Pamela Geller on Bill O’Reilly Rebuts CAIR’s Fallacious Accusations


Video hat tip Right Scoop

Atlas readers who caught Nihad Awad's attack on me last night on the Bill O'Reilly show were rightly outraged. Why co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR is given a platform on FOX and other media outlets is confounding, particularly since no one ever identifies them as co-conspirators in the largest Hamas (also Muslim Brotherhood) terror funding trial in US history. The Muslim Brotherhood is dedicated in its own words, according to a captured internal document released during that same trial, to "eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within, and sabotaging its miserable house…so that Allah's religious is made victorious over other religions."

CAIR founders Omar Ahmad and Niwad Awad (who still serves as CAIR's executive director) were present at a Hamas planning meeting in Philadelphia in 1993 where they and other Hamas operatives conspired to raise funds for Hamas and to promote jihad in the Middle East.

CAIR is not only an un-indicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case — so named by the Justice Department. Also, CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror, and CAIR's cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements.

Ghassan Elashi, founder of CAIR's Texas chapter, in 2009 received a 65-year prison sentence for funneling over $12 million from the Islamic charity known as the Holy Land Foundation to the jihad terrorist group Hamas, which is responsible for murdering hundreds of Israeli civilians.

Mousa Abu Marzook, a former CAIR official, was in 1995 designated by the U.S. government in 1995 as a "terrorist and Hamas leader." He now is a Hamas leader in Syria.

That said, Bill O'Reilly agreed to my request for an opportunity to rebut Islamic supremacist Awad's specious attack on me.

Let him know what you think: [email protected]


*** Join SIOA and FDI on Sepember 11, 2010 at 2pm, on Park Place (between Church and West Broadway) as we pay our respects to the murdered and demonstrate against the Ground Zero mega mosque opening on September 11, 2011. ***

Ground zero bus

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  • evergreen78

    Just saw you on The Factor — you are GREAT!!! My favorite part was when Bill asked you a question (I think it might have been whether or not you think the mega-mosque is a victory mosque) & your answer was a very clear “YES.” I loved it!
    Haven’t read your book yet, but I did buy it & it has already arrived.
    Thank you for all you do!

  • Dirt

    They smear you because the Islamists’ fear you, frankly that’s what the fanatical medieval barbarians use as their battle plan. They are losing face day by day, even in Canada we support you Pam, never surrender never give up and never let them win. Even if they build their Mosque of hatred they’ll have to import workers from the ME to build it because no self respecting American would help build their monument to Islamic Supremacism.

  • armaros

    “Miss Geller”
    You rocked !!!
    I think the best way to explain the mosque becoming a triumphant symbol is by saying that no matter what local Muslim may say or even intend. Abroad the Mosque will be seen as a victory and the damage done to America will equal a 100 Black Hawks down.
    Good job Pamela you did great

