McDonald’s forced to pay $700,000 in halal sandwich lawsuit


There was "no evidence that MacDonalds was trying to deceive their customers," and still they have to pay $700,000. Islamic supremacism on the march. This is outrageous.

It sounds like a set-up. Who inside McDonalds told Ahmed the plaintiff that his $700,000 sandwich might not be halal?

So meat producers in the US who are selling unlabeled meat that is halal should be the target of a multi-million dollar lawsuit, no?

McDonald's settles Mich. suit over Islamic diet AP (thanks to Jim)

McDonald's settles case alleging sandwich sold at Mich. store wasn't halal as advertised

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) — McDonald's and one of its franchise owners
agreed to pay $700,000 to members of the Muslim community to settle
allegations a Detroit-area restaurant falsely advertised its food as
being prepared according to Islamic dietary law.

McDonald's and Finley's Management Co. agreed Friday to the tentative
settlement, with that money to be shared by Dearborn Heights resident
Ahmed Ahmed, a Detroit health clinic, the Arab American National Museum
in Dearborn and lawyers.

Ahmed's attorney, Kassem Daklallah, told The Associated Press on
Monday that he's "thrilled" with the preliminary deal that's expected to
be finalized March 1. McDonald's and Finley's Management deny any
liability but say the settlement is in their best interests.

The lawsuit alleged that Ahmed bought a chicken sandwich in September
2011 at a Dearborn McDonald's but found it wasn't halal
— meaning it
didn't meet Islamic requirements for preparing food. Islam forbids
consumption of pork, and God's name must be invoked before an animal
providing meat for consumption is slaughtered.

Daklallah said there are only two McDonald's in the United States
that sell halal products and both are in Dearborn, which has one of the
nation's largest Arab and Muslim communities. Overall, the Detroit area
is home to about 150,000 Muslims of many different ethnicities.

The locations advertise that they exclusively sell halal Chicken
McNuggets and McChicken sandwiches and they have to get those products
from an approved halal provider, Dakallah said. He said there was no
evidence of problems on the production side, but he alleges that the
Dearborn location on Ford Road sold non-halal products when it ran out
of halal.

Daklallah said he was approached by Ahmed, and they conducted an
investigation. A letter sent to McDonald's Corp. and Finley's Management
by Daklallah's firm said Ahmed had "confirmed from a source familiar
with the inventory" that the restaurant had sold non-halal food "on many

After they received no response to the letter, Daklallah said, they
filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court in November 2011 as part
of a class action.

The AP left messages Monday afternoon for attorneys representing the corporation and the franchise.

In the settlement notice, Finley's Management said it "has a
carefully designed system for preparing and serving halal such that
halal chicken products are labeled, stored, refrigerated, and cooked in
halal-only areas."
The company added it trains its employees on
preparing halal food and "requires strict adherence to the process."

He said although Ahmed believes McDonald's was negligent, there was no evidence that the chain set out to deceive customers.

"McDonald's from the very beginning stepped up and took this case
very seriously,"
Daklallah said. "They made it clear they wanted to
resolve this. They got ahead of the problem."

The lawsuit covers anyone who bought the halal-advertised products
from the Ford Road restaurant and another Dearborn McDonald's with a
different owner between September 2005 and last Friday. Since that would
be impossible to determine, Daklallah said both sides agreed to provide
money to community-based charities that benefit members of this group.

The other location on Michigan Avenue wasn't a defendant or a focus of the investigation, Daklallah said.

He said the final hearing will ultimately determine who gets what and
how much, but roughly $275,000 is expected to go to the Huda Clinic,
about $150,000 to the museum, $230,000 to attorneys and $20,000 to

Daklallah said he believes it's the first lawsuit of its kind related to McDonald's and halal food.

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  • Lenin-McCarthy

    This just pisses me off! And the muslim-in-chief is serving a second fraudulent term.

  • freedomlover

    They don’t HAVE to eat halal…it’s in the quran!! If halal meat isn’t available it’s okay to eat it..It is acceptable for them to say a prayer before they eat it..It’s all about control, bottom line..And yet when I do my shopping, management can’t guarantee that the meat I buy ISN’T halal…What about MY beliefs????

