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UPDATE January 2009:
The "Atlas says that Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s love child" charge has
gone viral among leftards and lizards. The only problem with it is that
it is false. I am not the author of this post, and I posted it because
the writer did a spectacular job documenting Obama’s many connections
with the Far Left. The Malcolm X claim is one minor part of this story,
and was of interest to me principally as part of the writer’s
documentation that Stanley Ann Dunham could not have been where the
Obama camp says she was at various times. I do not believe that Barack
Obama is Malcolm X’s love child, and never did — but there remain many,
many unanswered questions about his early life and upbringing.


Apparently the Governor of Hawaii has sealed Obama's birth certificate records. Why? Why seal the records? What is Obama afraid of?

Atlas reader Rudy emailed both the University of Washington and the University of Hawaii, and they sent him back dates of enrollment.  It didn't match the dates Wikipedia had for Stanley Ann Dunham. Bob tried to update Wikipedia and his updates got deleted within minutes.  The big question is how was Ann having Barack in Honolulu in Aug 1961 AND enrolled at the U of Washington the same month?

When public record information from the University of Washington was added to Wikipedia’s biography of Stanley Ann Dunham (Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s mother), it was removed in 35 minutes the first time and 34 minutes the second time.  Read what Obama’s team of internet thugs doesn’t want you to know.


See official emails from U of Hawaii and U (see below)

I'm concerned with the unlikely dates:

Sept 26 1960  First day at U of Hawaii for Ann (Why did she start 6 weeks late?)

One month later – conception

Two months later – drops out of University of Hawaii

Three months later – married

10 months later – back in Washington attending classes at University of Washington

These are implausible dates, and may imply that Ann got pregnant in Seattle and THAT is why her family moved to Hawaii. University of Washington records place Stanley Ann Dunham in Washington State in Aug 1961 so how could she be in Honolulu 2680 miles away birthing Barack the same month.

When public record information from the University of Washington was added to Wikipedia’s biography of Stanley Ann Dunham (Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s mother), it was removed in 35 minutes the first time and 34 minutes the second time.  Read what Obama’s team of internet thugs doesn’t want you to know.


The University of Hawaii at Manoa is only able to provide the following information for Stanley Ann Dunham:

Dates of attendance:
Fall 1960 (First day of instruction 9/26/1960)
Spring 1963 – Summer 1966
Fall 1972 – Fall 1974
Summer 1976
Spring 1978
Fall 1984 – Summer 1992

Degrees awarded:
BA – Mathematics, Summer 1967 (August 6, 1967)
MA – Anthropology, Fall 1983 (December 18, 1983)
PhD – Anthropology, Summer 1992 (August 9, 1992)

Stuart Lau”

Stuart Lau
University Registrar
Office of Admissions and Records
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Ph: (808) 956-8010

And this:

Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled at the University of Washington for:
Autumn 1961
Winter 1962
Spring 1962

The records responsive to your request from the University of Washington are above as provided by the Public Disclosure Laws of Washington State.  This concludes the University’s response to your Public Records request.  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Madolyne Lawson

Office of Public Records


UPDATE: CLICK BELOW FOR ENTIRE REPORT:NEW EMAIL FROM U OF HAWAII. It verifies that Obama Sr. left the island June ’62 and received his degree in 4 years.   Nothing covert like leaving for a semester with Ann to go to Kenya to have a baby.

A SIMPLE QUESTION: Submitted by reader Rudy Schultz – St. Louis MO


As graduation neared for the class of 1960, Stanley “Ann” Dunham (Barack’s mother) had hoped to join many of her classmates at the University of Washington. She was also accepted to the University of Chicago, according to Obama's memoir, the best-selling "Dreams from My Father.", but she popped up instead at the University of Hawaii nearly 6 weeks after the start of the 1960 Fall semester. (See email from U of Hawaii at Manoa below)

In a highly unlikely scenario, she then conceived Barack Hussein Obama Jr. only one month after she started classes Sept 26th 1960.  Then, while only two months pregnant in early January 1961, Stanley “Ann” Dunham drops out of college. She then supposedly married Briarack Obama Sr. three months after conception and only four months after arriving in Hawaii. And only 10 months after first arriving in Hawaii, she is back at the University of Washington, 2680 miles away. (See email from U of Washington below).  Contrary to a massive disinformation scheme by the Obama campaign and the news media, Stanley Ann Dunham did not return to the U of Hawaii until Barack Obama Sr. left the island. 

Madelyn Dunham, Barack’s maternal grandmother, abruptly left a lucrative career in Seattle WA as VP Bank Officer in the late summer of 1960 to work in Hawaii as an hourly wage bank teller.  This afforded her time to raise Barack Hussein Obama Jr. from birth.  Madelyn reportedly did not return to her previous salaried banker management level until years later when Ann snatched Barack Jr. to go to Indonesia. 

Barack Hussein Obama Jr’s mother, Stanley “Ann” Dunham, gave a telling admission while still in Washington State as a recent high school graduate in the summer of 1960 when she told her friends: "I don’t need to date or marry to have children”. Oddly, although Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was already married with children in Kenya, Ann supposedly married him in order to legitimize her child’s birth.


Drunk on radical ideology, Stanley “Ann” Dunham became pregnant in the summer of 1960 in Seattle WA with the baby of a prominent black liberal activist. But in 1960, unmarried parents and children suffered penalties ranging from confinement in isolated maternity homes to parental rejection and community disapproval. To be “illegitimate” was to be shamed and shunned and labeled as immoral. The belief that children born out of wedlock posed significant social and public health problems was widespread.  In the case of mixed race children, perceptions of illegitimacy were compounded by legal segregation in education, housing, employment, and voting.  Recall that it wasn’t until 1965 that The National Voting Rights Act was passed to outlaw discriminatory voting practices that had been responsible for the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans.  Laws against interracial marriage and interracial sex existed in several US states and US territories until a Supreme Court decision in 1967.

With racial unrest at its peak, the Dunham’s wanted to move as far away as possible from their predominantly white conservative community to allow Ann to have her illegitimate child in relative obscurity.  So the Dunham’s abruptly moved to the new state of Hawaii (Aug of 1959) where whites were the minority and a mixed race child would be more accepted. In a 1959 interview with the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Obama Sr. described the absence of racial prejudice in Hawaii as "unique." No one, he marveled, "seems to be conscious of color." Obama Sr’s perceptions of race relations in Hawaii were that he thought it "rather strange … even rather amusing, to see Caucasians discriminated against here."

In the early 1960’s there were noticeable very few African Americans on the streets of Honolulu, and Obama Sr. was the only Black man from Africa on the island.  Ann Dunham, in an effort to legitimize her mixed race baby, would have sought out one of the only black men on the island to convince him to use his name.  And so Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was likely pressed into service as father and husband in name only.  Barack Sr. had no moral objections because to gain recognition in the Kenyan community, one needed to be polygamous. Polygamy enhanced your status, and symbolized that you were a wealthy man. Obama Sr’s name on the certificate of birth would legitimize the birth, and conceal the identity of the true father…a win-win for all parties. 

Barack Sr. was being paid by a key member of the Laubach Literacy Institute (LLI).  The LLI had links to the Nation of Islam and embraced a Pan-African styled philosophy.  Pan-Africanism is a sociopolitical world view, and philosophy, as well as a movement, which seeks to unify both native Africans and those of the African descent, as part of a "global African community”.  This separatist style philosophy was embraced by Malcolm X and the NOI and is still being preached at Trinity Church in Chicago famously by former leader Rev. Wright (Obama Jr’s pastor for 20 years).  LLI’s even more ambitious goal was to make the concept of sovereign nations with borders obsolete. This would be done through “peaceful social change” as stated on their website. 