  • auntie izlam

    Well, CAIR certainly has their knickers in a twist, their boxer’s in a bunch and it’s showing . Pamela & Robert are certainly getting under their skin.
    Have a look at parts of CAIR’s American Muslim News Brief for Today.
    “Pamela Geller from “Stop Islamization” says it’s not religious tolerance to build a mosque overlooking Ground Zero. NYC gave final approval for building the so called “Ground Zero” Mosque two blocks from the site of the September 11th terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Geller claims these issues aren’t about Muslims and Islam. Lauren questions statements made on her blog. Geller claims Hitler was inspired by Islam. Lauren also calls out Geller for a cartoon picture of the Prophet Muhammad previously posted on her website, which she claims is freedom of speech.”
    .”…NOTE: Geller claims she did not post an item on her site claiming Muslims have sex with goats. To view a screen shot of that posting, go to:
    “….The anti-Islam New York bus ad campaign and the campaign to block construction of an Islamic community center in New York are both headed by an extremist Muslim-basher who claims that “Hitler and the Nazis were inspired by Islam.”
    Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA), the anti-Islam hate group behind both efforts, is led by Pamela Geller.
    [NOTE: The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently refused to grant SIOA a trademark because: “The applied-for mark refers to Muslims in a disparaging manner because by definition it implies that conversion or conformity to Islam is something that needs to be stopped or caused to cease.”]
    Geller recently posted images on her blog purporting to depict Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. Several of those images show the prophet as a pig. Another image, headlined “Piss Be Upon Him,” shows one of the controversial Danish cartoons of the prophet covered in urine. (“Piss Be Upon Him” is designed to mock the traditional phrase “Peace Be Upon Him” that Muslims use when mentioning any prophet of God.)
    She has in the past referred to President Obama as a “ball s**ker” and posted a photoshopped image of him urinating on an American flag.
    On her personal blog, Geller has written of President Obama: “[O]ne thing is for sure: Hussein is a muhammadan [sic].” Geller also wrote: “[I]t is well known that Obama allegedly was involved with a crack whore in his youth.”
    Geller has been vocal in her criticism of the black population in South Africa and seemingly supportive of the slain South African apartheid leader Eugene Terre’blanche. Following Terre’blanche’s recent murder, Geller wrote: “All I see in South Africa is Black supremacism. Terreblanche [sic] may have been a white supremacist, but he’s the dead one.” She has also offered rhetorical support to accused Serbian war criminal Radovan Karadzic.
    In one blog entry, Geller posted a video claiming that Muslims engage in bestiality.
    SIOA is an outgrowth of a similar group in Europe that seeks to block the construction of mosques. That group, Stop the Islamization of Europe, “considers Islamophobia to be the height of common sense.”
    “….Her blog has in the past featured categories such as “Advancing Islamic Lies” and “Islam 2008: Religion of Barbarism.” She was recently involved in a Florida conference that invited extremist anti-Islam Dutch politician Geert Wilders to speak.”
    “In one 2009 blog post, Geller wrote in reference to Islam’s Prophet Muhammad: “And frankly I find the whole new ‘Abrahamic’ narrative really galling. 1,400 years ago some maniaic [sic] decided to spin the origin of a 5,767 year old religion to advance their own evil end and said it was Ishmael that Abraham was to kill and now it’s taken as…..gospel? Puhleeeze.”
    She also claims Muslim groups “control information and how it is processed at senior levels of the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and the various branches of the military.”
    Geller once called for the destruction of Islam’s Dome of Rock in Jerusalem. She wrote: “The dome has got to go. It is sitting atop the great Jewish temple. The dome has got to go.”
    Recently, Geller and the deputy head of SIOA, anti-Islam blogger Robert Spencer, offered support for a call to wipe the nation of Pakistan off the map using India’s nuclear weapons. They both used their blogs to promote a video urging the mass killing of all Pakistanis.
    Geller wrote of the girl featured in that video making the call to genocide: “Perhaps with an online Colb. (collaboration) we can run her for president in ’16. She gets it.”
    Spencer wrote: “The girl is right: do not fear. Fight back against the jihad. Fear hands the jihadis a weapon.”
    Geller has even been criticized by other Islamophobes for her extremism and for supporting far-right fascist groups in Europe. In fact, SIOA is an outgrowth of a similar group in Europe that seeks to block the construction of mosques on that continent. That group, Stop the Islamization of Europe, also “considers Islamophobia to be the height of common sense” and, like Geller, claims that Islam “considers lying to be not only acceptable, but obligatory.”
    Keep up the good work Pamela & Robert!

  • auntie izlam

    “Mohammed Brand Condoms”, seems like the perfect fit to me.

  • formerwm

    Pam you were great on O’Mighty. Keep up the good work.

  • undaunted

    BO crucifies the ACLU dirtbag but gives CAIR a pass every time they’re on. Sounded like you were about to ask Bill: “Will you let me answer?” as he continued to run his uneducated mouth around what you were trying to say.
    Good job, though he did his best to poo-poo you and the truth.

  • Devon McBride

    I saw you on O’Reilly and heard you on Hannity’s radio show earlier today. Thank you for having the “cajones” to stand up against Islamic extremists. You are the brick wall that is in their way to supremacy and they are trying to break you down.
    And believe me when I tell you that people I come across, both Democrat and Republican, who never had an interest in politics, are reading your site and opening their eyes to how complacent this country and Obama has been on terrorism.

  • foxmuldar

    I also wonder why O’Reilly continues to have CAIR on his show. I saw the video of Awad & O’Reilly. Awad is as bad a liar as Obama. Awad claims the 9/11 terrorist had no connection to Islam. What a crock. The Asshole is trying to rewrite history.

  • C.S.

    It seems recently I ran across an article where the Saudi Prince had purchased a percentage of Fox. I believe there was even something to the effect of him admonishing them because of something he did not want them to run on air. Not sure how accurate that is but if so maybe there is more admonishing going on than we know about.

  • Azygos

    Ms. Geller,
    I was appalled last night when O’Gasbag said “I’ll take care of that woman.” I thought he was the no spin zone. That certainly was not a civil response. I am going to write to O’Gasbag after I watch the show. Do his researchers not know anything about Mooslimbs and their 7th century cult?

  • AmericanMe

    I just sent O’Reilly a blistering email supporting you! You keep on!

  • John D. Infidel

    I’m sorry but O’Reilly is a buffoon. He tries to come across as unbiased trying to hear both sides and only succeeds in stumbling on his own feet. His days are numbered as his ratings plummet.

