Aqsa Parvez Murdering Father and Brother Plead Guilty in Islamic Honor Killing


After killing his youngest child early in the morning of Dec. 10, 2007, the Parvez patriarch woke his wife to tell her why, declaring: “My [Muslim] community will say you have not been able to control your daughter. This is my insult. She is making me naked.” Read more here


Her father, she said, had “sworn to her on the Koran that if she ran away again he would kill her,” the statement of facts says.

An so he did.

At least Aqsa's murderers won't go free, as did Amina and Sarah Said's murdering father and brother, Yaser and Islam Said. Aqsa's father and brother have pleaded guilty to her cold blooded, pre-meditated murder. Aqsa, dear one, can now rest in peace.

School friends of Aqsa Parvez say they knew that one day they'd be told the 16-year-old would be fighting for her life.

Aqsa's school chums at Applewood Heights Secondary School say she wanted to break free from the cultural restraints imposed by family.

Friend Dominiquia Holmes-Thompson, 16, said Aqsa told her something could possibly "happen."

"She was scared to go home," she said.

Aqsa had recently been staying with a friend and wanted to return home to get her belongings, friends said.


They said this year the Grade 11 student began taking off her hijab, a traditional headscarf, as she headed to school and put it back on when she returned home.

Friends said her father allowed her to wear "regular clothes," but only if she wore the hijab.

"She wanted to dress like us," said one girl. "To be normal."

"Yes, we were really worried" about Aqsa returning home to get her clothes, Dominiquia said.(more here)

Atlas readers did a righteous thing for Aqsa and victims of honor killings worldwide in planting the Aqsa Parvez memorial grove in American Independence Park in Jerusalem, after discovering that Aqsa was lying in an unmarked grave in accordance with the dictates of Islam. (Honor victims shame the family.)


Our plaque is 4 X 4. It will also be green to indicate our designation to the grove. 


Father and son plead guilty to murdering Aqsa Parvez The Star

Muslim teen’s death prompted debate over hijab

In a stunning development, Aqsa Parvez’s father and youngest brother admitted on Tuesday they strangled her in her bedroom.

Muhammad Parvez, 60, and son Waqas, 29, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the 16-year-old Mississauga high school student’s death on the morning of Dec. 10, 2007.

At the time, Aqsa’s death sent shockwaves through the GTA prompting heated debate on the hijab, the challenges of integration for newcomers, and whether or not her death was the GTA’s first crime of honour or a horrible case of domestic violence.

Previously at Atlas: The Aqsa Parvez Resoultion


 Just Aqsa

Calling me an “anti-Muslim maniac” over the bones of Aqsa Parvez is the bitterest irony of all


Aqsa's Memorial Garden







A Love Letter to (and from) Aqsa


Aqsa parvez grove  017

UPDATE: Stunning account of Aqsa's tortured life living in a devout Muslim household. Worse yet is how the west ties itself in knots not to mention the 800 lb quran in the room:

Aqsa Parvez’s murder was a gender-based crime motivated by patriarchal concepts of honour and shame, which the defendants had chosen to adopt,” Crown attorney Mara Basso told the court.


She had no privacy, not even in her bedroom, which had to be passed through by her parents whenever they went to their own room. A part of her bedroom wall was even removed, providing a view inside to her parents, her seven siblings or the wives of three of her brothers who also lived in the house.

Her telephone access was restricted. She was not allowed to socialize and had to go straight home after school and was expected to remain with her family on weekends.

And when she told her father in 2006 that she no longer wished to wear the hijab, the headscarf worn by some Muslim women, it was done at a school-arranged mediation with officials of the Children’s Aid Society and India Rainbow Services present.

He refused to permit it.

The familial conflict over Pakistani tradition and Western culture in the year leading to her slaying documented in court the so-called “honour killing” nature of the crime, a contention that was controversial at the time of her death.

The Parvez patriarch came to Canada from Pakistan in 1999 with his eldest son and was granted refugee status. In 2001, the matriarch, Anwar Jan, joined him along with their seven other children, including Aqsa who was 11.

“All of the women in the family dressed traditionally. None of the women in the family worked outside the home. The women were financially dependent on the men,” says an agreed statement of facts read in court.

