In historic first, Iran sends warships to the Atlantic Ocean


Another historic first under Obama’s post-American putsch. And we are funding them now. The Obama administration’s Middle East policies serve the supremacist agendas of Iran, the PLO and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.23.55 PMPhoto: Illustrative photo of an Iranian warship in the Strait of Hormuz

“In first, Iranian warships en route to Atlantic,” Times of Israel via NTEB, January 21, 2014  (thanks to Claude)

Khark helicopter-carrier warship and Sabalan destroyer said heading west in historic trip, no military objective mentioned

Iran’s navy has dispatched warships on a mission to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time in history, an Iranian news agency said.

The flotilla, consisting of a Khark logistic and helicopter-carrier warship and Sabalan destroyer, could journey as much as 25,000 nautical kilometers in the next three months, Fars News reported Tuesday.

No specific military mission was identified, and no ports of call were mentioned.

Bidding farewell to the crews, Rear Admiral Seyyed Mahmoud Moussavi said Iran has a message of peace and friendship for the nations of the world and only seeks to display its defensive power capabilities.

But previous statements by high-ranking Iranian naval personnel had declared Iran’s intention to dispatch a next flotilla of warships to the high seas at around this date to protect the country’s cargo ships and oil tankers against pirate attacks.

According to navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, “The navy’s next flotilla will be dispatched to either the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic on January 21 – February 20.” He underlined that the flotilla will pass through the Mediterranean Sea to reach the Atlantic Ocean.

Since November 2008, the Iranian navy has been operating anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden, after Somali buccaneers hijacked the Iranian-chartered cargo ship, MV Delight, off the coast of Yemen.

The Gulf of Aden — which links the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal — is a critical energy corridor and the primary route for Persian Gulf oil shipped to Western markets.

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  • bustermosson

    In your face Odumber.

    • IslamSux

      I”m sure Iran means “pieceful” purposes…

      • elizabeth cohen

        Yes, and I am a 6 year old girl married to mohammed. these assholes, including obastard have no idea what peaceful means.

      • Sean Martin

        lol. he said pieceful.. lol..

  • greg

    notice in the article boston barry has turned his back on Israel the chosen insrwad he has chosen to give aid to terrorist organizations funding them hamas Uran al qaeda and scuzlim brother hoodlums what a great president and he says whites dont like him for his color no dumb f–k we dont like you cuz you roll with terrorists,he has destroyed our relations with Isreal,and egypt and gased a thousand kids and parents to try to start a war in syria good thing the people didnt by his traitorship

  • elizabeth cohen

    and we are doing what to stop it exactly??

    • John Eric Dous

      Absolutely nothing. They have every right by law to sail anywhere they wish. Why should we worry about this? The U.S. Navy is the most powerful navy that has EVER gone to sea. Let the Iranians go on their little fishing trip.

  • wtram46

    Probably coming to help their friend, Obama to overthrow this country!!!

  • notislam

    We are financing this terrorist flotilla as they make their way here to wage war.

  • Pazuzu

    If the iranians want to fight…our boats are bigger than their boats. Is this the way WWIII bigins?

  • MannieP

    Wityh a little luck, we may get to watch an Iranian Sinkex.

  • Kristi17

    IMPEACH Obama NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!