  • sh007r

    So glad you were given the opportunity to speak up about the Ground Zero Mosque travesty, you were fantastic… even though O’Reilly kept stopping you before you got to explain much.
    I believe this islamic triumphal-mosque would draw the worst islamic terrorists from around the world, like a magnet, from day one til it came down. Think about that, NY liberals.
    AND it would also become Americas Temple Mount, a place of great unrest and conflict. Once they’re in, the rules WOULD change & even libs would be very sorry it ever was allowed.

  • JamestheFin

    Pamela, once again, well done, you were clear and composed. As much as I want to like O’Reilly and credit him for allowing Pamela on his show, the interview felt rushed as if he merely wanted to appear fair. The types of discussions Americans should be having about the Ground Zero Mosque and Islam and the the threat Islam poses to Americans, the Constitution, and American society should not be restricted to one 5 minute segment. Once again, major props to Pamela. O’Reilly, what a half-a$$ed attempt.

  • Northstar

    O’Reilly is a useful tool idiot. Fox should dump him as soon as possible. He interrupts constantly and is a shill for the Saudi faction that owns Fox!!!!

  • Judd

    Pamela – You were great, gurrl. It’s very very tough to get pigheaded Oreilly to move an inch – but you did. More to the point, you got the truth out to the American Public. Thank you and congratulations.

  • Cate

    EXCELLENT job, Pamela!!!!! You did a spectacular job!!!! I’m glad he actually had you on his show.

  • S. Pfeffer

    Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal is cousin to the Saudi King (the one Bowin’ Barry likes to bow down before). He is also the #2 shareholder in Fox after Murdoch. As time goes by, we must all be VERY careful about what we hear from Fox and wonder what we are NOT hearing. These Islamists are slowly boiling the frog on all fronts and if the frog doesn’t leap out… we know what happens. :-( sadly.

  • lilredbird

    My jaw dropped when even O’Reilly conceded he had no grounds to dispute you there at the end! Of course he wants to hold on to his delusion that these varnished over desert warlords of Islam are actually decent, civilized human beings. It has become so obvious that the Cordoba Qurayon Supremacists are NOT interested in listening to the protests of those they claim they want to “reach out to” that people are beginning to realize that, yes, they really are out to grind our faces in their “victory”. Once enough people recognize that, both this project and the whole “moderate Muslim” facade in America are going to be in deep trouble. They had better hop to it with the arselifting and headbanging and pray that none of their little shahids succeeds in blowing up anything in this country over the next few months, because if that happens then Muslims in this country will be talking to slammed doors if they so much as request a permit for a Porta-Potty. (Squat model, of course, and no tp.)
    So much for “I’ll take care of that woman.” Hah.

  • jane

    “Online COLB” refers to Obama’s forged certification of live birth

  • jane

    We need to buy back FOX for Americans.

  • Northstar

    S Peffer…. you make a very good point!!!!

  • Northstar

    Sorry…my bad…Pfeffer

  • jane

    Pamela excels at using their own words against them…they said they wanted an outreach and yet…they don’t want any outreach, they just want to rub salt into our wounds and spit on our graves.
    Just like Mecca, they would be galled to let in “outsiders” into their den of iniquity megamosque, they must have dismissed the idea quite rapidly if ever it came up. How could they do their plotting and scheming with infidels, low-lives, non-believers mulling about?
    They must peruse this site intensively to come up with whatever snippets they can, such as the goat sex video. Hmm, they know their hadiths govern how to properly have animal sex, be a pedophile, necrophiliac, use dismembered body parts…they’re right out there on the official Saudi Government website. And yet, not a one of them sees a problem with sex with a dead person IF they wash afterwards, or a goat, and yet they DO have a problem with any reference to it! Not a one of them steps forward to say, “Hey, that’s barbaric and sick, let’s change this”. It’s like them saying they’re offended by a Mo cartoon yet cannot fathom why 911 murder victim families would be offended by their mosque. Maybe their zipedah is too doo dah for their brains? Not a one of them wants to remove the violent koranic and sharia texts, perverted hadiths, nothing…and it’s not like these are ancient only practices, they’re on the internet! Wake up Islam, time to change from a men’s pervert club with all its violence and control and move into the 21st century. I hope they’re embarrassed by the revelations of all the sicknesses of Mo. Why can’t they take whatever little he did say that was of benefit to humanity and chuck the rest?

  • JGalt

    to borrow from the Factor:
    Pamela Geller – PATRIOT
    Bill O’Reilly – PINHEAD

  • mhz

    O’Reilly and Pamela are both patriots .. keep up the good work ..

