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The Perfect Green


This is just such a fantastic story. The magnificent Joy Olender, Collaboration of the Arts, had asked me if one of her students could use the graphic from the poster of Pastor Nadarkhani from our human rights conference, AFDI/SIOA “Summer Night for Human Rights.” One of her art students, Samantha (15), was inspired by it and wanted to paint it for an art exhibit. Joy wrote me, “she loved working on it.”

What a magnificent way to reach young people. Using art to convey the message of freedom is a powerful and necessary means to influence the culture and the dialogue. The AFDI/SIOA “Summer Night for Human Rights” town hall was a standing-room-only crowd heard some of the world’s most courageous and unheralded voices for freedom speak up for the human rights of Muslim apostates and stand against sharia and the death penalty for Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, sentenced to death in Iran for apostasyFor more on the conference,go here.

Big Fur Hat who executes the design of my ideas, ads and posters will be so pleased.

Joy wrote me:

Dear Pamela,

Just wanted to let you know that the painting of Youcef Nadarkani, copied from your human rights poster, will be included in a 60 piece art/photography exhibit, “The Collaboration of the Arts” at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacrament, CA. All the art and photography was done by young people, ages 3 -21. The exhibit opens Oct. 17th and runs through Jan. 4th.

The exhibit is composed of 7 smaller exhibits with a variety of themes, one of which is entitled, “Freedom for the Human Race, Now and Forever” and includes Nadarkani and 3 other oil paintings.

I want to thank you again for the use of your poster image as the reference for the painting. It is a great privilege to high-light the life of Nadarkani and expose the political/religious oppression in the nations afflicted with Islamic ideology around the world. A heavy subject for young people to consider and paint, but a great way to educate them with truth and reality.

Thank you for your tireless work.

Kind regards and blessings on you,
Joy Olender

DSC04496 e1
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DSC04496 e1
The work in progress:

The Perfect Green
The Perfect Green

Below photos to give you a further glimpse into the art project. Working with these three artists brings me to tears sometimes as I think of other children in Muslim countries who are denied the joy and beauty of art and music.

These girls are also very accomplished musicians, on multiple instruments and voice, as are most of the small crowd of young people that I spend my time with.

Thanks again for your help.

Finger by Finger
Finger by Finger
Finger by Finger

American Yng Painter

It was also exhibited to their community along with 3 other oil paintings by young artists to present our message of “Freedom for the Human Race.”

The Collaboration of the Arts 2013 included the youth orchestra’s stunning interpretation of the Hatikva with vocalist singing in Hebrew, clarinetist along with the orchestra. So beautiful!

Although the concert and art exhibit was not a human rights event, I used the four paintings all year long to illustrate the concept to the young people in the orchestra.

The photos included are of Samantha with her teacher, artist and illustrator, Frank Ordaz, as she chose the colors and worked on the painting. In the following emails are photos of the other two artists at work, Paige, (19) and (Patricia, 14.)

“Freedom for the Human Race” will be exhibited at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento for three months in the fall.

Thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity to present the status of human rights around the world to this group of young people. Please let whoever produced your graphic (was it you?) know how much I appreciate his/her work. Kind regards and keep up the good work.

Here is the original poster:

Apostasy poster

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