  • Florida Infidel

    Be careful everywhere you go, even the supermarket, to avoid all things halal, and make sure the management of the store knows you will never buy halal ANYTHING. The other day in the grocery store, I saw that Cabot cheese was on sale, but when I picked up the block of cheese it saw it was labeled halal. I put it back and went to the office to speak to the store manager. I made sure he knows I never buy anything halal, as it is dedicated to a false, demon god, is processed in extremely unsanitary conditions, and when it comes to halal meat, it is the source of unspeakable extreme and barbaric cruelty to animals.

  • Raymond of Canada

    This is their form of the jizya tax, commanded on Muslims to charge infidels for being allowed to live among them. You have three choices, pay it, convert to Islam, or be killed.

  • Madeleine

    My adorable patriotic uncle sent me this link, please make it go viral. Chris Wolff you’re gonna love it! Watch!

  • Aussie News & Views

    If Maccas had any Balls they would have a sign outside every store stating for instance.
    ” NO HALAL food sold here,By entering this store you are acknowledging that you are aware of this and have no expectation of been able to purchase Halal food ”
    It might keep them out of their stores and I am sure that the American people would reward their stand by patronizing them even more.
    I refuse to eat KFC here in Australia and will never knowingly pay the islamic food tax

  • Frak

    The interesting thing is I see no mention of who actually owns these locations and has proclaimed them “halal”– are they muslim franchisees? Wouldn’t be the least bit surprised…

  • Lee__

    Never cater to these people

  • Chris Wolf

    They don’t care what Americans think of them anymore.
    The muslims are so evil, so duplicitous, so hostile to this country and all its citizens, history and traditions.

  • Chris Wolf

    Madeleine, Thanks for that link.
    That’s exactly what criminals like Obama and Hagel want to be able to prevent happening to them.
    Obama has sent $600 million in weapons and training to al-qaeda in Mali and Libya and he wants to disarm Americans by dictatorial decree.
    Visualize Impeachment.

  • Chris

    I just do not understand this. if they want hala or don’t want it. I mean no one is twisting their arms to eat at these fast food places. It is like dictator jr bloombergerler in New york going afterthe size of your soda. No one is forcig these decisions to eat drink here or there.
    All these muslims are are ambulance chasing lawyers. Go for the big bucks on a fraudulent hypothesis.

  • Alain

    I hate to say it and I certainly do not support Islamists, but they are simply taking advantage of the kind of bogus lawsuits we have allowed in North America. An example being the person successfully suing McDonalds for the coffee being hot, and then we have various levels of government successfully suing tobacco companies which remain a legal substance.

  • Chris Wolf

    They have a higher standard of citizenship but they dodge, manipulate, take advantage and just plain steal at a much higher rate than actual Americans because they don’t love or respect this country and they come from an entire long history and culture of crime and deceit.
    I live in Los Angeles: I see it every day here.

  • InfidelForLife

    McDo should donate $700,000 worth of pork sandwiches. Preferably force-fed to the beloved Ummah.

  • Heltau

    McDonald’s should go the way of Hostess because of this. They should of gone Galt, NEVER GIVE in to these islams.
    And of course it is in DEARBORN, Mich., where they mostly reside. This could mean they believe they have the population to enforce THEIR LAWS of the kork-ran.
    Another city added to my list of shit holes to live in.

  • Gary Fouse

    The Arab-American Museum of Dearborn is currently running a month-long exhibition at the Univ of Calif at Irvine devoted to Arab Americans. It features a map of the Middle East with no Israel-only Palestine. The Vice Chancellor sent a long email out all over the campus urging all to visit.

  • prestigio

    why shouldn’t
    all moose-lamb illegal aliens
    be forced to pay
    $ 700,000
    for being here
    and there are more
    mideast muslim pigs here illegally
    than mexicans

  • May Hutchins

    OUTRAGEOUS! Just REFUSE TO BUY from any company or organisation that promotes or uses Halal products and services.
    We shall not give our custom to Halal Certified Shops, Restaurants or Food Chains. Our aim is to reduce demand for Halal Certification by avoiding ALL Halal Ritually Slaughtered Meat and all Brands containing Halal Bi-Products.
    Stages of halal (Boycott all 3)
    1. Company becomes halal compliant, seeks to appease muslims. (boycott)
    2. Company/product/service becomes halal certified. (very serious boycott)
    3. Mark is displayed on Product/service. (Avoid at ALL Cost!)
    Join us on Facebook