  • truthbetold11

    this is all a distraction. muslims didnt attack the trade centers, do oyur homework folks it was israelies. muslims were the perfect blame. teade center 7 explosives. comeon folks the mosque is a distraction

  • Tammy

    You are a brave, brave, woman, Pamela.
    You are my hero.
    I wish more Americans would listen to you and do their homeworkd.
    And truthbetold11: You are an anti-semite and an obvious idiot. You can’t even spell.
    I guess English is your second language.
    How is the weather in Iran?

  • BS61

    Great job on the show – he can be a tough interviewer!

  • BS61

    O’Reilly is very behind on this but he is tops in Fox’s ratings, so a lot of people heard Pamela’s message!

  • Laura L

    He doesn’t believe that this is a triumphalist mosque? O’Reilly is a shmuck.

  • john

    Great job, Pamela, we love you and all that you do. You’re message was conveyed perfectly well on FNC. You’re an unrelenting voice against an unrelenting enemy that does not sleep. There are many many people that you have awoken with your tireless efforts. Rest assured, many hands will make light work.
    And thank you so much for your attention to Rifqa Bary. You and others who have brought her shelter have made her America’s sweetheart.

  • Safti

    Pamela, You were wonderful on O’Reilly! Very clear. Thanks so much for working so hard!
    Glad O’Reilly had you on his show…but I’m pi–ed off at him, for cutting you off every chance he could.
    Now, if Beck is really smart…he’d have you on.
    Stay strong and keep up the great work! You are my hero, seester.

  • Gorkhali

    Wow Pamela! You Rocked! I am Woman hear me ROAR!

  • Joel Mendelson


  • Cate

    You bet, the Israelis were all over that. Sheesh. Sorta like saying I’m the queen of England. Or saying that maybe aliens from outer space did it.
    truthbetold – You’re the distraction. Hey, while you’re at things, learn some English.

  • http://www. Paula K.

    This guy is just a troll. Ignore him.

  • http://www. Paula K.

    Pamela was as usual, formidable. She does so much, I suspect she’s twins.
    I loved it when she informed Bill that CAIR is an unidicted co-conspirator. He needed to know that..
    Later on in the Miller segment, he said the Mosque would never be built because no NY construction workers would work there.
    I hope he’s right.

  • auntie izlam

    It was clear that he resented having to give you an opportunity to rebut CAIR.He continuously interrupted you. Did he do that with a-WAD? I don’t think so.
    O’Reilly didn’t earn an iota of respect from me.

  • jane

    Had you covered this?
    Hamas:”We will not let anyone deprive us of our joy”
    Hamas grooms wed 450 child brides under the age of 10.
    And Obama gave our taxpayer money to these pedophile perverts?
    THIS is islame, folks.

  • pat

    You did well. Of course O’Reilly pretended to be a dimwit. Or perhaps he is. I believe he is so busy that he really thinks his conclusions are reality, if you know what I mean. He has this habit of being terribly uninformed and pretending that he is knowledgeable. Fortunately Dennis Miller backed you to the hilt. I say fortunately, because while you made your point, the more the merrier. And Miller skewered Mayor Bloombat.

  • Sarastro

    For the tenth time, my question is: Why doesn’t someone indict CAIR? Why is it still allowed to go merrily on with its crimes and insults? It’s been proven guilty. Especially after it was infiltrated and exposed? And then these deceivers are graciously invited to speak on TV programs in the country they are trying to destroy. The Islamists just laugh up their sleeve at us, we are so stupid. Law is not enforced in this country, there is no justice, criminals run everything, the government, the institutions of learning, the CIA, the FBI, the police departments and the military — even the churches are contaminated. The will of the people has no importance, just the will of the Jihadists. We are sheep for allowing this. Where are the great lawyers? Where are those who could put a stop to this outrage? Is there no great strong man [or a hundred outraged men] to stand up and defy these vermin, is the battle left to the fragile and petite Pamela Geller who roars like a lion and takes on the whole Islamic world by herself, but there should be a whole pride of lions roaring with her. If we allow something like a mosque at GZ, then we are slaves and we deserve to be slaves.

  • Michael Australia

    Well done Pamela.
    I think one of the important things you and Bill agreed upon, was that because the issue is causing so much pain to the friends and relatives of the people killed in 911, the request for a Mosque to be built close to Ground Zero should be withdrawn.
    If the ‘moderates’ had any understanding and sympathy for the feelings of the friends and relatives of the people killed in 911, they would make sure the request for a Mosque to be built close to Ground Zero was withdrawn. But they are silent. Why are they silent?

  • Margie

    They can’t get any better Pamela. The message on this CONQUEST of a mosque is getting out there.

  • jane

    Didn’t muslims actually KILL a cartoonist?

  • Pete

    Westerners can’t use them, they’re far too small.