Ann Dunham’s mortified family was determined to give their wayward daughter a second chance to find a normal life by raising Barack Hussein Obama Jr. for her, and allowing her to return to her collegiate life.  Immediately upon her child’s birth supposedly in August of 1961, Ann left her supposed new husband and only days old Barack Hussein Obama Jr. behind in Hawaii to be raised by his grandmother. Ann flew back to Washington State to help stir the anti-establishment cauldron of socialists, communists, civil rights and self defense organizations including the Nation of Islam, and the Black Panther Party, which were boiling over in Seattle…and possibly visit the baby’s real father.  She started classes at the U of Washington in Aug 1961, the same month she supposedly had Barack Hussein Obama Jr. in Honolulu. This explains why none of Barrack Hussein Obama Sr.’s friends from Hawaii remember Ann or Barrack Obama Jr.  When Obama Sr. left Hawaii in 1962, he never mentioned Ann Dunham or Barack Hussein Obama Jr. to even his closest friends. Obama Jr. has never produced records of his supposed parent’s marriage or divorce most likely because they don’t exist.



Barack Hussein Obama     Sr                    Barack Hussein Obama Jr.                      Malcolm X

Ht: Approx. 5’-10”                                            Ht: Approx. 6’-2”                                                      Ht: Approx. 6’-3”
New York / Chicago

1925: Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska.  By the time he was 13, his father had died and his mother had been committed to a mental hospital. After living in a series of foster homes, Malcolm X became involved in the criminal underworld in Boston and New York. In 1945, Malcolm X was sentenced to eight to ten years in prison. After his release from prison in 1952, Little visited Elijah Muhammad, the leader of the Nation of Islam, in Chicago, Illinois.  Kenya

1930: Tom Mboya was born about Aug. 15, 1930, at Kilima Mbogu, near Nairobi Kenya, where his father, a Luo tribesman from Rusinga Island in Lake Victoria, was employed on a European sisal estate.

Barack Hussein Obama Sr.Baracksnr3

1936: Barack Hussein Obama (Sr.) was born in 1936 on the shores of Lake Victoria in Nyang’oma Kogelo, Siaya District, Kenya. 


1942: Stanley Ann Dunham (Barack Obama’s mother) was born in Fort Leavenworth KS New York

1935: Dr. Frank Laubach, an American missionary saw poverty, injustice and illiteracy as impediments to world peace. He developed the "Each One Teach One" literacy program. Dr. Laubach also demonstrated that literacy is an effective means for positive community mobilization and change.

1951: LAUBACH, FRANK C. “Wake Up Or Blow Up: America: Lift the World Or Lose It!” New York, Fleming H. Revell,. 

1955: Frank Charles Laubach founded  “Laubach Literacy International” (LLI) which was headquartered in New York State and serving Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean The objectives of LLI were to form partnerships for literacy, community development and peaceful social change.   Dr. Laubach felt that World peace is a future ideal of freedom, peace and happiness among and within all nations.  “The realization of world peace may also make the idea of individual nations obsolete.LLI’s stated goal is identical to Marxism, which states that communism is the final stage in human society and is both classless and stateless.

The LLI was formed during an era when states required voters to meet minimum qualifications, such as passing literacy tests, in order to register to vote: a principal means by which southern states had prevented African-Americans from voting (to disenfranchise voters).  Frank Laubach and Elijah Mohammed of the Nation of Islam both felt that minorities must learn to read to realize their goal of Pan-African social change. It is widely known that Malcolm Little (later Malcolm X), introduced to Nation of Islam (NOI) philosophy while in prison, spent his days memorizing the dictionary.  In the context of illiterate blacks not being allowed to vote, LLI, NOI and Kenya became linked by their common goal to empower blacks to enact social change through literacy and advanced education.

Laubach Literacy International (LLI) and Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc. (LVA) merged to form ProLiteracy Worldwide in August 2002 and counts Bill Gates (Obama supporter) as a principal financial backer.


1955: Madelyn and Stanley Dunham (Barack’s maternal grandparents) moved to Seattle, Washington where Stanley Dunham worked at the downtown Standard-Grunbaum Furniture store.


Right-to-left: Madelyn Payne Dunham and Stanley Armour Dunham with their daughter Ann Dunham

1956:  They moved to Mercer Island so that 13-year old Ann could attend the high school that had just opened, Mercer Island was then "a rural, idyllic place," quiet, and politically conservative. As a suburb, Mercer Island was still in its infancy. The 1950 census counted about 5,000 people, almost all white, but Mercer Island High School was a hotbed of radical indoctrination with ties to the Communist Party. Some parents protested the school’s politics, but not the Dunhams. They had abandoned their conservative religious ties and began attending a Unitarian church which the locals called ‘the little Red church on the hill.’

Mercer Island High School was a hotbed of pro-Marxist radical teachers. John Stenhouse, board member, told the House Un-American Activities Subcommittee that he had been a member of the Communist Party USA and this school has a number of Marxists on its staff. Two teachers at this school, Val Foubert and Jim Wichterman, both Frankfurt School style Marxists, taught a critical theory curriculum to students which included; rejection of societal norms and questioning authority, attacks on Christianity, the traditional family, and assigned readings by Karl Marx. The hallway between Foubert’s and Wichterman classrooms were called ‘anarchy ally.’

Barack Obama Jr’s mom, Stanley “Ann” Dunham took the lessons to heart.  Dunham has been described by her friends as ‘a fellow traveler’ meaning ‘a communist sympathizer.’  Stanley “Ann” Dunham thrived in the environment, Wichterman said. "As much as a high-school student can, she'd question anything: What's so good about democracy? What's so good about capitalism? What's wrong with communism? What's good about communism?" Wichterman said. "She had what I call an inquiring mind."


Stanley “Ann” Dunham’s High School Sophomore Photo 1958

1959/1960:  Malcolm X’s candid and often irreverent political views made him the most interviewed African-American leader by the press and the second-most sought-after college speaker.  Malcolm X made many trips to the West Coast to speak at colleges like UC Berkeley and U Washington.

As graduation neared for the class of 1960, Dunham had hoped to join many of her classmates at the University of Washington, and she was also accepted to the University of Chicago, according to Obama's memoir, the best-selling "Dreams from My Father."

Kenya to Hawaii

1959 Malcolm X travels to Middle East and Africa including Kenya.  Malcolm X meets with Jomo Kenyatta (recently released from prison following his conviction on leading the Mau Mau Rebellion), Tom Mboya, and may have met Barack Hussein Obama Sr, who was Mboya’s close confident and fellow Luo tribesman both from Lake Victoria.

Due to a program offering Western educational opportunities to outstanding Kenyan students that was organized by nationalist leader Tom Mboya,  Obama Sr. was awarded a scholarship in economics, and at the age of 23 (1959) he enrolled at the University of Hawaii. Initial financial supporters of the program included Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Jackie Robinson, and Elizabeth Mooney Kirk, a literacy advocate who provided most of the financial support for Obama Senior's early years in the United States.  Elizabeth Mooney Kirk worked in Kenya and in concert with Jomo Kenyatta and Tom Mboya.  Kirk and  Malcolm X, both New Yorkers, would have certainly met in Kenya.  Kirk co-authored many books with Frank Charles Laubach, founder of LLI.

