at Ft. Hood Killed 19 soldiers and injured Many Others-is that a fact as he Yelled “Allah Akbar” ok with you? How about the Muslim Brothers who Killed the little boy and others at the Boston Marathon and Maimed many others on an innocent day of a city’s races? That is ok with you? Do you
            want to KEEP looking the Other way, as they DECLARE,
            “Any Infidel can be killed, that does NOT follow Islam?
            You, and YOUR ILK are part of the problem for your P.C.
            Bullshit. Wise the hell up, and quit covering up for these pukes who LOVE DEATH, and want to Continue to KILL Americans….do you Recall 9/11? Wise up, and stop being an enabler for these 7th Century barbarians. Have you EVER heard them say they were “Sorry Americans were killed on 9/11 by their OWN?” I HAVE NOT.

          12. It’s kind of offensive to suggest that they are, but no, none of those horrific events are “okay with (me).” The animals that committed them either have been/should be hunted down and dealt with.

            That’s not what this article is about though, is it? It’s about some dude complaining that people are having sex in the town park, and stuff that’s available at the library. Things like that go on in council meetings every day, in towns all over the country. This one’s a big deal to Geller because the guy happens to be Muslim. Even she knows it’s a stretch so she had to use a fake photograph and claim something that’s not true, is. If you’re okay with that, groovy for you, but it is why sane people view anything published here with skepticism.

          13. Hey Spiff, You make a big deal out of it but I can’t
            seem to find how ANY of the “props” for
            the article, which you claim are vital for the truth,
            has or ever will alter the substance of the Article.
            You are screeching just to hear yourself screech.
            It’s ugly.

          14. I doubt you could find your a$$ with two hunting dogs and a flashlight, so that’s not at all surprising.

            Also, look up the word “screeching” – I don’t think it means what you think it does.

          15. It means exactly what I meant it does and you are still screeching!
            has nada to do w/Newfoundland etc…

    2. Good luck on your appeasement crusade… Won’t save you from either side, chickenturd! PS your ‘pink-wink’ avatar’s gonna go over real well with the goat-pokers.

      1. Another brave internet soul with weird beastial sex fantasies? My word, that’s two in this thread.

        Practically a trend.

    1. Correct post, Obama is making America, “The Dumping Ground” for HIS Muslim Brotherhood. He made a BIG mistake, when he said: “America is Not a Christian Nation, but is a Muslim Nation” in one of his many Muslim Propaganda stances. There are many he is bringing in as he declares them to be seeking “Political Asylum”…..bullcraP- Obama is stacking our nation with
      these American Haters- who are Just like Him.

  11. If there is problems at work there is always the old death threats, fires, etc… Like in Egypt and Syria. Enjoy all your muslim holidays as the Christian ones are decimated. Enjoy prayer 5 times a day while the working slobs cover for you. The farm bill takes taxpayer for your “special” food like the Jews get. I forgot. They don’t. Only you do. Thank obama. Enjoy the footbaths, private swimming during infidel free periods. We are so disgusting you need special away time from your host victim. I wonder why there is “discrimination” toward a favored class? Of course, there is ALL the lawsuits filed by CAIR to cheer you up. Soon America will be toast and unable to CAIR for you, and you have nobody to blame but yourselves. You come to a new country and insist we ALL change for you. What have ANY of you contributed to mankind>?

    1. Remember these are SUB-HUMAN beings and deserve no respect.
      They exhibit the lowest of behavior and have no individual ability to think.’
      They follow orders of the dirty -“OL” imams —They do not wash (except feet) and spew hate and lies hourly. Islam is consumed by lies and liars (We have one in the WH-example #1) and it is a crime against humans to let Dearborn continue their evil -bully behavior.

  12. Tell Him to move to England. Our Government Love Islam and there are several sharia courts in the country, which our Government turn a blind eye to…..very soon it will be a crime to be calling ourselves British….. Welcome to Britistan

    1. Dez, your post is correct and true. Pretty soon, you will NOT even recognize England, as they wanted “to be so ethnically diverse, they have LOST their nation to these Demanding, Lying, Death-Loving Barbarians.” Case in point, was the Muslim Nutcase that “Cut off soldier Rigby’s HEAD in the Street in broad daylight.” They cause problems NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE, AND HAVE SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THEIR HATE/LOVE OF DEATH SO CALLED RELIGION. IT IS A CULT, NOT ANY RELIGION FOR SURE.

  13. We need to stop them now. They’ve realized that they can bully people to make them stand down and they’re doing this all over the world. I’m from Canada and it’s no different here, Brampton Ontario is packed full of Muslims and honestly they’re having enough children to take us over, Its ridiculous and our government is not doing anything to prevent it. It makes me sick, If anyone knows how we can fight this please share!!

