The Persecution of Obama’s Political Adversaries: Destroying Dinesh D’Souza


Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.33.02 AMThe ongoing persecution of Republicans and conservatives mirrors the attacks by the fascists of Europe on their opponents in the 1930s.

Those who are intent on punishing Obama’s political adversaries have claimed another victim.

The latest attacks are against conservative authors and/or groups that share a philosophy based on individual rights.

Dinesh D’Souza is the latest target. D’Souza authored a wildly successful bestseller critical of Obama and directed the 2012 film, “2016: Obama’s America.” He is charged with directing contributions to an unnamed candidate’s campaign.

“As we have long said, this Office and the FBI take a zero tolerance approach to corruption of the electoral process,” the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, Preet Bharara, said in a statement released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Bharara is an Obama appointee.

Really? I broke numerous stories and documented millions in illegal campaign contributions to the Obama campaign, but nothing was ever done.

This is so frightening. America, put down the newly legalized weed that Obama is touting and join us in the fight for freedom.

“Dinesh D’Souza indicted for violating U.S. election law,” Reuters, January 23, 2014

Jan 23 (Reuters) - Dinesh D’Souza, a conservative commentator and best-selling author, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for arranging excessive campaign contributions to a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

According to an indictment made public on Thursday in federal court in Manhattan, D’Souza around August 2012 reimbursed people who he had directed to contribute $20,000 to the candidate’s campaign. The candidate was not named in the indictment.

Attempts to reach D’Souza and a lawyer representing him were unsuccessful.

D’Souza was charged in the indictment with one count of making illegal contributions in the names of others, and one count of causing false statements to be made.

Federal law in 2012 limited primary and general election campaign contributions to $2,500 each, for a total of $5,000, from any individual to any one candidate.

“As we have long said, this Office and the FBI take a zero tolerance approach to corruption of the electoral process,” the U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, Preet Bharara, said in a statement released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Bharara is an Obama appointee.

Born in Mumbai, India, D’Souza, 52, is a former policy adviser to President Ronald Reagan, and has been affiliated with conservative organizations such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

He also directed a 2012 film critical of President Barack Obama, “2016: Obama’s America,” and has written books including “The End of Racism,” “Life After Death: The Evidence” and “Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream.”

D’Souza campaigned in 2012 on behalf of Wendy Long, a lawyer and Republican who sought to unseat Democratic incumbent Kirsten Gillibrand as New York’s junior senator. Long graduated from Dartmouth College in 1982, a year before D’Souza.

Long could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

Gillibrand, herself a 1988 Dartmouth graduate, ended up winning re-election to her first full term, collecting close to 72 percent of the vote.

In late 2012, D’Souza resigned his post as president of King’s College, a small Christian college in New York City, after admitting he had become engaged to a woman even though he was legally married, though separated from his wife. He has been an outspoken defender of traditional marriage.

The case is U.S. v. D’Souza, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 14-cr-00034. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel; Additional reporting by Emily Flitter; Editing by Eddie Evans, Toni Reinhold)




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  • Armaros

    and there’s more

    Godfater Cuomo subpoenas James O’Keefe and Hollywood Conservative group under IRS intimidation

    This is not America any more. This is Russia (Khodorkowski = Standard and Poor), Turkey and Venezuela…

  • Yammo

    So what now?? This is one case of many. What now??

  • wri7913

    Where is the prosecution of the IRS handlers for targetting the Tea Party Groups. Oh they are Conservatives not worthy of attention…!!

    • Larry S.

      The United States of America has a government worthy of a bannana republic. Nevertheless, I am disheartened to learn that Dinesh appears to have knowingly and willfully violated campaign financing laws.

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  • Joseph Pastores

    We shouldn’t be surprised by all of the targeting of conservatives, it’s what jarrett promised they would do, remember?

  • oldwhiteguy

    just think, there are americans who believe they will get through this without violence.