  • silkcat

    You were great but too bad that big mouth kept interrupting you and not letting you finish your thoughts – I stop watching him a long time ago. Thanks for all you are doing for us!

  • Barbara H.

    Pamela exposes the mosquerade! O’Reilly has become a shill for the Islamists. He was trying to shut Pamela up and interrupt her every thought, IMO. Dennis Miller seemed to be telling him off!! Bill O is losing millions of conservative viewers over the way he is catering to the Muslims on this. Fair and balanced is going out the window on Fox. Yes, Bill, on this, your protectionism of Islam, YOU ARE WRONG and doing great harm to our founding culture!! Thank you Pamela for speaking out. Your intelligent presence exudes true patriotic love for this country. Fight on!!

  • epaminondas

    Pam you did an excellent job COMING BACK o explain the reason why CAIR’s relationships were important in the LOCATION IS THE MESSAGE – of this idiotic mosque which will TOTALLY damage inter-religious relationships.
    O’Reilly now needs to start asking WHO this message is to, what it’s content really is, and WHY that message is important.
    Dome of the Rock indeed.
    You were calm and slow… impressive young skywalker

  • Infidel Task Force

    Heres our commentary posted on our web site:
    “Well….we have been waiting for this moment, and believe me when I say…it was well worth the wait.
    Bravo Pamela!!
    Pamela Geller appeared on The O’Reilly Factor last night (Aug 4th 2010) and defended an accusation that her web site posted blasphemous images of the Islamic prophet Mohammed. Ms Geller explained why she had posted those images. It was Draw Moahmmed Day for crying out loud!!
    Whether you agree with her passion….as we do at the ITF….or whether you think she is part of a fringe group that is spreading an erroneous misinterpretation about radical Islam….you have to admit, she is a force to be reckoned with.
    Pamela Geller knows her subject matter and is definitely not afraid to get in your face. She gave O’Reilly the explanation for posting the images then shoved the “co-conspirator at CAIR” back at him. But like I mentioned before, I think Bill O’Reilly is pandering to his muslim viewers.
    “That is very good of you Bill”…say that with a Pakistani accent.
    My only moment of disappointment came after she made her explanation of the images and let O’Reilly keep her focused on that same subject. I was rooting for her to move the subject to the Ground Zero mosque. Bill wouldn’t hear of it and kept Geller on the defensive for most of the segment.
    Did Pamela Geller come off strong and relentless….of course she did.
    Could she have done better….absolutley.
    But I’ll tell you this…I’m glad it was Pamela there, because if it was me, I would have been a puddle of piss by the end of the discussion.
    There is not a doubt in my mind, that if Bill O’Reilly had given Ms Geller the same amount of time that he allocated for his buddy, Dennis Miller, she would have put him into a stunned silence and moved every American marching towards New York City to protest this mosque. – BBJ

  • Darlene

    Yes, CAIR has its knickers in a knot–And they should face up to the truth that Islam did inspire Nazism. Islam did perpetuate the first halocaust in Turkey (2 million dead) and is today perpetuating a holocaust in Sudan(1 million dead) and thousands sold into slavery. Islam provided the prototype for the Nazi holocaust and encouraged it(8 million dead). The role of Mufti Hussinni in Nazism is without doubt and Pam has so well documented that historical fact. Al Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood was in communication with Hitler prior to the latter becoming the head of the Nazi government. But also Charles Eckhert, to whom Hitler dedicated Mein Kempf (my jihad) was a Turkish muslim and so was Rudolph Van Sebenbottom (dont be fooled by their german names) and they were influential in the formation of Hitler’s ideas and anti semitism. Islam is the root of antisemitism and continues it to this day. This is the truth that has CAIR’s knickers in a knot… the truth that they do not want you to know.
    Wash your knickers CAIR!!! Come clean and admit that Islam is responsible for the death of over 250 million people since its inception by Mohammad. And you respect that man? How sicko is that? You have no morality. And you expect us to believe that islam is a religion of peace and that you sincerely want interfaith dialogue? The blood of 250 million people cries out againt you. The least that we who are alive can do is not believe you lies.
    There is a simple answer to CAIR’s comments. Every time they defame Pamela for telling the truth we the people make another contribution to Pam’s campaigns and their will be more rallies aginst the mosque at ground zero and more bus ads to save muslim girls from being killed by their own families. Every time CAIR gets its kickers in a knot over truth we get out our check books. Just that simple… the truth spoken in love for all will prevail.

  • Rodney

    Great job as usual.
    If only there had been time to mention the September 11 (!) groundbreaking, and the “Cordoba House” name. Those are powerful indications of the intent.