    1. Stop worrying so much about being called a racist…Islam is not a race, or religion…it is a political takeover…I like to laugh out loud when they frown at me disapprovingly; or better yet, pretend their stench is overwhelming…sooner or later one of the pukes is going to boil up in violence in front of people…even

      in private? who cares???? I’ve got a secret in MY purse. Have already been hacked few times for statements re: Serial Hate vs tiny penis size..and that’s just typing….serious issues here lmao….. Stand up…. This muzzie thinks ‘political correctness’ is like, some law…rather than a disparaging phrase for leftard behavior…they’re really incredibly stupid…. Keep smilin’ north americans – these sandluvers are TOAST!!!

  14. I agree with you Frank M. We need to get this under control and send them all back to their home countries, You don’t like our country then bugger off!

    1. Blow them to smithereens is a much more explicit way to take care of these disgusting islam0-nazis that are allowed to exist —-Sabotage them ! There are ways –where are the American thinkers to take our these subhumans ??? Wake up America!

  15. Khalifa Barry wants the Constitution replaced with sharia, so do his Talina, Hamas, Al Qaida, Iranian etc. allies. Once upon a time the USA had am OPPOSITION party, but of late that sniveling collaborator ( Wimp Boehner ) has become islam’s chief enabler! Add the likes of McOnnell, McLiar and Goober and you can see why the islamo-marxist regime is about to complete Barry’s “transformation” of the nation.

  16. Good grief, people, don’t be so literal! So what if the photo isn’t actually Dearborn? And, so what, if he didn’t actually call for sharia patrols using that exact language. It’s still “Dearborn”. And, he’s still referring to sharia patrols, obliquely, if no other way. Please try to follow along, try to get the message. I mean, seriously, when the Islamic sword if falling on your neck, I think some of you will be wondering if you remembered to brush your teeth and still in denial about the clear and present danger of Islam.

      1. You better learn to think so you have a chance to stay free. Times running short, as the article illustrates. Adults get tired of drawing pictures for people like you.

  17. The refusal of melting in our “melting pot” and wanting to have their own laws instead of following U.S. laws should be deportation if not born here. If they were born here, deport them anyway. I’m so sick of these creatures.

  18. They can go right back to where they came from if they want “just Islam”. They chose to come to a country with diverse religious beliefs and we do not force any other religion on anyone else. “no democracy”? NO political correctness? We are in the position that we are in because of too much democracy and too much political correctness. This guy needs to look around him.


    1. When Muslims form a small minority of a population, the
      message of Islam is “peace and tolerance” (Stealth Jihad). As numbers
      rise, so do complaints, as well as retaliatory attacks for perceived affronts
      (Defensive Jihad). When Muslims eventually establish a majority, all
      non-Muslims are violently subjugated (Offensive Jihad).

      1. Good post Ravn and true what you’ve stated;. I’d only add to it, by saying from the ‘beginning of time, when Muslims/Islam Defeated their enemies, they built a Mosque on the Site- does the 9/11 Mosque hit home, as they want to Stick a finger in the eye of America when they killed 3,000 Americans, and demanded they be allowed to build near the 9/11 Site?” These people need to STOP making demands on already pissed off Americans, as WE will NEVER FORGET 9/11 OR their OTHER ATTACKS AGAINST AMERICANS.

  20. The content of the above report makes no reference to the witness calling for Sharia law. So the headline is at the least a misrepresentation of the event. While the retorts of the city council measures were correct, they might have invited him to submit to them in writing for their consideration any claim he might have to these restrictions being within the authority of a city.

    1. They are Already living under Sharia- remember the Muslim tv executive who Killed his wife who wanted a divorce(believe it was Boston) or the Cabbie who took his two daughter lives by shooting them in the back of his cab because they were becoming too westernized? There have been Many killed by their own men-husbands, brothers, etc. as they do NOT want to follow OUR laws here in America. There are Muslim areas, that will NOT even permit policemen
      to Enter into their wooded, Muslim/Islamic sites HERE in America. Check that out on the internet.

  21. Islamist scum like these heathens and Obozo, are destroying America, all the while politicians sit on their fat asses afraid to do one thing ?! Parasites , heathens and drug addicted pukes like all Gimmerats are-aren’t worth a bucket of spit.

  22. Keep this around folks and be weary!
    When Muslims form a small minority of a population, the
    message of Islam is “peace and tolerance” (Stealth Jihad). As numbers
    rise, so do complaints, as well as retaliatory attacks for perceived affronts
    (Defensive Jihad). When Muslims eventually establish a majority, all
    non-Muslims are violently subjugated (Offensive Jihad).

  23. If these Muslims don’t like Democracy or the Constitution, they very much have the right to get the hell out of my country. They DO NOT have any rights what so ever as to demand that their God forsaken 7th century Shariah Law be enforced or even accepted here in America.

  24. American Mohammedanism is identical to Nazism.

    But don’t blame the colonists. You don’t blame a cockroach for invading your kitchen, or a bear for shitting in the woods. You cannot blame the Mohammedan colonists for engaging in Shari’ah – American Mohammedan are not human and cannot be held responsible for their behavior.

