Pamela Geller, WND Column: Banned from Britain – for supporting Israel

More on the vicious motivations behind the ban in Britain in my column for WND this week:

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Banned from Britain – for supporting Israel

Exclusive: Pamela Geller reveals U.K. getting many of its ‘facts’ from Wikipedia

At last, the whole truth has come to light. In our court battle to overturn Britain’s ban on our entering the country, Robert Spencer and I have received a new cache of documents that reveal a principal reason why we were banned from the country was because we are pro-Israel.

An official (name redacted) in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office wrote in a May 7 letter: “We do have concerns with some of the reasoning in the sub,” that is, the “subject profiles” that had been prepared on Spencer and me, “particularly citing pro-Israeli views.” The official explained that “pro-Israeli views (and also support for waterboarding) apply to a large number of Americans, including former presidents. If, for instance, Geller and Spencer were to request details of their exclusion under FOI/DPA or other mechanism, that being pro-Israeli is cited as a reason may be problematic and they could argue publically that their exclusion is on the basis of their support for Israel.”

Read the rest here.

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