    • famouswolf

      That is the most disheartening for me. Being threatened by such asshats is nothing new. This ostrich behavior…I never thought I’d see the day in this country in spite of it’s undeniable problems and slow slide to the left over my lifetime.
      We are faced with horror now. The moslems have only been turned back historically with extreme violence, as in Spain and Romania (that last was the basis for the Dracula legend!) and it’s going to be on our own soil this time.
      The loss of life in the wars of the twentieth century was in the millions. This time around it will be in the billions, and probably last for decades. All we are leaving the next generation, and the next two, or three after is the four horsemen…famine, plague, pestilence, and death.
      I don’t even think it can be avoided at this point with moderate violence, even if we started it today. I am glad I have no children, that I would not be able to bear.

  • Always On Watch

    Expect more of the same. The Obama administration will pull out all the stops so as to squelch any who don’t bow down to “The One.”

  • Sara B

    Remember the “cold chill” hugo chavez BFF sean penn talked about when Bush was president? Well it’s actually happened only conservatives like Dinesh are the victims. To think a federal case was made out of a $20,000 in donation when in obama’s regime that’s one check from the West Bank or Gaza.

  • Smilin’ Dave

    Vlad Putin just read this and texted Barry saying, “Dude!”

    • The Mad Jewess

      Putin hates Obama, too.

      • DB1954

        Can you imagine what Putin thinks of Obama? Can you imagine what Putin KNOWS about Obama? Everything and more than what conservatives know about him. He’s gay, a Marxist, a congenital liar, his real father was Frank Marshall Davis, … where does it end?

  • Jane

    We are living in a Thugocracy … these vile tactics appear to be accelerating. Very alarming!!

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  • The Mad Jewess

    I just do not understand why people are not scared to death this is happening. This is what the Communists did.
    This is what Obama is doing.

    • DB1954

      I’m scared, believe me! Back in 2008, I kept thinking, some one has to stop this. Five years later, some Americans are just beginning to wake up to the fact–and it is a fact–that Obama is a real, live Marxist and/or Stalinist. Obama has removed all, or substantially all, opposition in the government including the military which he has purged. Tell everyone you know everything you know.

  • Hans Schaden

    The servile sniveling wimp Boehner must make some attempt to create OPPOSITION to the totalitarian state Khalifa Barak Hussein is creating — but we know that the GOP/RINOs will continue to kowtow to the islamo-red regime until they are finally sent off to “re-education” or extermination camps. We saw all this in the 1930-1940 eras, now it is back with a vengeance — and in the once Constitutionally protected USA!

    • Rick Smith

      Hear, hear.

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  • colony14author

    There is a fine line between where we are now and tyranny. Instead of outrage, we get complacency from most people. News flash: the trains to the FEMA camps will not have flat-screen TVs showing “Dancing with the Stars.”

  • Ken Sandale

    D’Souza actually ADMITTED he did what he was accused of.
    He broke the law. You are tranting because someone who broke the law is being charged with breaking the law???

    As for the IRS and the Tea Party groups, the Tea Party groups claimed a tax exempt status designed for non-political organizations. Is it really so wrong to think the Tea Party might be a political group?

    • DB1954

      D’Souza was never part of any “Tea Party” group.

      • Ken Sandale

        “D’Souza was never part of any “Tea Party” group. ”
        I didn’t say he was.
        “You conflate one with the other, but that’s typical of leftists–always causing maximum confusion.”
        It is funny that you claimed I was falsely accusing D’Souza of being a member of a Tea Party group, and them go on to falsely claim I am a leftist.
        I suppose in your would only a leftist could think it is not unfair to prosecute D’Souza simply because he seriously broke the law.

        • DB1954

          You didn’t SAY he was–but that’s obviously because you try to confuse others. You obviously have conflated–as I said–D’Souza and the Tea Party. It’s all part of the fog ‘em until you confuse them approach leftists use all the time.

          I did NOT say that you said D’Souza was a member of a Tea Party group. I said that you conflate him with the Tea Party because in your fevered imagination, they’re one and the same.

