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Bin Laden’s former doctor leading jihadists in the Sinai


More of the poison fruit of Obama's pro-jihad foreign policy. Since Obama sanctioned the ouster of Hosni Mubarak, the Sinai has become a mecca for jihadists (much like Syria).

Israel gave Egypt the Sinai in the 1979 peace agreement with the understanding that Egypt would maintain security. If the jihadists make it "Al Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula," the treaty is broken, and Israel will have to take back the Sinai.

Bin Laden's former doctor believed to be leading jihadists in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula  FOX News, September 7, 2013 (thanks to Lookmann)

Reports have surfaced from a remote part of Egypt that Usama bin Laden’s former personal physician is leading rebel jihadists there.

According to reports in the Long War Journal, sources have told several Egyptian media outlets that Ramzi Mowafi has been leading a group responsible for numerous attacks in the lawless Sinai Peninsula over the past two years.

Reports say that Mowafi – who is believed to also be an explosives expert – was spotted in the Sinai in August 2011 providing military training to a number of people.

Mowafi is also believed to have worked on chemical weapons for Al Qaeda and was involved in a January 2011 prison break that allowed former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi to escape with other senior leaders from the Muslim Brotherhood.

The report from 2011 is significant because Mowafi was seen on the Sinai about the same time that flyers with the title, “Al Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula” were found in various mosques in the area and a recent BBC Arabic report claims that Mowafi is considered the Emir of Al Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula.

  • The jihadist Che Guevara.

  • KLKL

    “Bin Laden’s former doctor believed to be leading jihadists in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula” no surprise. the jihadists in Sinai are active in spreading terror to all, including Christians in the area. and this guy is involved!
    “Mowafi was seen on the Sinai about the same time that flyers with the title, “Al Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula” were found in various mosques” so…AQIM, AQAP, Boo Haram, now AQSP? looks like Al Qaeda is getting stronger, not weaker

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