Obama Closed and Stole Republican Car Dealerships?


Remember this poor beleaguered (robbed) businessman robbed of his business by the Obama criminal gang?

A tipster over at Director Blues made a startling assertion. A cursory review by
that person showed that many of the Chrysler dealers on the closing list were heavy Republican donors.

quickly review the situation, I took all dealer owners whose names
appeared more than once in the list. And, of those who contributed to
political campaigns, every single one had donated almost exclusively to GOP candidates. While this isn't an exhaustive review, it does have some ominous implications if it can be verified.

However, I also found additional research online at Scribd (author unknown), which also appears to point to a highly partisan decision-making process.

the partial list of Chrysler dealership owners, listed below. You'll
notice that all were opponents of Barack Obama, most through
sponsorship of GOP candidates and organizations, but a handful through
Barack's Democrat rivals (Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in 2008, for
• Vernon G. Buchanan: $147,450 to GOP candidates and organizations
• Wallace D. Alley and Family: $4,500 to GOP.
• Robert Archer: $4,600 to GOP and conservative causes.
• Homer S. Higginbotham and Family: $2950 to GOP.
• James Auffenberg and Family: $28,000 to GOP; $6,000 to one Democrat candidate.
• Michael Maroone and Family: $60,000 to GOP; $8,500 to two Democrat candidates.
• Jerome Fader: $6,500 to Democrats; $2,500 to Independent Joe Lieberman.
• Stephen Fay and Family: $13,500 to GOP.
• William Numrich: $20,000 to GOP.
• Robert Carver: $10,000 to Democrats including $1,950 to Hillary Clinton, nothing to Barack Obama.

Read it all.

  • Carol

    And why aren’t Republicans hammering this to the public loud and clear non-stop?

    • jer1041

      because they don’t care…..

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