Aside: Contrary to Obama's claims in speeches in January at American University and in Selma last year, the Kennedy family did not provide the funding for a September 1959 airlift of 81 Kenyan students to the United States that included Obama's father


1960: Purportedly, Ann Dunham became pregnant approx. Nov 1st, 1960 while still 17 years old.  While only 3 months pregnant, on February 2, 1961, Obama purportedly married a fellow student in , Hawaii. Their son, Barack Obama II, was purportedly born on August 4, 1961. Records from the U of Hawaii and U of Washington make these dates very unlikely.

“The University of Hawaii at Manoa is only able to provide the following information for Stanley Ann Dunham:

Dates of attendance:
Fall 1960 (First day of instruction 9/26/1960)
Spring 1963 – Summer 1966
Fall 1972 – Fall 1974

Spring 1978
Fall 1984 – Summer 1992

Degrees awarded:
BA – Mathematics, Summer 1967 (August 6, 1967)
MA – Anthropology, Fall 1983 (December 18, 1983)
PhD – Anthropology, Summer 1992 (August 9, 1992)

Stuart Lau”

Stuart Lau
University Registrar
Office of Admissions and Records
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Ph: (808) 956-8010

Members of the snack bar crowd at University of Hawaii don’t remember the Obama-Dunham relationship. Hal Abercrombie said he never saw them together. Pake Zane could not recall Ann from those days but had precise memories of Obama.

August of 1961:  The same month that Obama Jr’s birth certificate says he was born in Hawaii, the University of Washington shows his mom Stanley “Ann” Dunham attending classes in Seattle nearly 2680 miles away from Honolulu. She was enrolled in the UW and lived in an apartment on Capitol Hill.  This explains why Obama Sr’s friends in Hawaii don’t remember her.

Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled at the University of Washington for:

Autumn 1961
Winter 1962
Spring 1962

The records responsive to your request from the University of Washington are above as provided by the Public Disclosure Laws of Washington State.  This concludes the University’s response to your Public Records request.  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Madolyne Lawson
Office of Public Records

LLI’s Elizabeth Mooney Kirk wrote to Tom Mboya in May 1962 to request additional funds to "sponsor Barack Obama for graduate study, preferably at Harvard." She said she would "like to do more" to assist the young man but had two stepchildren ready for college. Kirk’s letter worked and Obama Sr. was offered a scholarship (from Tom Mboya in Kenya) to pursue a doctorate at Harvard.   Obama Sr. graduated from the University of Hawaii with honors in June 1962.  A story in the Star-Bulletin on the day he left, June 22 1962, said Obama planned a several-weeks grand tour of mainland universities before he arrived at Harvard to study economics on a graduate faculty fellowship. The story did not mention that he had a wife and an infant son.   Obama arrived in Cambridge on a brisk fall day in 1962, not returning to Hawaii until Dec 1971.


Stanley “Ann” Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Stanley “Ann” Dunham returned to Hawaii after Barack Hussein Obama Sr. left the island, and resumed her study of Mathematics in the Spring of 1963 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

1965: On his return to Kenya, Obama Sr. was hired by an US oil company and then served as an economist in the Ministry of Transportation, and later became senior economist in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance. The mass airlifts of Kenyan students to the United States had a "huge" impact on the young African nation, which gained its independence from Britain in 1963.  A University of Nairobi study showed that 70 percent of top Kenyan officials after independence, including Obama Sr., were products of the American program. LLI was proud of their part in this social change.

Barack Hussein Obama Sr’s trip to Honolulu in Dec 1971 was bracketed by two trips that Obama's old snack bar friends from the University of Hawaii made to see him in Kenya. Late in 1968, Neil Abercrombie and Pake Zane traveled through Nairobi on a year-long backpacking trip around the world and stayed with Obama for several days before they made their way on to the port city of Mombasa and to India. No mention was made of Stanley “Ann” Dunham or Barack Hussein Obama Jr.  Neil Abercrombie is now Hawaii State’s 1st district Representative in the US Congress. He is a member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who until 1999, worked in open partnership with Democratic Socialists of America.  Pake Zane runs a store called Antique Alley in Hawaii. Although in the 1960’s Hawaii offered a diverse cultural mix, native Hawaiian Pake Zane recalls that “He (Obama Sr.) was the first real black man I ever met”.


Neil_abercrombie Neil Abercrombie  Pake_zane_2 Pake Zane

The sad truth for Barack Hussein Obama Jr, is that Obama Sr didn’t return to Hawaii in December 1971 to see his son, but rather to go party with his friends Neil and Pake.  That is why there aren’t any pictures of Obama Jr. with his dad as an infant, nor are there any pictures of the Dunham grandparents and Obama Sr. Sadly the only picture from when Obama Jr’s dad returned to Hawaii is at the airport while Obama Sr. waited for his luggage. 

Obama_family1 Obama_family2

Stanley “Ann” Dunham was absolutely determined to continue the charade.  Ann and Barack Jr. took turns taking pictures of themselves with Obama Sr.


UPDATE: a note from the author Rudy Schultz

It is amazing that Liberals sleep through Obama’s long history of relationships with:

1 – The 115 Sangamon gang he shared offices with for years including terrorist Bill Ayers, Communist Michael Klonsky,  and anarchist Bernadine Dohrn.

2 – His friends from the Hyde Park neighborhood  including Carol Moseley Braun and her Nigeria dictator friend Sani Abacha,  Antoin 'Tony' Rezko – Syrian-American mobster convicted of several crimes,  who laundered money through a law firm by paying Michelle Obama an insane CEO-like salary, Jeremiah Wright, former Muslim and still radical, Louis Farrakhan of the NOI, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, and Rashid Khalidi, radical PLO activist, and Jesse Jackson the spawn of the Fannie Mae meltdown (doesn’t sound like Mister Rodgers neighborhood)

3 – His mentors Khalid Al-Monsour, a Saudi businessman representing OPEC who financed Obama’s Harvard education  (ever wonder why Obama wants to hammer only USA based oil companies?), and Raila Odingo, a radical Muslim whose followers committed mass murder of Christians and who Barack Obama campaigned for in Kenya.   

Amazing the Liberals were still sleeping…

BUT those same liberals wake up and go nuts when an author uses an allegorical tool implying a salacious titillating teaser.  While Malcolm X may not be Obama’s biological father, Malcolm X is demonstrably Barack Hussein Obama’s philosophical father, and the lineage is undeniable!  Obama Jr. was sired in the social soup stirred by Malcolm X.  Now read the whole article and really WAKE UP.

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    Anyone who reads this can only say, God what are the democrats doing to this nation? The quest for more and more power has destroyed many a nation and the democrats will destroy this one in their quest for personal power and themselves along with it.

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    And what is a Republican Governor, Linda Lingle, doing helping them? Disgusting.

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    Wow. The willful blindness of the leftist lemmings in this country will never cease to astound me.
    Outstanding job, maam.

  • flyingsongster

    If Stanley Ann was in Washington, would that lend credence to a Canadian Birth, as discussed on this site. This is an old rumor but thought I you might want to see it.

  • Pamela Geller

    I wouldn’t be surprised — it’s all speculation.
    Can we just see the birth certificate please?
    This is insane.

  • Andrew

    I edit at Wikipedia. You stay on this birth business, and don’t stop until we get answers. Thank you.

  • Andrew

    By the way, check out this October 21 article: “Putting One of Our Own in (or Near) the White House”, Seattle Weekly. It says that she left her baby in Hawaii when she moved to Seattly. “But she returned to live in Seattle around 1962, after Barack was born in August 1961, leaving her husband, Kenya-born Barack Sr., and his newborn namesake in Hawaii. She lived on Capitol Hill and enrolled at the University of Washington.”
    We really need to see the long-form birth certificate from Hawaii. If it was a home birth or something like that, then I would bet serious money that the birth actually occurred far away from Hawaii. This is all so silly, that it might actually turn out to be true.