      • Ken Sandale

        “Any IRS honcho can twist those laws to get an indictment against anyone”
        But the IRS did NOT seek an indictment against the Tea Party groups. So from your reasoning, since they easily could have, since they did not, they must not have been out to get the Tea Party. Right? Right?

        • DB1954

          I didn’t say that the IRS DID seek an indictment against Tea Party groups. I said that D’Souza has nothing to do with the Tea Party.

      • Ken Sandale

        “If D’Souza ‘admitted’ the crimes, why wouldn’t he just enter a plea of guilty to the charges and be done with it?”
        Because his argument was that he was not being malicious. What people often do is plead not guilty and then work for a plea bargain.
        You seem to be denying he admitted he did it. That he did it is indisputable–go do an internet search.

        • DB1954

          If D’Souza wants to go to prison, he’ll keep up that “defense” you attribute to him: “it wasn’t malicious” is NEVER a defense to crime. If you were a lawyer, you’d know that, but you’re not.

      • Ken Sandale

        ” Are you another Obama-Staliniist troll? ”
        Ah, now I am not just a “leftist”, I am a Stalinist!
        And of course Obama is too! But hopefully you have never called Obama a Muslim–Muslims and Communists do not get along.
        Why would you think I am a Stalinist?

        • DB1954

          Obama isn’t a Muslim. Like all commmunists and/or Marxists–he’s an atheist.

          • Miip

            I am an Atheist & I do not believe in communism at all or a socialist state. I do not believe in a theocracy either for which many on the right proclaim that the United States is a christian nation…

          • DB1954

            Miip, I didn’t say that if you’re an atheist, you are somehow, automatically a communist. I said that Obama is a communist, and he is therefore, an atheist.

          • Rachel

            Being a Christian nation, does NOT make it a theocracy. Are you an idiot? Seriously. How can it be a theocracy when we have an atheist & Communist RUNNING IT? Jeesh.

        • DB1954

          I would think you’re a Stalinist–or at a minimum– a Marxist, aka a “progressive,” if you support the Obama administration, especially since it is now in open violation of the Constitution and has begun to imprison those whom the leftists like Holder and Obama see as their enemies.

  • richardcancemi

    Abuse after abuse after abuse and no one `does anything to put a stop to it. The Republicans have made themselves into eunuchs and sit around totally being impotent. I think in some ways the Republican Party is more disgraceful and harmful to the Republic of America than is the democratic Party of Communists. By their apathy and silence and inertia they give tacit approval to the Marxists’ trashing of the Constitution and hence the Nation.

    • DB1954

      I do wish you’d shut up about Republicans. Given the fact that they only control one half of Congress and that their control at any one moment depends on a number of factors, I hardly see them as the focus of evil in the government. It’s the gaddam Democrats–the Stalinists and Alinskites who are the no. 1 menace to this country and its future.

      • richardcancemi

        I agree with your description of the Socialist Democrats. BUT, you have to realize that controlling the House Of Representatives gives the Republicans immense power that they have failed to utilize. Over the years they have contributed to the wasting away of America, too.
        There are a few good Republicans now but the “established” members turn on them like cannibals. Boehner has moaned and groaned then always caved . Most are too afraid of the main stream media and won’t make waves. I, and many others, believe that there is a lot of blackmailing that is going on ( look at how Justice Roberts did an about face).
        Progressives are Marxist thugs and dirty street fighters, whereas the Republicans have refused to fight them on the same terms. That’s why they lose just about every battle. They succumb to the bullying tactics of the Left.
        I, too, am sad to see the USA dissolving before my eyes. The rule of Law is no more. Every Institution is infested with Leftist vermin.
        The Republicans have failed the American people and have become an arm of the Democratic Party with the “go along to get along” attitude. Never once has the Left come across the aisle . The idea of bipartisanship to the Left is to give them everything they want while they give nothing in return.
        There are very few in the Parties who give a damn about this Country. They are to sociopathic to care about anything except trying to keep their cushy Seats, Republicans have no unity, They have no plan. They have no one to capture the attention of the people. Boehner is a loser. Instead of embracing the people in the Tea Party, they attack them. They do the same to the idea of Conservatism. It seems, for the most part, that like the Socialists masquerading as Democrats. the Republicans do their own masquerading too.
        Very few in Washington put America and its people first. When I vote, I have two choices and I vote the lesser of two evils.
        I am happy when I see men like Cruz, Paul, Ghomert, Gowdy, Lee, and others who are elected and stand by their words to serve America and the Constitution. However they not only get opposition from the Democrats but also from their own Party because they threaten their status quo
        It is a big Country Club run at our expense and being run down to extinction as a free country. We need to vote not by Party but by looking at what the nominee says and has shown by past performance, that they will serve the interests of America and its people, Many incumbents need to be sent packing. Don’t listen to their pitch when they are running for re election; look at what they have done while in their Seats. America has a long and hard row to hoe if it ever to return to what it was meant to be.