    Who imported this microbe to Dearborn? Who allowed this cancer to metastasize? Those are the questions we should be asking. Those people – the folks who tolerate Shari’ah and import Mohammedan colonists – they are the ones who should be facing war crimes trials. Hassan is not the problem.

    How can you blame Hassan for committing Shari’ah? He’s just a zombie doing the evil commanded of him by the shitty Quran.

  25. I have muslim friends and they have never pushed their beliefs on me or any other American.To think that we in the USA will follow your LAWS is American suicide,Just put a gun to your head NOWWWWW!!!! I am not against any religion I think every one is entitled to their own opinons and beliefs but DO NOT come here to change anything AMERICANS believe especially religion or turn your butt right back to your own country.I AM A CHRISTIAN!!!!

  26. Having lived in Oregon during the Central Oregon cult takeover by Mah Shree Agnise (something like that :) and watched them win all the elections to take over the town of Antelope, Oregon…….. this is exactly how Islam will win!!!!! Who will be left to stand for freedom when you are not legally allowed to do anything as sharia law governs the land………….???

  27. The article says Hassan lives in Westland, not Dearborn. Why is he even given time to speak at a Dearborn meeting? He “works” in Dearborn- but has time to frequent the parks and the local libriaries and civic center? To the extent that he knows that much about what is there? What is he doing in the park at night?
    Does anyone know the muslim population of Westland? Things are getting out of hand.

  28. It sounds like the Muslim’s need to return to their own country where their beloved Sharia is practiced. IT IS NOT PRACTICED HERE. Nor do we behave the way they do. America is a civilized country. Assimilate or GET OUT.

  29. Shari law will never be part of a Democracy, why: Shari law does not allow all citizens to participate equally, Shari laws, citizens dont have a voice in those laws.

  30. There are valid concerns about Muslims or anyone trying to influence a city to limit freedom, but this article reeks of demagoguery.
    The next idiot that got up could have been a Christian who had concerns about sex in the party and magazines he felt shouldn’t be in the library, and the fact that Christians are discriminated against during Christmas, etc.
    There are legitimate stories about Muslims trying to limit freedom in this country. This ain’t one of them. It reeks of it being a slow news day and let’s throw something out there.
    Come on, “you’s guys’s”………you are better than that!

  31. Muslims have their own set of laws, which are part of their religion. The Shariah.

    The more they grow in numbers in any given area, the more they push to live under their laws regardless of what country they reside. And they do it by force, not diplomatic means. This is the Muslim Brotherhood’s goal, which is outlined in the two documents they wrote – “The 100 Year Plan to Islamize The World” and “The Project.”

    Everyone needs to educate themselves on Islam, which is actually a political supremacist ideology cloaked as a religion. Once you know your enemy, you can defeat them. Make sure you watch “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War With The West” and then watch, “The Third Jihad.”

  32. If a muslim moves here and doesn’t like the Constitution and American court system, then I say to move to a muslim country. I will never support sharia law. If it offends you, that is not my problem.

  33. DID YOU ACTUALLY READ IT ALL. Hassan was trying to protect the children and get his right because of discrimination, and the picture above is not in America. GET THE FACTS RIGHT

  34. feel free to look me up I plan on going to there next open in the street meeting and brandishing the American flag! who will go with me? I live in Madison heights Mi. who has the balls out side of the internet to stand next to me? or are you all just talkers (we shall see what the men in michigan have come to wont we:) look me up i have a funny pic millertime :) on FB

  35. It’ not shocking that people believe you guys touting 2nd A rights and the such are undeducated. I read some of the outright disgusting things said here. Why can’t you have civi discourse without talking about poop and calling people sheep f***ers? Seriously just shows the hate in your heart. And I for one get that Islam wants us dead, but please, the hate you spew is as distasteful as that which you talk against.

  36. This GARBAGE does not belong in America. GET THEM OUT of here and send them back to the 7th century sh*thole they climbed out of. For the converts to islam, send them back with them. JUST GET THEM OUT OF OUR COUNTRY

  37. Sorry, but they need to be rounded up, stripped of their US citizenship and deported back to their third world sand pits! we cannot have Sharia law established in America, neither can we have Muslims taking over cities and Government,and expect a peaceful co-existence with these people. This is illegal and against the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights! and Middle-eastern Muslim immigration must be stopped immediately. these people can never be loyal Americans they hate us and Israel. wake up!!!!!

  38. take you sharia law and your koran and stuff it up your ass this is america and we have a constitution that is the law of the land and we will not tolerate your barbaric way of life in this country if you want to live that kind of life style then go back to where you came from and dont let the door hit you in the ass on your way out

  39. I am Anti-muslim, and be careful being moderate in what you’re saying. Being gentle leads to Kosovosation of USA. You’ll get “your KOSOVO” sooner or later. Be brutal as they are. Learn from the Serbian mistakes-experience (it’s not that that USA didn’t help Muslims in fighting Serbs), but, anyway, it would be good to review