“The marriages of all of the children were traditionally arranged. All the children married their cousins from Pakistan, who subsequently immigrated to Canada.”

A husband had already been picked out in Pakistan for Aqsa and arrangements between the families were underway.

A year before her murder, Aqsa confided to friends and school officials of arguments at home. She said a sister who also attended Applewood High School was spying on her and reporting to her father.

School officials met with her father on Sept. 17, 2007, court heard. He said he intended to pull Aqsa out of the public school and enrol her in an Islamic school. Aqsa was asked what she wanted and she said she wished to stay at Applewood. After discussions, he agreed to let her stay.

Privately, however, she told school officials she was afraid to return home because of what had taken place. She said that she had been told by her father to say she wished to leave.

“Aqsa told her counsellor that she was afraid her father would kill her because she did not say what she was supposed to,” according to the statement of facts.

The counsellor arranged for her to stay at a shelter that night. At the end of the school day she returned to the counsellor’s office, shaken. Her father and a sister were waiting for her outside the school. The counsellor took her out the back door and into a taxi to the shelter.


The week before her death, as she lived at a friend’s house, she prepared a résumé in her quest for a part-time job.

“During this week, Aqsa appeared happy and determined to start a new life for herself,” says the statement. What she did not know was that her brother, Waqas, was trying to get a gun, telling a colleague that he was going to kill his sister and his father was going to take the blame.

On Monday, Dec. 10, 2007, Aqsa was waiting for a bus to take her to school. Before it arrived, Waqas pulled up in a van.

“Oh my God, he is here again,” she told a friend, adding she would be right back. She got into her brother’s van at 7:20 a.m.

Asqa was strangled in her room and her father called a family meeting — motioning with his hands how he had killed her — before, at 7:56 a.m., phoning 911 to say he had “killed his daughter” with his own hands.

At 8:03 a.m. police arrived and found Aqsa lying face up on her bed. She had no vital signs and blood dribbled from her nose.

Inside the home were 11 family members.


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  • Stepnanie
    Maryam Namazie
    President of Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain
    Stoning in Islam – According to Hadith Sahih Bukhari & Muslim
    pdf file 202 KB

  • Libby

    second-degree murder????
    What does it take to get first-degree?
    “…prompting heated debate on … whether or not her death was [a] crime of honour or a horrible case of domestic violence.”
    I’m confused — calculated “domestic violence” murder is OK, but honor killing is not.

  • dutchman

    Reading this Rifqa came up in my head. Any news about her? We should keep an eye on her!

  • Libby

    Islam is so sad….
    I remember how I used to fend off heated and unpleasant debates with friends and colleagues about the morality and timing of abortion (none / first / second / third trimesters). I would joke that I believed in abortion until the age of 13, and might consider 21. Ha ha! Let’s change the subject.
    Then I found out Islam actually supports it, and worse still, some Muslims actually practice it!

  • TorontoInfidel

    After “Toronto Life” did a cover story on the Aqsa’s murder, some Islamic community activists in Canada claimed it was a domestic violence issue that affects Canadians of all backgrounds and not an Islamic issue. Today the truth comes out. Thank you Pamela for having the guts to speak out in a way no Canadian would ever have the guts to do.

  • Thumbnail

    Canadians are a bunch of pussies when it comes to speaking out against Islamic practices. After all, those dumb bastards gave us “Little Mosque on the Prairie?”. This is headshakingly stupid – and Canadians are all dumb enough to buy this propaganda.

  • Lenin-McCarthy

    The honor-killers got a slap on the wrist. They are eligible for parole in 10 years. On a sad note, reading the comments from readers responding to the CBC article is rather sad. Many of them are in denial that islam had anything to do with it. They call it “domestic violence”. Please show your disgust at the left-wing posters on that forum.