  • SBD

    Here are a couple more organizations and grant money to add to your list!!
    Chicago Tribune
    October 28, 1985 Monday, NATIONAL EDITION
    LENGTH: 223 words

    The Campaign for Human Development, a nationwide Roman Catholic antipoverty program, has awarded $185,000 in grants to six Chicago self-help neighborhood groups.
    The six are Bethel New Life Inc., $35,000; the Calumet Community Religious Conference, $40,000; Action Coalition of Englewood, $35,000; Comite Latino, $25,000; the Institute of Social Justice/Chicago ACORN, $25,000; and the Voice of the People in Uptown Inc., $25,000.
    Barack Obama who works with the Calumet Community Religious Conference, said its grant will be used to assess skills of unemployed workers and to aid
    them in finding jobs.
    Chicago Tribune
    July 11, 1990, Wednesday, NORTH SPORTS FINAL EDITION
    LENGTH: 393 words
    HEADLINE: Survey: Law firms slow to add minority partners
    BYLINE: By Louis Aguilar

    The biggest flaw in minority hiring is that elite firms only recruit at schools that minority students largely can’t afford to attend, said Barack Obama, a summer associate at Hopkins & Sutter in Chicago, one of the firms included in
    the survey.
    Obama is a second-year Harvard Law School student and editor of the Harvard Law Review.
    Crain’s Chicago Business
    July 12, 1993
    LENGTH: 45 words

    * Public Allies: Michelle Obama, 29, to regional director from assistant commissioner of the city’s Department of Planning and Development.
    1994 Chicago Tribune Company
    Chicago Tribune
    April 29, 1994 Friday, NORTH SPORTS FINAL EDITION
    LENGTH: 622 words
    BYLINE: By Eric Krol, Tribune Staff Writer.

    Brown is taking part in Public Allies, one of 15 pilot programs throughout the country serving as a model for President Clinton’s national service plan. The measure, dubbed the Americorps program, will allow college-age youths to do community service in return for a grant to pay for school or pay off student loans.
    Clinton signed the plan last October, even though it fell considerably short of his campaign pledge of a college education for every student in return for community service upon graduation.
    Public Allies Director Michelle Obama said this is exactly what the program is supposed to be doing.
    “The underlying goal of the program is to make sure (participants) are predisposed to service,” said Obama, a Harvard-trained lawyer who said she came to the group because the world of corporate law left a void in her life.
    Chicago Sun-Times
    November 28, 1994, MONDAY, Late Sports Final Edition

    The Joyce Foundation named Barack Obama of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland a director.
    October 13, 1996, SUNDAY, Late Sports Final Edition
    LENGTH: 393 words
    HEADLINE: Lessons in volunteerism;
    U. of C. students give time to help neighborhood
    SOURCE: John H. White

    Michelle Obama, a former assistant to Mayor Daley, became UCSC director and associate dean of student services last month.

  • SBD

    From Baghdad to Chicago: Rezko and the Auchi empire
    JOHN A. SHAW (Opinion: former senior official of US Defense, State, and Commerce departments)
    October 10, 2008
    Barack Obama has been appropriately strident in his condemnation of the mortgage-based financial corruption which nearly led to the collapse of the investment banking system in the United States. But there are some strong smelling financial skeletons in his own closet. Obama has his own personal housing crisis that is tied not into Fanny Mae, but into a corrupt international financial combine headed by Nadhmi Auchi, the convicted Iraqi billionaire at the center of the Elf Aquitaine corruption trial in France. Auchi has been shown to be the fountainhead of a source of corruption flowing from Iraq, to France, Italy, and the United States. His financial network, under a Luxembourg company called General Mediterranean Holdings, spread from Baghdad and the Middle East to Paris, (where Auchi successfully posited Saddam’s UN Oil for Food scheme), London, Washington, and Chicago, making very few ripples and raising no concerns.
    Rezko had identified Obama as a good political target before he graduated from Harvard Law School. He was both the source of Obama’s employment and of his largest political donations during his short political career. Rezko had no financial source apart from Auchi, his partner of over a decade. Rezko was also the source of the financing for Obama’s $2.3 million mansion despite his having no clear source of funding apart from Auchi. What did he get from Obama in return?
    But his underwriting of the purchase of Obama’s multimillion dollar Chicago mansion may have been the step too far which finally brought down Auchi’s grand scheme of empire and intrigue. It was, however, cheap at the price to buy a putative United States Senator. Nothing boneheaded about that decision at all. What is a candidate worth? This was Chicago, after all. On the other hand, however, if Barack Obama becomes President of the United States, the sky may be the limit for Nadhmi Auchi.
    John A. Shaw is a former senior official of the Defense, State, and Commerce departments, and served on several White House staffs. He is a specialist in international technology transfer and arms sales, and in the economic development of the Middle East.

  • Aussie News

    If the election of the UN’s Boy,aka.Barry Obama, to the Presidency of the United States is successful,Obama’s election will facilitate the UN’s Islams objective of the destruction of the Judeo / Christian Western World.
    As an Australian I am scared shitless at this prospect, for me it means the worlds most powerful military force will be in the hands of someone who stands for everything my country,Australia’s nearest enemy and the worlds largest Islamic population,Indonesia,also stands for.
    I live in a nation some 9/10s the size of the USA, inhabited by less than the population of Florida, with over 30% of the worlds Uranium and 100’s of years supply of coal, Iron ore Gold and numerous other resources that the followers of the “Religion of Peace” aka. Godless savages in Indonesia,and throughout the middle east and their pals at the UN would like to get their hands on.
    If the USA falls into Islamic / UN hands at the upcoming Presidential election 21.250 million Australians will disappear overnight,the other .250 million will be dancing in the streets just like they did on 911, celebrating the mass murder of 11 Australians and some 2900 Americans and other nationalities.
    America this election is not about Democrat or Republican it is about the survival of the UNITED STATES & THE WESTERN WORLD and all that encompases.
    Since November 7 2007 I have lived under a UN Islamic friendly federal and state government and let me tell you it ain’t pretty.