  • May Hutchins

    Check out if McDonalds in general are supplied by the Brazilian Company Marfrig… If so – their meat will have been halal ritually slaughtered – even if it cannot sold as halal, because it is not being prepared & served in the halal way.
    BOYCOTT HALAL – it is wrong for so many reasons!
    Join us on Facebook

  • Gerald

    Why not rub some pork fat on your hand before going to a supermarket. Every time you handle some product to check the label you have successfully “de-halalified” it.

  • Tommo

    Food producers and restaurateurs in the West are falling over themselves to become Halal compliant which, they believe, will increase their sales as Muslim numbers expand. To become Halal certificated, firms must pay regular amounts to the Muslim Halal board to maintain their qualification which is audited to ensure compliance. Not only do firms have to employ Muslims to say the prayers but every item used in food processing must be Halal. This includes knives and even transport vehicles. The Halal certification scam provides work for Muslims, increases cost of produce to infidel consumers which is paid to Islamic organisations and greatly expands Sharia Law even to unbelievers.
    Australians seems to be leading the way in combating Halal. Their Q-Society is very active

  • Gleaner1

    BIG HUG from me Madeleine, that was SO inspiring, WHAT a story.

  • KKKK

    i bet this sotre has gone halal becuase of the large Arab population in Dearborn. they want to get customers. the fact htye dont label it it TICKS ME OFF! why should non-Muslims have to chnage thier diet to fit islamic regulations?

  • Jukka Ketonen

    The muslims should not go to McDonalds ! The amount they had to pay is ridicilous ! An apology should have been enough. Muslims should stop believing in thousands of years fairytales. Pork is good and healthy as any other food ! :)

  • Dave

    Mickey D’s just needs to post a sign as a disclaimer stating they bought the meat as “halal”, BUT should be consumed at your own risk as they have no control of the slaughter and processing.(They should, on the side, make sure the the meat is “kosher” and processed at a Jewish business.)
    Oh, as a kid I worked at a McDonalds and their hamburger, in some areas, contained pork products to help reduce cost…BUT a person just can’t tell where the meat comes from or what’s actually in it…no matter how hard the company says it contains nothing but beef, it has been processed on the same equipment that processes pork.

  • hejohnson43`

    Is the other McDonald’s owned by a Muslim ?

  • Tampa Bri

    Don’t eat at MACDONALDS. Start your own halal suppliers; better yet, go back to wherever you came from.; final choice? EAT $HIT.

  • Laura

    Why cater to muslims? As far as I know, there are no McDonald’s franchises that serve Kosher. Jews who keep kosher simply don’t eat at such places. So why do these franchises feel the need to cater to muslims?

  • Isabellathecrusader

    You live by the dhimmitude, you die by the dhimmitude. What else does Michigan expect by ALWAYS catering to these selfish neanderthals?

  • Irishlil

    I live in Australia and went to pick up some apple juice for the kids,on inspection of the label it read that it was Halal approved,wtf,even the juice is blessed?Needless to say did not buy.Read the small print on the cadbury choclate bars,cadbury pays millions a year on having their milk blessed by these people,wonder where that money goes?Right back in the pockets to arm them so they can attack us some more,when will it ever end!

  • dad

    Why sere halal anyway? Guess they are learning about treachery of islam.
    Drop that bad idea. Just serve pork only and no problems.

  • dad

    Food producers and restaurateurs in the West are falling over themselves to become Halal compliant which, will generate lawsuits against them.
    They must turn the corporation over to muslims to be halal.
    What are they thinking? They foolishly believe this will increase their sales as Muslim numbers expand.

  • Fred Reich

    These hateful people are seeking to divide our USA. They have a plan to use our laws against us. We need to deport all of them NOW for the safety of our people. The militant Muslims operate in the shadows.

  • Maj

    You guys are just bigots, the united states of America; freedom for all!!!!!

  • Asad Hasan

    No one is telling anyone to sell halal. But if you advertise one thing and sell another that is not cool, and filing a lawsuit against that is not Islamic supremacism on the march.