  • Gary

    It was CAIR-Canada’s mouthpiece on a TV show doing damage-control by making 48% of all male canadian guitly of ‘Potential’ violence as the Honour-Killing was filed under “Domestice-Violence” even when I have never seen this type for groteque slaughtering of a female. The worse I heard of was a neighbour back in around 1966 that had Traum issue from WW2 and at night he woke up and killed his wife and 2 kids then had a heart attack and died as he fled the home to the front lawn.
    BUT,not one Media outlet or feminist group bashed all men or labelled it Domestic violence.
    Check out the 1989 mass-slaughter in the shooting of 20 females by Jihad in Montreal because Allah was offended as females in canada could go to schools and take jobs from Muslims males. CAIR has never told the truth about Gamil Gharbi that had a Pro-Shariah Father immigrant that enforced it at home with his Mother as well.
    The MSM feared using the “M” word,so the killer became a ‘Male’ which the Feminists/men-haters hi-jacked and created layers upon layers of Non-Profit anti-men groups to get Annual hand-outs from the Tax payers.
    The majority of child murders are done by Females,the vast majority of those are Mothers or female relatives believing they are protecting the child from future harm.The majority of abortions actually kill female babies merely by genetics as females are always over 50% of the population.
    This Honour killing was a Islam/Quran/Muslim/Misogynistic murder with very little to do with Domestic violence.
    The Ground-Zero Mega-Moques will exalt all those Killers in private during Friday prayers,unless the Mosque wants to use a Video display outisde for people to see and hear what is spewed.If Muslims really want to show us the Peaceful teaching from thier God loving Qurans,then why hide the Mosque on the top floor to make it tough for the Disabled visitors,and why not make it clear that Females WILL NOT have their OWN door to get in and their OWN spot pray at the back of the Bus like Ms.Parks refused to do.

  • Blue Willow

    The CBC comments are moderated by idiots, apparently. Many comments I have submitted have never appeared. Half the time I am probably “banned” for sending in politically incorrect comments. CBC as a whole seems to have been brainwashed by Muslims into being politically correct left-wing zombies. I’m surprised they have even allowed comments on that story. Usually they close comments on anything that makes Muslims and other immigrants look bad–if they run the story at all, that is.
    Go to this site for uncensored news:
    As for the 10 year jail sentence–that is what a life sentence in Canada is for all but a few multiple murderer (who are eligible for parole after 25 years!). So these barbarians will be eligible for parole after 10 years.
    The legal system in Canada is completely dysfunctional and ineffective against the “multicultural” criminals from all over the world who move here to set up shop. Our only hope of getting rid of them is if they make the mistake of going down to the States and getting arrested down there. When that happens we all cheer because we know they will go to jail for a long time.

  • Economics9698

    Beautiful plaque. I thought there was a headstone?

  • Gordon MacDonald

    “and Canadians are all dumb enough to buy this propaganda”
    Which Canadians? I sure as hell don’t buy it, and I will bet most American Democrats buy it, as I am sure your President does. Canada, America, Australia, UK, Europe … all have serious problems with denial and appeasement when it comes to Islam – lets focus on de-normalizing the blind acceptance of Islamic propaganda, rather than making unproductive generalizations.

  • Thumbnail

    @ Gordon: I follow Canadian news and current events quite closely, and raised the honour killing at Kingston with my family. There was absolute silence. As far as I am concerned, this show “Little Mosque on the Prairie” ran for four or five seasons, and was paid for by Canadian taxpayers, and I get the sense that it is impolite in Canadian society to raise the spectre of honour crimes. I have to say that I grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books. I am spitting chips that the government has hijacked this woman’s work (ok they probly paid some money for the rights), and that the Ingalls Wilder brand was used for propaganda to whitewash the barbarism that comes from allowing Muslims to immigrate.
    I will go to the links above, and will try to avoid making unproductive generalisations.
    Here is a website about the Religion of Peace, with a picture of the family whose daughter was recently stabbed.

  • Candy

    Have you see the toronto star coverage today? it’s like they are blaming her for what happened. even have the mom crying on the front page — and the mom KNEW the dad was giong to “break her arms and legs/” Shame on the toronto star!!!!!