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    …. where did they dance in the streets celebrating the mass murders of 11 Australians and some 2900 Americans and other nationalities?
    In Sydney’s occupied territories of course, the south western suburbs of Sydney populated by middle eastern “immigrants” brought into my country by the socialist Labor governments of Hawke and Keating specifically for the purpose of ensuring that the Labor party would have as safe seats the electorates these vermin settled in.
    Sydney Australia has now has,thanks to the Australian Labor Party NO GO Zones so if you are NOT a Muslim your right to pass through or habitat, these areas is no longer pratically possible. Islamic colonisation by stealth, facilitated by the Australian Labor Party under the guise of “Multiculturalism” “cultural diversity” “tolerance” “Australia’s United Nations obligations”
    Australia is now a nation of tribes dominated by a hateful savage thug minority of Multiculturalists led by the leaders of the “Religion of Peace” and their apologists on the left who’s HATE for their host country they enunciate on a daily basis via public broadcasters and the main stream media.
    Australia’s Prime Minister,Mr Kevin Rudd has promised to bring into Australia and extra one million immigrants before 2010 with preference to those who cannot speak English and are UNSKILLED.
    Mr Rudd and his party, the ALP,are staunch supporters of Islam aka cultural diversity,China, Moscow,Hugo Chavez and surprise surprise Barack Obama.
    Mr Rudd was elected with the assistance of Chinese Government officials who were dispatched into areas of Sydney with high Chinese populations in order to council them on how to vote “correctly” in other words how to vote for the ALP or Beijing’s “approved” political party.
    One Million for Australia how many for the USA ?
    Rudds Nephew
    Comments received: ALP president behind Chavez visit
    February 13, 2007 – 6:19PM
    Labor’s national president and a lineup of Greens politicians are behind a push to bring the world’s most outspoken socialist leader and virulent US critic to Australia.
    In parliament on Tuesday, Treasurer Peter Costello produced a copy of an online invitation which calls on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to visit Australia.
    The invitation, from a group called the Australia Venezuela Solidarity Network, lists ALP national president Warren Mundine and Labor senator Gavin Marshall among its signatories.
    “We have watched developments in Venezuela with great interest. We have been impressed by the great effort that your government has taken to improve the living standards of the majority of Venezuelans,” the invitation states.
    “Although we are on the opposite side of the globe, we feel that our shared ideals of social justice and democracy bring us close together … what Venezuela has been able to achieve in so little time will be a source of inspiration and ideas for many in Australia.”
    Other signatories include NSW Greens politicians Lee Rhiannon and Sylvia Hale, Greens senator Kerry Nettle, Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja, journalist John Pilger, broadcaster Phillip Adams, Muslim community figure Keysar Trad, and a host of union leaders.
    Mr Chavez has recently held meetings with Cuba’s Fidel Castro and Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, using both occasions to criticise US imperialism and foreign policy.
    In a speech to the United Nations last year, Mr Chavez famously labelled US President George Bush “the devil”.
    Mr Costello said Venezuela’s inflation rate of 18 per cent was among the highest in the world, and yet the invitation praised what Mr Chavez had done for the country’s living standards.
    He called on Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd to discipline Labor’s signatories to the letter.
    “I would have thought that the leader of the opposition, who is so concerned about the US alliance, wouldn’t have his own senators inviting to this country a man who called the US president a genocidal killer and who went to the UN General Assembly and called the President of the United States the devil,” Mr Costello said.
    “Now that we’re all into the business of protecting the alliance … we will be looking forward to the leader of the opposition disciplining Warren Mundine, disciplining his own senator Gavin Marshall, and explaining to us what the president of Venezuela could advise us on how to improve Brutopia here in Australia.”

  • I_am_me

    If Hussein was born in the US, even if he took citizenship in another country, and regardless of what the law in the US and that other country are, Hussein will unfortunately still be eligible to be POTUS.
    The Supreme Court ruled when Rabbi Meir Kahane challenged the revocation of his US citizenship that the only way US citizenship can be taken away from an individual who is a citizen by birth is if that individual renounces his citizenship.
    Unfortunately, the only way Hussein can be determined to be ineligible to be POTUS is if it can be proven in court by someone who has standing that Hussein was not born in the US.

  • flyingsongster

    Further reading…on the Canadian Issue…seems to have been debunked…..
    I will keep searching

  • pinto

    Can anyone please identify the man in photo #4??!!

  • Anonymous

    It seems we have a grand farce developing here: “The Nativity Story of the Messiah Becomes the Theater of the Absurd,” narrated by Barrack Hussein Obama, written by Bill Ayers, produced and directed by David Axelrod productions, and endlessly adapted and spun by the major media into a tangled mass of incoherent contradictions.

    A brief preview:

    Act I, Scene 1, Take 1 : From original screenplay (Pgs 9-10) Dreams from My Father (DFMF), (cue Overture from Handel’s Messiah):

    “…the young couple married, and she bore them a son, to whom he bequeathed his name. He won another scholarship — this time to pursue his Ph.D. at Harvard — but not the money to take his new family with him. A separation occurred, and he returned to Africa to fulfill his promise to the continent. The mother and child stayed behind, but the bond of love survived the distances….”

    Act 1, Scene 1, Take 2: From original screenplay (Pg 126) DFMF,  (cue BB King, The Thrill is Gone) :

    “When your father graduated from UH, he received two scholarship offers. One was to the New School, here in New York. The other one was to Harvard. The New School agreed to pay for everything-room and board, a job on campus, enough to support all three of us. Harvard just agreed to pay tuition. But Barack was such a stubborn bastard, he had to go to Harvard. How can I refuse the best education? he told me. That’s all he could think about, proving that he was the best….”

    Meanwhile, in an alternate universe:

    The Puget Sound Business Journal, in January 2008, quotes Stanley Ann Dunham’s HS friend, Susan Blake of Mercer Island:

    Blake recalls keeping in touch by mail. “She said she was in love with an African exchange student from Kenya, and in spring wrote to say she was marrying him, (the senior) Barack Obama.One day, after ‘Barry’ was born, she came for an afternoon, (on her way from Hawaii to join her husband at Harvard.)” Blake remembers “the infant. He was sweet and pink and very new.” The two talked and cuddled the baby. “And I changed Barack Obama’s diapers.”

    In April 2008, Time Magazine reports:

    On Feb. 2, 1961, several months after they met, Obama’s parents got married in Maui, according to divorce records. It was a Thursday. At that point, Ann was three months pregnant with Barack Obama II. Friends did not learn of the wedding until afterward. “Nobody was invited,” says Abercrombie. The motivations behind the marriage remain a mystery, even to Obama. “I never probed my mother about the details. Did they decide to get married because she was already pregnant? Or did he propose to her in the traditional, formal way?” Obama wonders. “I suppose, had she not passed away, I would have asked more.”

    (Director’s Note: There’s a problem here, folks.  The first day of spring in the northern hemisphere is determined by the vernal equinox, and never occurs earlier than toward the end of March. February 2 ain’t spring — anywhere in the US. Re-write this for the inaugural feature film, stat!)

    (Marginal note: Emphasize how truly sad it was that Barry had so little time to ask his mother more about her “marriage” to Barack Obama — a mere 34 years is but the blinking of an eye…)

    Act 1, Scene 2, Take 1: From original screenplay (Pg 22) DFMF,  (cue Stevie Wonder, Ebony and Ivory) :

    “The whole thing seems so fragile in retrospect, so haphazard. And perhaps that’s how my grandparents intended it to be, a trial that would pass, just a matter of time, so long as they maintained a stiff upper lip and didn’t do anything drastic.

    If so, they miscalculated not only my mother’s quiet determination but also the sway of their own emotions. First the baby arrived, eight pounds, two ounces, with ten toes and ten fingers and hungry for food. What in the heck were they supposed to do?

    Then time and place began to conspire, transforming potential misfortune into something tolerable, even a source of pride. Sharing a few beers with my father, Gramps might listen to his new son-in-law sound off about politics or the economy about far-off places like Whitehall or the Kremlin, and imagine himself seeing into the future. He would begin to read the newspapers more carefully, finding early reports of America’s newfound integrationist creed, and decide in his mind that the world was shrinking, sympathies changing; that the family from Wichita had in fact moved to the forefront of Kennedy’s New Frontier and Dr. King’s magnificent dream. How could America send men into space and still keep its black citizens in bondage? One of my earliest memories is of sitting on my grandfather’s shoulders as the astronauts from one of the Apollo missions arrived at Hickam Air Force Base after a successful splashdown. I remember the astronauts, in aviator glasses, as being far away, barely visible through the portal of an isolation chamber. But Gramps would always swear that one of the astronauts waved just at me and that I waved back. It was part of the story he told himself. With his black son-in-law and his brown grandson, Gramps had entered the space age.”

    Meanwhile, on planet pseudo-journalism…

    The Seattle Times pokes a little hole in this heartwarming story of family unity in April, 2008:

    The marriage was brief. By 1962, Dunham had returned to Seattle as a single mother, enrolling in the University of Washington for spring quarter and living in an apartment on Capitol Hill. But friends said she got overwhelmed and returned to her family in Hawai’i, and formally divorced Obama Sr. in 1964.