        • DB1954

          The point is that DEMOCRATS are THE EVIL ONES. They’re communists, but you just keep on pounding on Republicans if you want the Democrats to win in Nov.

          • Miip

            Most of the republican voters would turn the United States in to a totalitarian theocratic state if they could… I detest both parties the Democrats & Republicans. I have been voting Republican as lessor to 2 evils. If the Republicans would stop pouncing on issues like abortion & demanding keeping the stupid god shit in our currency & in our government they would see more votes coming their way… I mean really? Sarah Palin that speaks in tongues at her church is this the best that the Republican party can do for candidates. It makes me sick to see otherwise bright people who defend an archaic book like the bible that teaches that the male is superior to the female.

            “Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer [allow] not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.” —1st Timothy 2:11-12

            *This passage is highly offensive & profane to speak or think of women in this way! With the emphasis on “WITH ALL SUBJECTION”.


            – “For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

            Geeee I thought man & woman were made for each other.

            So you seeeeeee all the dumb people on the right who covet this piece of shit bible are the reason why the republican party is dying…………………..

          • DB1954

            “Most of the republican voters would turn the United States in to a totalitarian theocratic state if they could..”

            About this, YOU ARE 100% WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

          • richardcancemi

            You both are hopeless. You read but you do not comprehend; you see but you are blind to reality. You recognize a problem but have wrong solutions. The Left is the enemy! That doesn’t mean we cannot criticize the lack of leadership, lack of cohesiveness, lack of will to fight, lack of any plan to thwart the enemy on the part of the Republicans. Enough said.

          • DB1954

            What the hell are you talking about? I’m the one here who has said time and time and time again that the GADDAMN LEFT IS THE ENEMY. HELLO? HELLO? THE LEFT IS THE ENEMY. I AM THE ENEMY OF THE LEFT.

          • Rachel

            Yes, you correctly recognize that the Left is the enemy to the nation. But you refuse to acknowlege that much of the RIGHT in Congress today is ALSO an enemy of the Constitution…or at the very least, not willing to defend it!

          • DB1954

            I’m through arguing with you. You’ll get Hillary elected in 2016., the next Stalinist dictator.

          • Rachel

            Of course we will. If nothing else, Voter fraud will make sure she is coronated. Notice the Repubs didn’t bother to make a case for voter fraud in the last election, though there were certainly enough reports to warrant it. Now why do you think THAT is?

          • DB1954

            You’re a surrender monkey. Enjoy your time in the Gulag.

          • Miip

            LIKE HELL THEY WOULDN’T!!!!!!!!!!

          • DB1954

            If you think that there’s some kind of “right-wing” plot by Christian Americans to impose some kind of “theocracy,” you’re PLAINLY mentally ill. More specifically, you’re a paranoid-schizophrenic.

          • Rachel

            You know what they say…”liberalism is a mental disorder”.

          • Miip

            The same can be said about the religious who are conservative….

          • DB1954

            So let me get this straight: Obama is a leftist dictator and is supported by 100% of the Democrat Party, but you think the Republicans are the focus of all evil in the world, and we must therefore destroy ALL Democrat Party opposition. Hmm so I can put you down as a leftist troll?