  • DHB

    To clarify a few things first, @thumbnail “Canadians are all dumb enough to buy this propaganda” up yours. We most certainly are not all Dumb enough to by this propaganda and further as Gordon pointed out a hell of a lot of Americans do buy into it. It’s like me saying all Americans are dumb enough to buy into the claims of Truthers. Or me saying all Americans buy into the propaganda because U.S. taxpayer money goes to programs to appease Muslims:
    Also the cbc is not government controlled it is government funded the decision to air that particular piece of crap was the decision of some t.v. exec not the Canadian people. Also try sorting the cbc comments by the ones that have received the most positive votes and you will see pages of comments by people who also do not “buy into the propaganda”. I could go on for pages about this but there are more important aspects to get to, all I’m basically saying is to stop being such a “Dumb Bastard” yourself lest someone equally clueless accuse all Americans of being the same merely because of your conduct.
    As for Sentencing they were allowed to plead guilty to second degree murder as part of a plea bargain which is why it was not first degree murder. They were sentenced to life imprisonment and are eligible for parole after 18 years not ten as people here have suggested. Note “eligible” for parole it is very unlikely they will receive it after only 18 years it is very likely they will do over twenty years before parole is ever seriously considered for the father who will be over 80 at that time and likely even longer before the son has a serious chance at being paroled. I agree that there is any chance of them getting out is a crime in itself but the legal response is hardly as lax as people here seem to want to believe.

  • Shy Guy

    Pamela, what’s that 2nd JNF picture doing here? That looks like the IDF memorial park down in the Jordan Valley, next to Petza’el.

  • Maggie

    It is not just “political correctness” that is at work in the reaction to this murder, it is the left-wing feminists who latch onto every situation where there is violence against a woman or girl and use it to prove that the fundamental issue is men’s violence against women rather than mental illness (murder of women in Montreal many years ago) or cultural beliefs that do not conform to any civilized society (this case). One of the most shocking aspects of this situation is that the family is quoted as being “supporting” these 2 murderers. There is no regret on the part of the murderers or their family. To them, this was caused entirely by the victim. Citizens or not, I would support legislation to oust the remaining family members from Canada to be followed by the murderers when they are released. Their acceptance in Canada all stems from the father who emigrated to Canada from Pakistan first (and somehow succeeded in claiming “refugee” status – disgusting!!).

  • ian maclure

    There were 11 family members present. Only two were held to account for their crime.
    What about the remainder? They were in my view complicit and if not punished need at least to be placed under supervision and made to understand why their collective action was not acceptable in a free and democratic society. If they cannot be convinced of this they should be returned to their country of origin irrespective of their citizenship status.

  • Mashi

    First degree in Canada requires that you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt with evidence(written/video/etc aka planned and deliberate), otherwise it slips to 2nd degree which is still life(25yrs). Also remembering in Canada that “all murder that isn’t first degree, is second degree”. Which still means you intended to kill the person, you simply didn’t write out your plans. You went and killed them deliberately.
    @ian maclure
    Canadian law, you have to have evidence that proves that they were culpable. I agree that they should be held accountable, but unfortunately the charter ties the laws hands on a lot of stuff. Which means you need solid evidence to be able to prove that they were involved in some way. No proof, no trial.

  • Blue Willow

    @Libby – “charter ties the laws hands on a lot of stuff.”
    Indeed, the Charter of Rights seems to be of no benefit to anyone but criminals. That is the only time we hear about it. In B.C. the government is prosecuting the fundamentalist Mormons at Bountiful for polygamy. Likely the polygamy law will end up being struck down because of the charter. Then we will have Muslims with four wives living legally in Canada! Disgusting!

  • Blue Willow

    Sorry, my last post should have said @Mashi

    About the sentencing of murders in Canada, here is a quote from Correction Services Canada:
    “Offenders serving life sentences for first-degree murder become eligible for unescorted temporary absences and day parole three years before their full parole eligibility date (normally 25 years). An offender may apply for escorted temporary absences after admission to a federal institution.
    The sentencing judge determines when people convicted of second degree murder are eligible for consideration for parole, which can be set between 10 and 25 years. The Judicial Review provisions also apply for second-degree murder, if the parole eligibility date is set beyond 15 years. Inmates incarcerated for second-degree murder become eligible for consideration for unescorted temporary absences and day parole three years before their full parole eligibility date.”
    ==========end quote
    The judge in this case has set parole eligibility at 18 years (as DHB said above), which is quite severe for Canada. But still these monsters will be eligible for day parole in 15 years, and may well get it. Many other murderers have done so, believe me.
    Article about sentencing for this case:
    …in issuing his ruling Wednesday, Justice Bruce Durno said the “abhorrent motivation” called for a significant penalty.
    “It is profoundly disturbing that a 16-year-old woman, no doubt facing significant challenges adjusting to living in a very different society than her parents,’ could be murdered by her father and brother for the purpose of saving the family pride…That twisted, chilling and repugnant mindset could imply that the family pride could at least be kept intact — or perhaps even enhanced — by having two grown men overpower and kill a vulnerable teenager,” Durno said.
    ====end quote
    Well, I wonder if the father and brother have settled into the penitentiary yet. Don’t drop the soap.