  • grimcargo

    What you said. Oreilly is a tool. He is a lot like McCain. He wants to be adored by all the lefties. Trying to ride the fence. I think he was hostile towards Pamela and that shows how ignorant he is regarding Islam. He went from Pamela to Mark Lamont Hill another braindead liberal who started tossing out the racism card.

  • carol

    she is right on every level this mosque is a temple built to Their god as a victory in the Koran the book of war it says lie, deceive, your enemy. then if they do not turn it islam Kill the infidels. We are to stupid to even realize what is going on and Mayor Bloomberg should be ashamed. Lets examine Dearborn Michigan Sharia Law in now in effect, if they get their way women can be stoned! is that what we are working toward think it can’t happen? We quote tolerance yes we were tolerant with HITLER LOOK WHAT HAPPENED.

  • Pam Dale

    Once again, you shine! O’Reilly’s constant interruptions didn’t faze you.

  • SEAN

    This was my email to BILL NO SPIN
    Bill, I have been watching you since your inception every night….I might miss 10 shows a year..
    With that said, I am a salesman on the road a bunch, so it affords me time to listen to a plethora of different talk shows.
    I have heard Pam Geller three times with extensive interviews from extremely well respected hosts that don’t toss softballs…
    You were a smug ass tonight? Why?
    Lately you seem extremely condescending to guests like Pam that are extremely articulate, and have thorough detailed info? Why?
    It really appears that you desire acceptance from Muslims,Obama, and others that in principal you totally disagree with…
    Not sure what your objective is, but you were once an automatic in my home, and now we just turn you off…
    I know your whole mantra that you are NO SPIN, INDEPENDENT, LIBERTARIAN etc…But you are acting differently of late, just consider the constructive criticism..
    Sean , From Oakley Ca.

  • Paulo Mendonça

    Paula K.: “…I suspect she’s twins”
    Paula K.
    I am sure she’s triplets !!
    Great work, Pamela.
    Thanks from Rio – Brazil

  • Madeleine

    First off, I want to know if Mr. O’Reilly apologized to you about the “taking care of that woman” comment. I know you are a bigger person Pamela so you won’t be waiting for an apology, but where is his accountability? You know, Mr. O’Reilly is a very late comer to this topic. While you have been pounding the drums, sounding the alarms, calling attention to these extreme Islamic wacko’s for years now. He replies “that’s what I said yesterday” as though he came up with the brilliant thought first. Sorry buddy, go to the back of the line. Then again, there is no use pointing that out because we can’t have division among our ranks, even if O’Reilly is a Johnny come lately, or even if he acted like a clod the other day with his foolish comment. He’s definitely getting a pay check from the Saudi funded FOX News network and of course when it comes to dialogue on this subject matter, he’s been hog tied. Outside of Robert Spencer, and of course a few others who have not been in the public eye, YOU are leading the cause to stop this Mosque Pamela. The next time you are asked that, please say that I am honored to be a leader in this battle and that Americans trust me with this mission in support of them. YOU know what you are talking about, you have such a speedy comeback, everything rolls right off your tongue, you keep your head about you, you stick to the truth, which is why it’s so easy not to get flustered. You don’t let the personal attacks on you stop the message from coming out. I don’t know how you are so good at pronouncing those names either! lol

  • 113Tidbits

    O’Reilly has definitely turned toward the left substantially over the past several months. I can’t stand to watch his show anymore. especially he loves to have that “Professor Idiot” Lamont Hill, so often.

  • Ronald W. Satz, Ph.D.

    Excellent job, Pamela. As a Toastmaster, I didn’t see you do any lip smacks, ahs, or umhs, this time. You were very quick thinking and knew your facts cold. I’ve recommended your Atlas Shrugs blog on several other Web sites…

  • katherine

    So, the final question of the day is this:
    Who ‘took care of’ who?! (heh, heh)

  • Gentile sven

    I saw the “factor ” with you on it last night. Good job. An observation; O Reilly kept wanting you to say you believe this is a victory mosque( which it is) as if it were not, with his initial throw at you it appeared you hesitated, but you picked it right up. Remember the enemy is going to be watching you down to your body language( which is funny, O Reilly did a bit on body language last night as well)I consider you a leader in the anti-jihad( as well as others like Robert Spencer whose books I read), you appear to be a genuine and real person, don’t let losers and apologists get you out of sorts. Keep up the good work, you actually have support out here on the left coast!!

  • Mike S.

    Nice Job on the factor Pam,
    One question i have been asking myself, WHERE THE H-LL WAS FOX on the June 6th rally? 7000 Patriotic Americans stood shoulder to shoulder in the summer heat and the fair and balanced Fox could not be bothered. This country’s media is so handicapped with political correctness it has given EVIL the home field advantage. KEEP fighting Pamela.