          • Miip

            Notice that the resident apologist here is following the stages of religious apologetics as they are delineated as in the following:

            1. Denial

            2. Deflection

            3. Insults

            4. Threats

            5. Violence

            So far you have shown yourself to be #1, #2 & #3

            Christian politicians are doing it all the time. In Texas they are trying to pass laws to force prayer on other people’s kids by passing legislation by making mandatory prayer in school.

            Religion is all about brain washing. Interesting that you deflect what I had to say by calling me a name. You totally dismissed the information that I presented and that includes the misogynistic verbiage of the new testament I referred to in my earlier post. Since you do not condemn the misogynistic verbiage in the new testament then you are enabler of it.

            It is the religious who are infantile. Still believing in a myth character that can walk on water & turn water in to wine,talking snakes, talking to a burning bush or we are the chosen people. All of which is in the bible…

          • Rachel

            MORON SPILL ON AISLE Miip.

          • Miip

            Your the one who supports misogynistic religious literature that is contained in both christianity judiasm. Your an infant in your own mind… You do not speak out against it so therefor are an enabler of it…

          • DB1954

            You’re the one who CLAIMS without any evidence whatsoever that ALL religious literature is “misogynistic,” and then you demand that we accept your labels. This is really quite simple: we don’t agree that these things are misogynistic. You merely claim that they are.

          • Rachel

            You are missing the point DB. We are poundin g on the Repubs because if they are going to collaborate with the Left, then what’s the point of them winning in Nov? They have no principles!

          • DB1954

            No, you are missing the point. The point is that there’s a communist, a C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-T in the White House. Do you understand that Obama is a communist? Do you understand that a liberal in the White House, is FAR FAR FAR better than a COMMUNIST? Hello????? A COMMUNIST? Remember?

          • Rachel

            Believe me…I am all too painfully aware that there are Communists in the White House. And not just the President. But the Republicans in Congress aren’t fighting him, are they. Other than Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Trey Gowdy…WHO has lifted a finger to stop the Communists in the White House? Do YOU understand that those who call themselves “liberal” today ARE in fact, COMMUNISTS! They are following Communist policies. I don’t give a damn WHAT they “call themselves”…they are Marxists. And if the Repubs won’t stop them and just go along…then they are no better. Just following orders of der Fuhrer didn’t work for the Nazis, did it?

          • DB1954

            Then go ahead a vote for the Democrats. OK? go right ahead and keep kicking the sh*t out of Republicans. Go right ahead and keep focusing on Republicans and claiming they’re the real problem in Washington.

          • Rachel

            Me vote for a Democrat? Hahahaha. The Repubs lost last election because so many Conservatives didn’t vote….they are sick of the RINO wing of the Republican Party taking over. I voted for Romney in the General election (not in the Primary) and I think he would actually have made a decent President. But if you think alot of Repubs stayed home LAST election…just wait until the next one if Christie or Jeb Bush or some other RINO is nominated. If the economy is going to collapse (and it will), let it be by the hands of the Democrats…not by the hands of people who PRETEND to be Conservatives.

      • Rachel

        Sure they don’t control things…but other than a small handful of Congressmen and Senators, they aren’t making any waves at all! They collaborate with the Communists! There is NO EXCUSE FOR THAT!!!! And you shouldn’t give them a pass for it. You should give them holy hell.

        • DB1954

          You’re just as delusional as the the leftists here. There’s no gaddam ‘collaboration’ with the communists in charge of this government. You’re going to be the reason we FAIL once again to rid the government of COMMUNISTS who now are in control and are squeezing the life out of this country. You’re a FOOL an imbecile and a dolt.

          • Rachel

            No. Are you deaf, dumb AND blind? I won’t be the reason Repubs fail again in 2014 & 16. THEY ARE. The two people who TRIED to stop Obamacare, got no…that is ZERO…support from their GOP brethern. In fact, they were demonized as “whackobirds” along with good patriotic Americans who identify with the Tea Party. What will it take for you to “get it”??? I have no use for these self-serving assholes. Just because they call themselves “Republicans” or “Conservatives”…doesn’t mean they ARE. The Democrats call themselves “Liberals”…but they are COMMUNISTS. Don’t you GET IT yet? If not, then YOU are the imbecile.

