FOX Shills for Muslim Brotherhood CAIR to Advance Islamic Supremacism


Why is FOX shilling for unindicted co-conspirator and Muslim Brotherhood/Hamas front CAIR?  Just read the damning evidence from the Holy Land trial. CAIR is a jihad front. So why does FOX give these subversives a platform without qualifying who they are and what they are?

The Fox morning show had the devout Muslim woman on who
was fired from soft pornsters
Abercrombie & Fitch for wearing the hijab at work. Why would a devout Muslim woman want to work for a company that traffics in blatant sexual imagery? No pious woman would be caught dead near an A&F. So why? So that CAIR can sue. The devout Muslim woman who was fired was on FOX this morning with her face blacked out, joined by a soldier for allah from CAIR.

And of
course CAIR has filed with the EEOC against Abercrombie & Fitch in preparation of the litigation jihad or lawfare. This is not the first time CAIR has sued and harassed Abercrombie and Fitch in their pursuit of Islamic supremacism over the infidels.

Fox morning called it blatant religious discrimination and apologized. Further, they made it sound as if the Muslim's
refusal to take off the hijab at work was a violation of her religion. Would a
nun be allowed to wear their outfit and work at Abercrombie & Fitch? 


Someone should ask Fox if they would ever hire a women and allow them to
wear the hijab, niqab, burka, etc while working on their live shows. I think CAIR should send some of their hijabed harridans up to the blondie, boobilicious, bootilicious, bodacious ta ta'ed network and sue their pants off if they don't get hired. 



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  • formerwm

    ‘blondie, boobilicious, bootilicious, bodacious ta ta’ed network’…that is the most accurate description I have ever seen for FOX News! I laughed out loud!


    Dittoes to that comment!
    BTW, I will bet a million dollars that the alleged “death-threats” this little toady received are:
    a–totally made up OR
    b–fake calls from CAIR agents to build up drama OR
    c–real calls from real Muslims outraged that this nice Muslima wd work for a soft-core-porn kaffir company.
    For me, I hope it’s “C,” and I hope they carry it out. Poetic justice!

  • gunjam

    Does this mean all those cuties are just “bints” in Murdoch-partner Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s “media harem?” (That’s right: Megyn, Michelle, and the rest!)

  • gunjam

    It’s wayyyyy past the time when Fox News could cop ignorance (wrt CAIR) as their excuse. At this point, I see Fox as an undicted co-conspirator of the unindicted co-conspirator CAIR. I used to go to their news Web site daily: Now, not so much. I recommend all patriots begin to “detox” from their appetite for Fox news. Don’t fall for their bait…. even if that bait is very attractive to the eyes.

  • jdow

    I saw the Fox News clip and have a few comments about it.
    If, and only if, what the “victim” declared about what she was told in her employment interview is true, Abercrombie & Fitch is screwed.
    She declared she was told that wearing a scarf was OK as long as it was one of three dignified colors. If that was not the corporate policy at the time, why would she have been told that. Perhaps it was the policy and this was explained to her. If she took the job under those conditions she has no case. Unless A&F got her to sign a copy of the policy document saying she’d read it, we’re into a “he said she said” realm and the results of a suit could be “annoying”.
    A&F may find themselves firing one or more sacrificial lawyers over this if she did not sign a copy of the policy document. If she did, they should be able to get CAIR and its pet lawyer for barratry.

  • shieldwall

    I agree .. the death threats are from those who don’t think she should be working there to start with (read honor killing threats). This story has been floating around awhile and CAIR just got involved to push forced dhimmitude.
    I think we’ve lost Fox News. Fox and Friends bought this hook, line, and sinker. Fox less disimilar to the rest of the MSM each day.

  • Davi – SF Muslim Examiner

    While I somewhat agree with the sentiment, it should be noted that she was not working at an A&F location, but at a Hollister location. Owned by A&F, but much more modest. Also, she worked in the stockroom, not the showroom.
    I also think it’s unlikely that the girl was a CAIR plant, because she was hired and worked there for 6 months before unexpectedly getting fired. Seems like a lot of work, especially since CAIR already had the previous case against A&F still open.
    But thanks for the clip.

  • NappieRed

    Well, it’s obvious that the Saud influence is pervasive at Fox. I can’t remember what segment I happened on the other day, but the guest started to refer to CAIR as the “unindicted co-conspirator” & I thought the host was going to swallow his tongue interrupting the guest & changing the subject.

  • Gordon MacDonald

    Anyone who wears a hi-jab for religiously mandated modesty has no business working in a place like Abercrombie & Fitch – unless its to pick a fight. Death threats? what a freaking drama queen – yes we poor jihad victims – what a load of crap.

  • AuntieMadder

    NappieRed, I wish I’d seen that because I could use the laugh. Besides, Fox News wouldn’t be number one in ratings if it weren’t for those of us who’ve watched Fox going back years before Obamao was elected. We promoted Fox News to those who hated it without reason, favoring the lefturded news sources, instead, but then suddenly found themselves with no source for actual news, sans propaganda. Since Fox repays our loyalty by siding with Islam against us and hoisting pro-Islam propaganda at us, they deserve our mocking ridicule.
    By the way, “blondie, boobilicious, bootilicious, bodacious ta ta’ed” though she may be, I’ve admired Meagyn Kelly ever since the 2008 campaign for prez, when I saw her interviewing Obamao’s campaign guy Burton (can’t remember his first name). She asked him a question, to which he responded with an unrelated talking point. So, she asked asked again and again he ignored her. She started to ask a third time and he interrupted her, speaking over her. She responded by speaking over him, telling him that he could try to avoid the question by speaking over her and she could do the same to him, but that, in the end, she’d win because she could have his mic turned off. LMAO! Understand that at that time, the Obamao campaign owned the lamestream media news and dictated all coverage of the campaign. Meagan Kelly was the first news person to refuse that ownership, at least that I’d seen. Now, I hope refuses Saudi ownership and leaves Fox.

  • PersonOfTheBook

    First of all, I find Abercrombie and Fitch highly offensive.
    Having said that, I have two questions:
    1. Why didn’t Fox and Friends ask the obvious question: “Why do you want to work in a place like A & F, if you are a devout muslim woman?”
    2. Why should A & F, or anyone else, care if this woman wants to wear her head scarf? The CAIR representative feels that A & F has an obligation to step aside and make religious accomodations for the muslim woman, but in reality, the muslim woman needs to step aside and do things the way her employer wants her to. THAT’S WHAT EMPLOYEES DO!

  • AuntieMadder

    PersonOfTheBook, the answer to your first question is: Saudi owns 7% of News Corp., parent company of Fox News. And Rupert Murdoch, who owns the majority of News Corp., has recently purchased 9% of Romadan, the Saudi “news” agency. It looks like your second question was rhetorical as you answered it yourself. :)

  • kamagra online

    It really annoys me to see people misuse the word lie. A lie is only a lie if the person telling it knows it is not true. Muslims who accuse us of misquoting, taking things out of context, are the ones playing that game. All the so-called ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ verses appear so, only when taken out of context. Muslims have made the mistake of encroaching on other people’s sensitivities so many times..