  • Podcast

    I keep hearing people citing the freedom of religion to justify the building of the supremacist mega mosque. However, the religious aspect of Islam only serves as window dressing for the much greater part of Islam that is a very radical form of totalitarianism that seeks world domination. Therefore, since in addition to being a religion, Islam is also a very radical form of totalitarianism that seeks world domination, it clearly isn’t protected under the first amendment of our constitution. Not to mention also that you can’t dissect Islam and then take just one small part of it to circumvent our constitution; you must take Islam in totality for what it really is.

  • sheildwall

    I don’t think O’Reilly gave you enough time to make your points. He was too busy interrupting you and he definitely did not want to hear that CAIR is a terrorist/terrorist supporting organization. It takes too long to say “un-indicted co-conspirator” and gives him the opening to interrupt. Only short sound bites will work and always precede your statement with an emphatic YES or NO before he interrupts again.

  • Sherab Zangpo

    OK, I watched the video here because I can’t stand O’Reilly’s program any longer.
    He doesn’t allow you to speak, he compels you to speak as fast as a machine gun, he knows perfectly that in television terms this means that your message will reach only very few persons in his audience.
    He is a weasel, he has been a weasel, and he will be a weasel.
    When a person interviewed on his program says the serious things that you have to say, a patriot would frigging stop the other parts of the program and go deep into the subject. Instead O’Reilly reduces everything to one thing only: O’Reilly.
    The West is dying because we have a high percentage of o’reillys everywhere.
    Too nihilist to care about anything, with too many elitist friends who are in the business of allowing islam to conquer the world.
    Only the commoners can now subvert the subversion and stop the madness.
    Thank you Pamela for your dedication and your courage. Watch your back at all times.

  • dented

    quote from
    Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and his wife Daisy Khan pretend they’re “moderate Muslims.” Yet another crack has appeared in their crumbling facade, however. The New York City office of their American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), at 475 Riverside Drive, has for many years sat in the very building, on the very floor, immediately adjacent (pdf) to the suite housing the New York City chapter office of the Council of American-Islamic Relations(CAIR), the U.S. representative of Hamas.
    Who are these people trying to kid?

  • AuntieMadder

    The American Spectator
    No Mosque, By R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. on 8.5.10 @ 6:09AM
    WASHINGTON — There is an awful lot of blowzy thought swirling around the proposed mosque to be raised two blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. Frankly, I doubt that at any other time in our history, such a debate would be taking place. People would know that when thugs intoning “Allahu Akbar” have slaughtered hundreds of innocent Americans on American soil, it is inappropriate to raise a mosque nearby. The majority of Americans alive today know this. Polling indicates that with them it is a nonstarter. Now the Anti-Defamation League’s national director, Abraham H. Foxman, has weighed in on the side of good sense. One hopes this debate is coming to an end.
    Read the article and then, if you feel like it, chime in on the side of common sense in the comments to the piece.

  • John

    All this time, you couldn’t get your foot in the media door, and all it took was CAIR trying to smear you. BRILLIANT!! You performed great! Thanks for everything you do.
    I hope visitors to the website increase greatly!!

  • John

    Good call. NO coverage, whatsoever. They better cover Sept. 11 demo.

  • Charles

    I’m not American, i’m non muslim but live in Moslem country…I actually know how moslem think. If this 911 mosque truly & finally being build, I GUARANTEE IT WILL BECOME AN ICON OF JIHAD FISABILILAH(JIHAD AS HOLY WAR)FOR ALL ISLAMIC WORLD!!! AND WILL TURN THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT INTENDS TO PROMOTE,WHICH IS TOLERANCE. Again i stated i live in Moslem country, I GUARANTEE the impact of this 911mosque in creating tolerance (if there will ever be) will be such a small&tiny scale comparing to its impact in empowering IslamFascism.Coz in their way of thinking this 911 Mosque will be a GREAT SYMBOL that the way of Violent in Islam is the right way in doing Islam! Sorry to say that i can see most of y’all Americans are so Extremely Naive!!especially the Leftist&Libertarian… But what can i say ?I think y’all facing dilemma here coz of your Constitution. i think your Constitution is both your Strength&Weakness!! Strength because of all the Liberty &Freedom that y’all having,but Weakness also because your Liberty has this kind of hole of “Over Tolerance” that try to be used by Radicals Islam to ruin your country.
    I have already told about my opinion on other internet discussion but those “Americans” kind of laugh at me,they said that for the sake of freedom &Constitutional Right then this 911mosque has to be allowed to be build,and when i tell them about the threat of Empowering IslamoFasicm, they said that if it’s true so then it’s my country’s problem&other country’s problem not US, and they said this radicalization won’t happen in America.So Naive!! I think this self-secure delusion also come from American superpower untouchable mentality. When this Fascist Ideology increases it will automatically increases Terrorism to West along with Oppression to non-moslem minorities like me in Moslem country.
    Little advice to Ms.Geller, I know you’re right&sincere in doing this protest but sometimes the way you expressing it from my point of view as a Non-American&non-Moslem living in ThirdWorld Islamic country,you seems so “over passionate” that people may have mistakenly assume you as bigot,btw those Muhamad cartoon event that you propose i think won’t give any benefit to your movement,it will give backlash actually, and also about those Nazi Islam connection comment won’t do any good either(although I 100% agree with you). But i think most of all the Main Argument that should be presented is that the mosque should not be build because the RISK (becoming Huge Icon/Symbol for Islamofascist movement thus Increasing Terrorism) is far more greater than the benefit(supposedly creating bridge of tolerance&understanding)