          • DB1954

            You’re a lunatic. You don’t even know what a communist is or how they work. You’re convinced that liberal Republicans are “collaborating” with Obama. The other lunatic here insists that Christians are trying to take over the government and install a “theocracy,” as if this is 1632 in the Mass. Bay Colony. God help us. I see NO hope in this generation.

          • Rachel

            I’m convinced they are collaborating?? LOL…the proof is in the pudding. They vote for to raise the debt ceiling. They vote AGAINST defunding Obamacare, etc, etc, etc. Did you happen to watch Boehner on Leno last night? He blamed the “shutdown” on the Republicans! hahaha….what do you call THAT? He’s the lunatic!

          • DB1954

            Obamacare didn’t get ONE, SINGLE VOTE from Republicans in the House of Representatives OR the Senate. Collaboration is it?

          • Miip

            Roll Eyes….. Sorry, little girl mind. Sarah Palin who speaks in tongues at her church is a whack job!!!!!

            Here is a link of what could be her protege’ in Alaska who is actually running for a republican seat as well. She’s delusional. This vid shows her recording herself speaking in tongues…

            This is what she says in the vid before she starts singing in tongues..

            “I’m at the Alaska Club West and I’m spending a little time in the steam room with Suzie. Suzie doesn’t know Jesus Christ as her savior, but ironically she has a pastor/priest who is her neighbor. So she has allowed me to sing and deliver a message in the Holy Ghost and tongues.”

            “Speaking in tongues or singing in tongues is very valuable because the message cannot be understood by Satan. But the Holy Spirit can use that message to bring deliverance, to bring clarity, to bring discerning and words of wisdom and knowledge. And tongues is interpreted by a person who has the gift of interpretation.”



    • Rachel

      I agree. I despise the Left and everything they stand for, but at least they stand for SOMETHING! Something that the Republicans in office no longer do.

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  • RedHand53

    Why isn’t Bath House Barry and Eric Holder being indicted? They should be serving time already!

    • Rachel

      Because the Leftists control the DOJ and 90% of the Judiciary. While we were all busy raising families and being productive citizens and taxpayers…the Communists have been infiltrating ALL agencies of Govt and control most of it now.

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  • Tracy


    Sorry, I was imitating the proprietor.

    But seriously, I though ya’ll were against voter fraud?

  • John Prewett

    Makes me think of all the fraud coming from the camp that deems voter ID to be evil/racist.

  • Joyce Clemons

    D’Souza has been indicted but not tried. As brilliant as he is, he does seem to blunder in some odd ways; like the incident of a separated husband introducing a fiancee at a Christian conference. (What was he thinking, and with which brain?) Well, he survives that after his departure from King’s College. He has announced an upcoming live-stream debate with Bill “Weather Underground” Ayers for January 30th…I doubt that will happen now. I was so looking forward to that! Personally I think it is a bit ironic that one of the charges is “causing” the candidate’s campaign to deceive the FEC, We have a peach of a Justice Department. I guess you can only fib to government officials if you are a government official, or when people die on your watch. But the law is the law….yep. I hope he has a very good lawyer. Ayers got away with making bombs to destroy federal property, but D’Souza will have to pay up for doing something this stupid. He needs to crack the book…New Testament. King James Bible Matthew 10:16
    Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. oops…faux pas, Dinesh. But some of us will still be in his corner, once his consequences provide their lessons. Let the left go a little nuts over this. Mind over matter…I won’t mind, because they don’t matter.

    • disqus_0lWqMBoD8b

      Pretty sure it was the ex wife and ex mistress–and possibly others–he was using to funnel the straw contributions to Wendy Long’s campaign.

