Devout Muslims in London Demonstrate In Support of Al Qaeda in Syria


Obama and jihadists are now both in support of al Qaeda in Syria.

Stunning. *headslap* It’s moderate al Qaeda now — never mind the decapitated heads propped up on spikes. Nothing to see, keep moving.

“London Islamists Demonstrate in Support of Al-Qaeda in Syria, against FSA,” from MEMRI, January 25, 2014:

Islamists demonstrated outside Regent Park Mosque on January 24, 2014 in support of Al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Demonstrators, raising the black flag of Al-Qaeda and holding signs in favor of a caliphate in Syria, called the Free Syrian Army infidels.

Following are excerpts from footage of the demonstration, posted on the Internet on January 25:

British Islamist: Is the solution for Syria democracy?

Crowd: No!

British Islamist: Is the solution for Syria secularism?

Crowd: No!

British Islamist: Is the solution for Syria the Free Syrian Army?

Crowd: No!

British Islamist: My dear Muslim brothers, the FSA are nothing but infidels. Remember that. The Free Syrian Army and the Syrian National Council are not the solution for Syria. They are going to bring heresy under the guise of democracy with the help of the international community. Don’t make the same mistake that many people have made before.


For the last three years, the oppressive and tyrannical Bashar Al-Assad regime – with the explicit and implicit support of the international community – has murdered over 140,000 Muslims, has raped and pillaged the entire nation, and used chemical weapons upon the people of Syria. These murderers are now gathering in Geneva, for the Geneva II Conference to decide the fate of the Muslims in Syria. We, as Muslims, are standing here today, and showing our support for the Muslims in Syria and giving the Islamic stance.

Do you hear, brothers, the Saudi regime is sending billions and billions of riyals to the rebels to fight the mujahideen in Syria. The Americans are fighting their proxy war in Syria, sending millions and millions to fight the mujahideen.


We hope that our voice and our message will reach the Muslims of Syria. There are Muslims in the U.K,, and we are bound not by our nationality – that you are Syrians and we are not – but by the bond of brotherhood, of being believers and Muslims. Our war and your war are one. Your blood and our blood are one.


I ask you: By Allah, why is the Saudi regime not sending its army to fight in Syria against Assad?


My dear Muslim brothers, the Levant – that blessed land… The land of Jihad, brothers… Brothers, we betrayed the Muslims of Afghanistan after 9/11. We’ve betrayed the Muslims of Palestine since 1947. We’ve betrayed the Muslims of Chechnya, who are fighting against the Russians. Are we going to betray the Muslims of Syria today?

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  • Adam

    Followers of satan!

  • vivid

    then they will burn another religion’s prayer house. too many like this in Indonesia

  • Stephanie

    … raising the black flag of Al-Qaeda and holding signs in favor of a caliphate in Syria,

    The white flag (only) for Dar al-Islam (Arabic: دار الإسلام‎ literally house/abode of Islam; or Dar as-Salam, house/abode of Peace; or Dar al-Tawhid, house/abode of monotheism) is identified as the “flag of the Caliphate” (and for the Millitary leader)

    … while the black one (Dar al-Harb, house of war, non-Muslim countries) is dubbed the “flag of Jihad” … and is carried into battle

    • Gary Rumain

      That’s correct.

  • Mark McDonald

    I receive email news from CAIR America and the only thing that they report on is Islam Civil Rights and Radical Islam Civil Rights. Never once I have read a news story from them that condemns Jihad, Honor Killing, Rape, Throwing hot Oil on the wife, arrange marries or any other Islamic actives. But CAIR is all over rights for terrorist, Gitmo, NSA, FBI. Now does this sound like someone interest in blending in to our country? Subscribe to their email list and read how they are on the same page as Obama and Jihad :

  • LeighPatrickSullivan
  • Don39

    England has become a nation of cowards, Islamic whores, and Muslims, the worst in the western world, and we are not far behind.

    • Gary Rumain

      The EDL is still active so all is not lost.

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  • Pazuzu

    St. Peter’s is going to make a lovely mosque.

  • Gleaner1

    They want death for Islam, oblige them.

  • polk14

    Why don’t these cowards go to Syria and join? They know they will be killed, so they convince the weak minded to go in their place. Typical Pislam!

  • ArentIpretty

    When will the West cease to tolerate the intolerant. These Islamists should be deported immediately to any number of Islamic countries. We don’t need them so close to us.