East London Mosque to host imam who supports jihad terror, Spencer and Geller banned from UK


Unreal. There is a collective death wish in the West. The only way to win is to FIGHT. Aid us here.

Please contribute to our legal fund to overturn the unjust ban on Pamela Geller and me entering the UK here.

And sign the petition asking that the ban be overturned here.

Begg is a jihad hate preacher who has praised the Guantanamo detainees,
saying that it was "inspiring to be amongst some of our brothers who
made hijra in the path of Allah, who made jihad in the path of Allah,
who suffered in the path of Allah, our brothers from Guantanamo Bay. May
Allah have mercy upon them, may Allah accept all their good deeds and
all their fasting especially in the month of Ramadan, and may Allah
grant them jannah [Paradise].” Video here:

It is noteworthy that Begg forthrightly identifies the Guantanamo
detainees as jihadists. His fellow Muslim Terry Holdbrooks, the
Guantanamo guard who converted to Islam when he witnessed the Islamic
piety and serenity of the prisoners, maintains they are innocent.

In any case, it is just fine for him to be speaking at a mosque in
London. It is only opponents of jihad such as Pamela Geller and I who
are not acceptable to set foot on the Sceptered Isle.

Thanks to Kafir Crusaders.


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