    Six months later, on October 22, 2008, the Seattle Weekly, widens the gap:

    “…Obama’s mother, whose parents Madelyn and Stanley Dunham had moved here from Kansas a decade earlier, left Mercer Island in 1960. But she returned to live in Seattle around 1962, after Barack was born in August 1961, leaving her husband, Kenya-born Barack Sr., and his newborn namesake in Hawaii. She lived on Capitol Hill and enrolled at the University of Washington.

    According to various news reports and Obama’s biography, when Stanley Ann (her father wanted a son) returned to Hawaii after a half-year or so, she and Barack Sr. had already grown apart, and eventually split (the father died in 1982).”

    And from that faded land of public records which has become but a dim glimmer in the collective memory of the media (having since been replaced by instant unethical access to government databases through partisan operatives masquerading as officials charged to uphold the public trust):

    The University of Washington digs it much deeper with a response to a public records request from an atlasshrugs blog reader this week:

    Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was enrolled at the University of Washington for:

    Autumn 1961

    Winter 1962

    Spring 1962

    The records responsive to your request from the University of Washington are above as provided by the Public Disclosure Laws of Washington State.  This concludes the University’s response to your Public Records request.  Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns….

    (Director’s Note: WTH? Apollo astronauts? One of his earliest memories? Didn’t the manned flights begin in the ’60’s? – yeah, here it is — ’68. He was in Indonesia, dammit! So he came back, when? in ’71, so maybe he means what? Apollo 15? And that’s one of his earliest memories – at ten years old? A fat kid that old sitting on his grandfather’s shoulders? Is this Ayers’ idea of a joke? Cut this crap, now!!!)


    For the exciting and surprising resolution of these and dozens of other biographical conundrums too numerous, puzzling and obvious for the media to care about, be sure to watch for the exciting 57-state premiere of the epic, history-making, breathtaking, awe-inspiring saga of “I AM BARACK” on inauguration day, January 22, 2009!

    Or not.

    (Director’s Note: Ya know, if this doesn’t work out, we could always rework it into a musical….)

  • SlimGuy

    The Hawaiian Governor is taking the proper action that is prudent. She has an open case pending about access to the documents in her state as well as at least other state actions pending.
    She is taking extra precautions to ensure that the primary evidence does not get tampered with.

  • MrsChiefEngineer

    I have been researching this since June and Sept.30th I followed a link to an excerpt to yet another Obama book which mentioned that Ann Dunham registered to take extension courses at UW in August 1961. Since then I have tried to find a “Polk’s Seattle City Directory” for the years 1961 and 1962 to see if her name was listed but was unable to find anything online. See my comment at FreeRepublic Sept.30th:
    To: Fred Nerks; LucyT; David; pissant
    OMG you have to read this!!!!!!!!!Ann participated in UW extension courses in August, 1961 and according to this she was staying with a friend of her mother in the area when she made the August, 1961 visit to Mercer Island!!!!!!!!
    5,911 posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 02:20:14 PM by Chief Engineer

  • catnurse

    Is there an attorney out there? Can I/we take any kind of action against the alphabet soup media for not doing their job? Eveyone know that they are fully aware of many of these issues.

  • john jay

    pamela, friends:
    …. my goodness. look at the photo’s. the mouth, the set and shape of the lips, the jaw line, … , the expressions.
    malcom x. barrack hussein obama, jr.
    could it be? my goodness, what is on that birth certificate?
    john jay

  • john jay

    … the pictures, with barrack obama, jr., then malcom x, and then barrack obama, sr. on the right hand side.
    goodness, the lips and mouth of malcom x and obama, and the jaw lines, almost capable of superimposition and remaining the same. obama, jr. looks nothing like obama, sr., … , but he sure as hell looks a whole lot like malcom x.
    i think maybe this the monster blog post of 2008.
    those pictures. what tales do they tell? what is on that birth certificate?

  • Michael Patrick Leahy

    Much of what you report here is correct and very good.
    Some is incorrect.
    Correction 1:
    The Corsi report that on October 26 Governor Lingle of Hawaii but “Barack Obama’s original birth certificate under seal” is incorrect.
    IF it exists, it is in the same vault as all other original birth certificates held by the State of Hawaii Department of Health, either in hard copy or microfiche form.
    Correction 2:
    Barack Obama Jr. and his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham were both seen by Stanley Ann’s high school classmates Susan Blake and Maxine Box in Mercer Island, Washington during the last week of August, 1961 and first week of September, 1961.
    Barack Jr. was three weeks old.
    It is possible that Barack Obama Jr. was born someplace other than the state of Washington August 4, but was still physically in the state of Washington the last week of August 1961. I don’t know if he was born in Hawaii or Kenya or Canada, but Obama cannot prove he was born in Hawaii.
    Correction 3:
    Stanley Ann Dunham enrolled in extension courses, not full time regular courses, at the University of Washington for the Fall Quarter of 1961 and the winter Quarter of 1962. She was enrolled full time in the Spring Quarter of 1962.
    It would have been physically possible for her to give birth to Barack on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii or Kenya or Canada, arrived in the state of Washington the last week of August, 1961, and enrolled in extension courses for the Fall Quarter of 1961 at the University of Washington.
    I don’t know where she resided from September 1961 to March 1962, but I can confirm from March 1962 on until possibly as late as Spring 1963 she resided in an apartment in Seattle, Washington with her baby son Barack Obama Jr. I have confirmed this directly with her high school classmate Barbara Cannon Rusk.
    For more details and the latest on my book, What Does Barack Obama Believe? go to my website:

  • RJHiggins

    You’re all right, Barack and the Democrats want to take over the world! Turn it into an Islam superpower! Wipe Israel off the face of the earth!
    There’s only one hope for you: move to Alaska with Sarah Palin and secede from the union! It’s your only hope for survival!

  • metasailor

    Pam, I wish to speak to you now in all seriousness.
    You need help.
    You are pursuing a fictional vendetta of some sort, that Barack Obama is in some way some kind of hidden evil bad person. You are out of touch with reality in many ways. Not the least of which is, that even if Barack Obama was somehow related to Malcolm X: this would make him somehow as “bad” as Malcolm X?
    I mean, even if all this unlikely nonsense WAS true – do you think that black radicalness is genetic or something????
    I’m serious. I don’t know if other posters are true, and you have a drinking problem. Maybe this isn’t the way of whatever you do for a living. Maybe THIS is what you do for a living – if so, God bless you and may you continue to be creative for a living.
    But this is straight off the cliff. If you believe this, then you really shuold check in with someone else you know, someone you trust, and sincerely ask them if THEY think you are in touch with reality.

  • CCFK

    This may be one of the funniest things I have read in a long time. Bravo!

  • Tiparillo

    John McCain is obviously the son of Mr. Quincy Magoo. I mean look at the pictures, the mouth, the squinty eyes, the bald head, the incoherent mumbling . My god, what is on that birth certificate?

  • metasailor

    I also would like you all to know that I’m collecting predictions.
    “If the election of the UN’s Boy,aka.Barry Obama, to the Presidency of the United States is successful,Obama’s election will facilitate the UN’s Islams objective of the destruction of the Judeo / Christian Western World.”
    So if Obama *doesn’t* do this, you’ll admit you’re wrong, correct?

  • JimBimbo

    I’m confused. Is Barack Obama the son of Malcom X, or is he the son of Malcom, from Planet X? The future of the world turns on the answer!

  • ChenZhen

    Olbermann just gave you a “worst person” nod for this one.
    Congrats, I guess.