  • camera detector

    This is the problem with all of the religions, they are all twisted. Nutcases can twist those fairy tales to justify all types of horrors and mean whatever they want them to mean.

  • Richard

    I stopped for gas on the way home today at the corner gas station near the high school. I was watching people while I filled my tank and I saw a kid waiting for the crossing signal in a hijab. Aqsa’s story was on my mind, and I was thinking to myself, “maybe it’s better if you just leave the rag on, kiddo”.
    Rough, but at least the bastards were convicted.

  • tim jansing

    Yes indeed there is a real headstone. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and touched it with my own hands. It looks like red granite, it’s flush with the ground, and is inscribed with words to the effect of “In Loving Memory of Aqsa Parvez”, and flowers. It’s modest, but nice. Hopefully it’s still there.

  • Pamela Geller

    Yes, finally, they put a stone in after being shamed into by this blog and others. It took close to two years after her death.

  • Gary

    I too contacted the CBC over my opinion that was also censored and asked the Ombudsman about this policy.
    His insulting retorts was that they get so many nut cases filled with hate that they ignore many opinion that deviate from the social norm for CRTC standards.
    Excuse me Sir????
    You have no right to select who opinion is valid just because you live in a false-reality of a fascists doctrine to impose what values you feel society must conform to.

  • Blue Willow

    “Excuse me Sir????
    You have no right to select whose opinion is valid just because you live in a false-reality of a fascists doctrine to impose what values you feel society must conform to. ”
    Gary, truer words were never spoken.
    I’m trying to stay away from CBC. None of my comments seem to appear any more. No doubt I am blacklisted for being a “nut case filled with hate”. Now if you send in comments filled with hate towards Christians or Jews CBC will have no problems posting those!
    I think also that whether or not a comment gets through depends on who happens to be the moderator at the time. Lots of comments against Islam were allowed on the story about Aqsa, and it is good to see that such comments are rated overwhelming as “thumbs up”. Hopefully another moderator doesn’t come along and delete those comments. I’ve seen that happen.
    Perhaps the Mohammedan moderators are not working today because anti-Islam comments are making it through here:

  • Foofa

    I think it is time we all stand in the face of this madness, I don’t want to be politically right and I don’t want to hear anymore about “moderate islam” cause it does not exist. I know from my years growing up in a Muslim country that a moderate muslim is simply a muslim who doesn’t follow islam and it is only a matter of time and a couple of lectures in a mosque and the moderate muslim discovers the true islam and becomes a radical muslim.
    Are we willing to waste more time on discussing niqab, honor killings, sharia law, and the list goes on. What are we going to do to tell our politicians that enough is enough? Why is it so hard for them to say that this is the Canadian way of life, take it or leave it? How comes I’m forced to share public space with a person who has the privilage of walking around un-identified because religion said a woman must wear a mask?
    I posted some comments at CBC and I got some thumbs down, but a lot more up, it’s encouraging.
    We can’t just sit and watch our way of life changing in front of our eyes, we have to speak up.

  • A

    just to point out im canadian…and actually know a lot of people who knew this girl and people are perverting the facts. Yes its very sad her own father killer her, but she wasnt killed because she refused to wear the headscarf….no one in her family even wore the headscarf. It was a bigger issue behind it that had nothing to do with Islam. Her family was strict…as a lot of immigrant families are…from whereever they may be…she didnt get along with the male members of her family. Stop relating honor killings to muslims…it’s not an actual muslim practice it goes against the religion. In canada ive seen more honor killing by Hindus and Sikhs than muslims.