  • Safti

    We all agree Pamela…you ARE leading the big fight. No one out there is fighting as hard as you are.
    As a child of Holocaust survivors…I gotta tell you…I so appreciate all you are doing.
    You are my hero!

  • Telly

    Bill is a d-bag.
    He was saying “so you say it’s a blatant attempt…”
    No, Bill, it’s a stealth attempt. Get with the program.
    If it was blatant we would need to argue. Everyone would see it for what it is.
    Excellent as always, Pamela. Bill, you make me sick.
    Hope to see Pam on the Redeye soon.

  • pythagoras

    Bill O’Reilly is the mainstream media’s equivalent of a RINO. He makes a lot of noise about possessing moral fibre—but sorely lacks it and has never delivered on it. In short Bill O’Reilly is a PHONY. I consider him to be in the same class as Jerry Springer, really.
    Debating this man is beside the point. No matter how good an account one may give of oneself while appearing on O’Reilly’s show and debating him, one has inadverdently harmed one’s cause merely by doing so. Ms. Geller might as well have been debating the case against the Ground Zero mosque on SPRINGER….
    which is a shame because Pamela Geller ALWAYS commands respect and always gives a superb account of herself as she has here. Too bad we cannot say the same of Mr. O’Reilly.

  • Cannon Fodder

    Sheesh! What a half-hearted offer of rebuttal. O’Reilly tried to use Pamela there. Seemed to me he wanted her to look like she had no clue. He cut her off every time she started to smear CAIR and was a tad condescending.

  • ParahSalin

    Pamela said “Bill O’Reilly agreed to my request for an opportunity to rebut Islamic supremacist Awad’s specious attack on me.”
    I think that should read “Bill O’Reilly availed himself of an opportunity to continue Islamic supremacist Awad’s specious attack on me.”
    Bill O’Reilly is a clueless ratings whore and is one of the reasons I really don’t watch FoxNews anymore.
    In the fight against Islam, very few people both “get it” AND are willing to say it AND can say it plainly, logically, and coherently. Newt Gingrich, Mark Steyn, and Debra Burlingame come to mind. Pamela, you can join that vanguard, but please stop saying you have no problem with mosques. Every mosque is an Islamic outpost, moving us ever closer to the day when Islam controls our lives, our country, our children, and our future. Say it loud, say it bold, say it clearly, say it over and over. No more mosques, period. Time is short.

  • Miss American Pie

    Great job as always Pamela! When Awad names you personally, I believe you have really upset them. It’s still so hard to imagine that American people are having to fight so hard, it should have never gotten this far. O’Reilly is such a bore. You came across beautifully. God Bless you and yours.

  • Jim of FL

    I think O’Reilly is lazy and tends to focus on stories that are “obvious,” so he doesn’t have to do any research work. (Like a judge letting a rapist go free.) When I know more than hie does, and that is his job, then something is wrong. He should have been up to speed on this issue, its even in his city!
    Pamela was her usual awesome self. Did she even beguile him? I think so!

  • aprilnovember811

    I can’t watch O’Reilly. He is in serious denial. I thought at any minute he would call you a kook Pamela, just like those who know Obama is not an American born citizen, or even a citizen of this country, but Indonesian. He just doesn’t get it. They’ve flown planes into buildings, and he still needs more proof of what they’re capable of. No Mosque, take it somewhere else. I like Mark Levin’s idea as a last resort. Build a Hooters next door, and a bar with flashing neon signs on the other side. It’s a first amendment right. Who is the man who wants to seize the property by eminent domain? Vote him in.

  • SpiritOf1683

    And an utterly useless and brainless retard at that, who needs deporting to Pakistan.

  • SpiritOf1683

    Thats a pretty tough assignment when he’s got rocks in his head.