  • The Big Al

    Barack Obama is the one candidate left in the race who will do the most good for the greatest number of Americans. It’s racist to say that a sketchy resemblance to somebody means he’s related to that person. You look like a number of better-known women; does that mean they gave you birth? Nope.
    Meanwhile, maybe you can help John mcCain find Joe the plumber, who seems to be lost in action. It’s very, very sad; maybe Joe, on behalf of McCain, was giving even more money to Khalidi, since McCain has already given him 448,000 dollars!

  • chico

    Okay guys, I am only going to post this once so listen up.
    We now know just how deep this whole thing goes. Obama is as dirty as they come and thanks to Pam and her friends we’ve got the goods to prove it.
    BUT! Now that we know just how powerful and forceful these powerful forces are, just think about what they might do AFTER election day, once they take over the country?!?!?!
    This may sound crazy but here me out, after the election Obama (Hussein) will have access to ALL voter records which means HE will KNOW who is on his side and who is AGAINST HIM. We know how evil he is so isn’t it likely that he will use the new power to come after you and me?!?!?
    We must be smarter than they are. We must vote FOR Obama now so that we survive as underground Wolverines, fighting for our country. Why die today when we can live on to fight for tomorrow?
    So do what seems insane but is truly the only sane thing to do. Vote FOR Obama so that you don’t get wiped out after the election. HE WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE VOTER RECORDS AND YOU KNOW WHAT HE WILL DO WITH THEM!!!! Then we shall rise to take back our country!
    Whose with me!

  • rayp1970

    No, No, No!! My whole being was wrapped up in my belief that he was NOT an American! He’s a Kenyan! How can my world go on knowing that he may possibly be a real American? I was SCARED TO DEATH of his being elected!! You’ve shattered my world. I’m going to my corner to cry now.

  • Jesse

    For some reason, reading this reminds me of the Time Cube.

  • Kordo

    Congratz! You wingnutz have now been punkd by Sadly, No! (google it, ‘tards) A quick question, before I’m banned: What do you do when you realize you’ve spent an hour of your life reading the disjointed ramblings of a deeply disturbed racist, and have nothing to show for it but impotent rage, and the indelible shame of a blog comment? Vote McCain! And, of course, embark on your study of the Time Cube (thx, Jesse :)

  • larb

    This is the best election ever, and Pam, you’ve done plenty to make it so. Literally hours of amusement every day.

  • francisco d’anconia

    Just wondering why you have to associate Ayn Rand’s hard work and already-tarnished name with a bunch of batshit kookiness. Hasn’t the Libertarian Party done enough harm in that regard already?
    Change the name of your blog and your handle, please. You aren’t helping her ideas gain traction.

  • jason

    Before I get to the heart of what I want to say, a few quick observations:
    scrapiron: Why is it that in an election year, with two candidates and two parties, only Democrats quest for personal power?
    patvann: If you like to be astounded, I hear there’s this Bat-Boy….
    pamela geller: Sheesh. I can get a good look at a T-bone by sticking my head up a bull’s butt, but I’d rather take a butcher’s word for it.
    Andrew: You edit at wikipedia?? You mean, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit??
    Aussie News: You write like a Nigerian Scammer, except when you are cutting and pasting content. I recommend “Strunk & White.”
    I_am_me: Why do you call him by his middle name? Did you know that Hussein is an Arabic word meaning “Good” or “Handsome?” Re-read what you wrote, but each time Hussein appears, say Handsome instead!
    flyingsongster again: You’ve been debunked? Is that when you fall out of bed? A-thank you.
    anonymous guy who wrote the screenplay: I expect you could have made the third Matrix film a lot more interesting.
    slimguy: Actually, a reasonable and unique perspective. If it weren’t based on a strange concoction, I would go so far as to say, well put!
    MrsChiefEngineer: You researched “online” and didn’t find someone in a 1961-62 edition of a phone book? This is evidence of what, exactly? That having a home phone in ’61 and ’62 was a prohibitive luxury that not everyone could afford?
    catnurse: What is an “alphabet soup media?” And if everyone knew that they were fully aware, wouldn’t that make it moot for them to report it?
    I am kind of tired of responding now and I have to go to work soon. I’d like to go on, but let me explain my original intentions: I read this fascinating and fantastic diatribe in an effort to be convinced. I remember when Palin was first announced as VP and I read a post (I think on the DailyKos) that posited that her baby, Trig, was actually her daughter’s baby, and that she was covering it up. Honestly, I bought it, hook line and stinker. I didn’t think about it. I kind of got swept up in believing anything and took it for granted that I had a brain and an ability to critically reason. Turns out I was wrong, as is everyone who believes in the story that Obama isn’t a US citizen, or is actually fathered by Malcolm X or is a secret Muslim. It’s just flat out wrong.
    I don’t mean to convince everyone here to go out and vote Obama, but I do mean to encourage everyone to elevate this discourse towards debating how best to solve the problems of our country. If everyone here spent as much time on reducing their energy usage, or working at a free clinic, or volunteering at a church or synagogue, or tutoring in math or science, as they do considering fantasy, we could all (myself included) be making real, substantive contributions towards a stronger nation.
    Anyway, gotta go to work. Keep up the good fight all you crazies!

  • xpublius

    “Goin’ off the rails on the crazy train!”
    Thank you, Thank you! I LOVE the fact that conservatives have gone off the deep end line this into bat-shit insanity! From the Democratic party, I send a hearty thank you!


    I am shocked, no I am not. This is why America is tried of the Dirty Politics that the right puts on every election cycle. This has to be the silliest story that has come out during this election. People if Sen.Obama is sooo bad, explain to me why it is only now that he is being called out!!! Come on now, give me a break… Take a penny and buy some buisness of your own!!!!

  • FrancieNolan

    Wow…you people are insane! What a waste of time and energy. And some of you sound as if you might actually be intelligent…if you weren’t so crazy. You are actually speculating on when Obama’s poor dead mother and father conceived him…you’re disgusting, purient freaks!! Of all the crazy crap I’ve read on line about Obama – you nuts take the cake!

  • Hoosier Daddy

    Barry may or may not be the son of Malcolm X, but one things for sure – he’s sure ain’t Barack Obama Sr’s boy. He’s a “brotha from anotha fatha”!

  • Jennifer


  • Conspiracy Nuts Amuse Me

    Associated Press
    State declares Obama birth certificate genuine
    10 hours ago
    HONOLULU (AP) — State officials say there’s no doubt Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.
    Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said Friday she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have personally verified that the health department holds Obama’s original birth certificate.
    Fukino says that no state official, including Republican Gov. Linda Lingle, ever instructed that Obama’s certificate be handled differently.
    She says state law bars release of a certified birth certificate to anyone who does not have a tangible interest.
    Some Obama critics claim he was not born in the US.
    Earlier Friday, a southwest Ohio magistrate rejected a challenge to Obama’s citizenship. Judges in Seattle and Philadelphia recently dismissed similar suits.
    So much for that tripe.
    This is the part where the very few among you with enough intelligence and awareness to do so will feel stupid.

  • SoxFan

    Doesn’t anyone know anything about the law? Why would it matter if Obama was born in Kenya or Canada?
    You all realize that Mc|Cain was not born in the US either, right? He was born in Panama, but because his parents were US citizens, he automatically became a US citizen! haha,place of birth has nothing to do with it!