      • Joyce Clemons

        True. I forget…who was it that Pelosi funneled to when she got fined $21,000 by the FEC for off-color campaign funding faux pas-s?

        • Joyce Clemons

          Gosh, sorry that was ancient history. 2004. I got a little mixed up with the 2010 CBS story about her expensively abusing Air Force planes and unreimbursed in-flight perks for her extended family. And I always get her mixed up with Dianne Feinstein. Oh never mind about that…Well, turns out Mr. DeSouza in general is a survivor for now. The bill Ayers interview went on as scheduled. I think C-Span aired it this past week, after it was webcast a few weeks ago.

  • dweb

    Clearly, Dinesh didn’t get a passing grade after taking the GOP seminar on “How to Hide Your Campaign Contribution Tracks.”

    Anybody this dumb deserves to get indicted. The campaign finance laws have so many holes in them, getting caught like this is clear evidence you have an IQ in the single digits.

    He shoulda talked to the Kochs first. They could have gotten ten times his 20 grand to his candidate of choice and made it look like he was contributing to the preservation of salamanders.

    • DB1954

      I’ve never heard of that seminar.

      • disqus_0lWqMBoD8b

        I think he means set up a 527 instead of…

        Using your wife (now ex wife) and the woman you are cheating on her with (much younger and also married) to funnel straw contributions and expecting not to have somebody turn you in. Narcissists tend to be stupid and arrogant about such things and think they can manipulate others.

        • DB1954

          This is non-sense. The prosecution of Dinish D’Souza is purely political. We know for an absolute fact that Obama is angry at D’Souza for exposing him for the fraud he is. Moreover, if you saw the movie, 2016, you would know that D’Souza was actually more than fair to Obama. D’Souza assumed that Obama had always told the truth about his family history, but the movie only exposes a few of Obama’s lies in that regard. The real reason that Obama has spent millions on lawyers and others to cover up his past is the identity of his true father, Frank Marshall Davis. D’Souza’s movie doesn’t even question Obama’s claim that his real father was Barack H. Obama Sr.; the movie only mentions Davis as Obama’s first “mentor.” That was because Obama identified Davis–by his first name–in his autobiographical book, Dreams From My Father. In that book, Obama said that “a man named Frank” was his “first mentor,” and that Frank had essentially raised him from age 10 to 18. Ask yourself two questions: if you had visited a man named “Frank” nearly every day for 8 years, and you had regarded “Frank” as your “first mentor,” don’t you think you’d remember his surname too? Why did Obama apparently find it necessary to hide the identity of “Frank” by referring to him only by his first name? Secondly, how many African-American men by the first name of “Frank” resided in Honolulu, Hawaii at and before the time when Obama’s mother became pregnant with Barack H. Obama, (Jr.)?

          • disqus_0lWqMBoD8b

            You are right. You typed, “This is nonsense” followed by a lot of non-sequitur nonsense.

            You, however, haven’t explored the wisdom and mindset of using the wife you are cheating on and your younger, married mistress to funnel campaign contributions… as opposed to say… starting a 527 and doing it legally.

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  • disqus_0lWqMBoD8b

    Multiple media reports suggest D’Souza’s mistress, Denise Odie Joseph II, and her husband, Louis Joseph, were among the donors who contributed thousands to Long’s bid on D’Souza’s behalf and then were reimbursed by D’Souza.

    D’Souza’s relationship with Denise Joseph erupted into a scandal in 2012 when D’Souza, the then-married head of the evangelical King’s College in New York, began introducing Joseph as his fiancée as he did the rounds on the conservative Christian lecture circuit.

    The prolific author resigned from the Christian school in Oct. 2012, days after news of the extramarital relationship broke. He suspended his engagement but still defended his actions, pleading ignorance.

    “I had no idea that it is considered wrong in Christian circles to be engaged prior to being divorced,” he said in October 2012, accusing World Magazine, the Christian publication that broke the affair, of “viciousness masquerading as righteousness” and “behavior that is truly worthy of Christian condemnation” for reporting the scandal.

    Read more: