Rape Victim Charged with illegal sex under islamic Law in “moderate” Dubai


But no worries: if she marries her rapist (a policeman, no less), she can escape jail. Sharia, respect it!


“Dubai to charge Austrian woman victim for illegal sex,” Austrian News, January 22, 2014 (thanks to Claude)

Austrian Times – An Austrian tourist who claimed she was raped by a policeman’s son in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates has been told that she is facing jail herself – for having sex outside of marriage.

The 24-year-old woman reported the rape to local police expecting that they would take action against the accused, and instead found herself facing charges.

And even more amazing she claims that she was told by one of the policeman that she complained to that she could escape charges if she were prepared to marry the man that she alleged had raped her in a car during an attack on December 2nd, which is a public holiday in Dubai.

She had been in the region with friends on holiday and accepted an offer by the man to drive her home. But once they had walked into an underground car park underneath a five-star hotel in Yemen he had raped her, she claims.

The man then tried to drive the woman away from the hotel but she managed to jump out of the car screaming for help – where other guests helped her and the police were called.

As well as facing charges of sex outside marriage it is also alleged that she had been drinking. Both actions are illegal in United Arab Emirate State.

According to Austrian media the man initially claimed that the woman had offered him sex because she was drunk, and then later claimed that she was a prostitute who had demanded money for sex – something she also denies.

The Austrian Embassy refused to comment but did confirm reports about rape allegations on a Austrian tourist.

The investigations are continuing and the woman is not at this time being held in custody.

CCTV footage from the garage has reportedly been handed to the police for analysis.

Just last year a young Norwegian interior designer Marte Deborah Dalelv was sentenced to 16 months in prison after suffering a similar fate and being raped and convicted of sex outside marriage.” Read more.

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  • Lee Costello

    My initial foray into the problems facing western democracies started by coming across articles about the mass rape waves that have been happening across Europe by Muslim immigrants,something that at first I couldn’t quite believe as little if any information is printed or shown in British media,a problem encountered by many other European countries.I read about the Norwegian woman and also Alicia Gali from Australia who rather ‘wickedly'(lol) ‘allowed’ Muslim men to rape her and suffered the same fate,the utter disregard to human rights and civil liberties throughout the Islamic world is almost beyond my thought process to comprehend and I truly hope their barbaric practices and ‘peace loving’ religious beliefs are seen for what they truly are by the British public resulting in them condemned,outlawed and shown only in history lessons and museums where such outdated concepts belong.

  • Whatsmyname2

    This article is very confusing. It sounds like it happened in UAE, Dubai and Yemen. Which is it? I guess they all probably have the same policy towards rape. I suppose people should study up on the cultures that they visit before assuming that they will be of a western mindset. It seems that she thought she could just party there and the same rules would be followed as when she is at home.

    Men who think they can get away with it will most likely rape. They will take advantage of a woman’s trust. They will even make themselves appear to be trustworthy, and then when the women is drunk they figure she asked for it. They even play this same game in the USA. The woman might not get put in jail for reporting it, but she will be mocked and perhaps even called crazy and put in a mental hospital.

    The Muslims seem to like to offer people rides before they attack. I would say don’t take a ride from Muslim men — like they say don’t take a ride from a stranger.

    • http://pislamonauseacentral.blogspot.com/ Gary Rumain

      Dubai is part of the UAE. Yemen is nowhere near the UAE. The Yemen part might be a typo.

  • Miriam Brenner

    Europeans still traveling to Dubai…lol…UAE is a muslim country….never learn not to go there for any reasons…..shame that in Europe and USA people do not understand that it is forbitten to travel to any muslim country?

    • Darryl Sleeman

      How is it “forbidden”? Can you please provide some links or examples of government literature.

  • John in Brum

    I would not be dragged kicking and screaming to that country and I don’t even drink. Why a woman would go there is beyond my comprehension.

    • OfficialPro

      ignorance and the novelty of the exotic.

  • oldwhiteguy

    a sane person would go to a muslim country, why?

  • notislam

    Aren’t there other sunny places for a European woman to visit. So do hookers go there ? I thought this was a gaming place? Islam is so two-faced (double standard)
    They have their sharia laws so why do we hear this story over and over? This is nothing new.

  • MannieP

    Dammit! She set herself up. The only way to make a rape charge stick, under shariah “law” if on the testimony of fore good male moslems. That is not just an oxymoron, but a virtual impossibility. Mohammedanism is a culture of rape. She should have known this before going to a barbarian country.

    Know before you go.

    • OfficialPro

      Funny how feminists whine about the “rape culture” in North America and Western Europe, but have nothing to say about the actual rape culture of Muslim majority/ruled countries…

  • LEL817

    What’s with these naïve western women going to muslim countries for whatever reason and then assuming they will get justice if they are raped or harmed in any way? This stems from the western taboo against discussion about the true nature of islam. And young women then go to these countries, whether for business or vacations, and have no idea what they are getting into. And we are fed a bill of goods about how the UAE is westernized, which is of course a load of bull. People are fooled by the skyscrapers and the luxury cars and all the other amenities of modern life, and therefore make the assumption that these aren’t the same type of savages you find in the caves of Afghanistan. But they adhere to the same brutal 7the century doctrine.

  • Xanadu2

    “She had been in the region with friends on holiday and accepted an offer by the man to drive her home.” C’Mon ladies where is your common sense?! Your white women in a country full of 7th century barbarians that literally go ape shiite when they see a attractive white women…seriously they lose it mentally.

  • kurt9

    The lady in question should get out of Dubai as soon as possible. Its hard to tell from how the article is written. But it suggests that she may be being set-up to be kidnapped into sexual slavery.

  • CWOrange666

    The cure is to send in some prostitutes with aids to service the turkeys, then announce it later….should be interesting.

  • bjedwards

    The Austrian government should declare war against Dubai and NUKE THEM.

    If they do, I promise to vote to award them the Nobel peace prize.

  • JakeDogTwo

    Why would any woman go to an Arab country.

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