  • DenverRodeo

    “Conspiracy Nuts Amuse Me” quoted a recent news story:
    “Health Department Director Dr. Chiyome Fukino said Friday she and the registrar of vital statistics, Alvin Onaka, have personally verified that the health department holds Obama’s original birth certificate.”
    While I trust that a Health Department Director (and a “Dr.”), as well as a registrar of vital statistics, are most likely honest people, nevertheless their mere claim that they “personally verfified” this is not sufficient. We the people — and specifically our Representatives in the House and Senate (the latter of which will do the formal certification of Obama’s Presidency should he win) — have a right to see for ourselves Obama’s original birth certificate.
    Notice too the wording of that story:
    “…have personally verified that the health department holds Obama’s original birth certificate.”
    It doesn’t say that they personally verified Obama’s original birth certificate. It says they personally verified THAT THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT HOLDS Obama’s original birth certificate.
    This persistent withholding of a crucial document like this that is the sole and necessary proof for one non-negotiable qualification for the highest office in the land — this persistent withholding is becoming ludicrous.

  • No Free Lunch

    My kids need to show their birth certificate just to play soccer. I needed it the first time I got a drivers license. But Barack Hussein Obama can run for president without revealing his birth certificate. This is CRAZY!!!!

  • MdDeeDa

    To the person who wants to know why being born in another country disqualifies them from being president.
    The CONSTITUTION of this country says that only natural born citizens are eligible. The thing here is…if obama has a birth certificate why in the devil doesn’t he show it…that would end all the conterversary. There is something absolutly odd about the birth certificate that he doesn’t want public. I can not understand why the people who verify a candidate did not check him out. In that case Arnold can say I want to be president, refuse to show any verification and run.
    And by the way, McCain was born on American terrority. He was born in a military compound that is considered American soil. He showed his birth certificate without qualms…that’s what makes obama’s refusal very very very odd.

  • MdDeeDa

    To the person who wants to know why being born in another country disqualifies them from being president.
    The CONSTITUTION of this country says that only natural born citizens are eligible. The thing here is…if obama has a birth certificate why in the devil doesn’t he show it…that would end all the conterversary. There is something absolutly odd about the birth certificate that he doesn’t want public. I can not understand why the people who verify a candidate did not check him out. In that case Arnold can say I want to be president, refuse to show any verification and run.
    And by the way, McCain was born on American terrority. He was born in a military compound that is considered American soil. He showed his birth certificate without qualms…that’s what makes obama’s refusal very very very odd.

  • No Free Lunch

    “You have to pinch yourself. A Marxist radical, who all his life has
    been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended,
    endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically
    promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power, anti-white
    racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marxists, unrepentant former
    terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President
    of the United States. And apparently it’s considered impolite to say so.”
    Melanie Phillips
    Spectator, UK

  • Seattle_banana

    Obviously, there’s some speculation here but if Ann Dunham was a student in Autumn 1961 as the official Univ of Washington records show, there is something very wrong with Obama’s story about his own mother. Obama MUST know that his mother was enrolled at UW in August 1961 and his still-living grandmother must know as well. Maybe that’s why Obama hurried back to Honolulu last week…to tell her to keep quiet. Obama Sr. also doesn’t look like Obama Jr’s father based on the obvious physical features and, more importantly, the height. Obama Sr. was 5-10 while Obama Jr. is 6-2 and Malcolm X was 6-3. Where did Obama Jr. get his height from? Another thought, if Obama Jr. was conceived in June-July, 1960, then the birth must have been March or April 1961, not long after the wedding, and the ‘official’ date of August 4, 1961 in the Hawaii records must have been somehow doctored…or perhaps the birth was out of the country and the certificate was somehow fraudulently entered when they returned. There needs to be an examination of the birth certificate records and any people involved with them who are still living. Either way, there’s no way that the baby was born August 4, 1961 and the Obama’s Mom was going to UW 2,600 miles away two weeks later. Finally, Obama’s grandmother is still living and knows the truth, whatever it is. Someone official should ask her…and soon. It’s a shame that this stuff didn’t come out sooner when it might have made a difference in the election outcome. The ‘real’ press doesn’t do much anymore, for sure. The records from the Univ of Washington should have been brought out months ago.

  • Freedom 08

    Based on your analysis of Ann Dunham’s time in Seattle in Aug, 61, and then return in early Jan 62. And no one talking about her pregnancy, or relationship with Barck Obama, I have another avenue I would like you to check.
    Respectfully, could Barak’s grandmother Madelyn Dunham actually be his mother? I say this because, she may have wanted to cover up an outside wedlock pregancy?, and this left her post at Seattle bank and moved rapidly to Hawaii.
    Used her daughter in agreement as cover for family. who would it hurt? She covers for her ‘actual brother’ for while, then Madelyn raises Barry in Hawaii.
    Barck Obama Sr. goes along for whatever reason, payment.
    The Original Vault Birth Certificate and hospital records may show this to be true.
    He would be US Citizen born in Hawaii, but it may be revelation that would be shocking to many, including Barak (if he is not aware, but I guess he would be by now.)
    But even with this , who is father? Do birth records sometimes say “Father unknown”
    Can others please comment, or dig into this plausibility.
    Again, I think all of this would be clarified quite a bit with an Original Birth Certificate or if Madelyn would fill in blanks for us on her family history in this matter.
    Again, I say this with no Were she or here

  • Freedom 08

    BREAKING NEWS, right after, I posted I just saw this on news….
    Madelyn Dunham has died in Hawaii. One week after Obama’s visit, and as predicted by Obama…”she probably will not make the election.”
    Shit, can you believe it”.

  • Jlamar

    If you check Wikipedia you will see Malcolm X named all his children after someone in his life or from history, although the spelling was always altered. Our “President-Select” has two daughters (X had 6 daughters). Malia and Sasha. Malia and Sasha….hmmmm. Malia (Malcolm) and Sasha (Betty Shabazz). I’m just sayin…………….

  • vrajavala

    Susan Blake, now a councilwoman in mercer Island has an interview on youtube in which she speaks of Stanley visiting her with Barry in the 3rd week of August 61.
    most people think stanley may have been on her way back from kenya. so Barry was with her in Mercer Island, he was not with Madelyn.
    Maybe Stanley got a babysitter while she went to class.

  • vrajavala

    Most people think that Frank Marshall Davis is the real biological father. He wrote a pornography book in which he talks about him and his wife in a threesome with a teenager named “Anne”. There is even a nude picture of Stanley online. This would also explain why Grandpa took Barry to be with him when he returned from Indonesia. I believe Frank mentored him and made the appropriate introductions for him to the SDS and Frank was also from Chicago (his wife was a wealthy Chicago socialite) It would explain why Obama is more into socialism than he is into NOI, or at least appears to be. The Muslim connection, of course, comes from Dr. Khalid al Mansour, his sponsor for Harvard.
    I’m hoping that either the Supreme Court or the Electoral college forces him to open his birth certificate file in hawaii.


    Vragen over geboorteplaats Barack Hussein Obama Jr.


  • Carol in STL

    There is no contradiction between delivering Barack Jr. in August 1961 and being a student at University of Washington in “Autumn 1961.” Back in the 60’s school didn’t start until after Labor Day, and often later in September. Ann Dunham could have easily delivered Barack Aug 4th in Honolulu (or Kenya or anywhere else) and been back in Washington for the start of the Fall term.
    Other than that though, this is fascinating information, particularly the photographic likeness between Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and Malcolm X. Clearly there is more to this than we have ever been told.

  • hemingway

    The depth of the delusionary thinking evident in this article and those commenting on it is ASTOUNDING.

  • No Free Lunch

    You gotta hand it to Obama. His tactics are:
    1 – Hide the facts (Birth Cert, College Records, Relationships)
    2 – Let people try to fill in the huge voids in his record with speculation.
    3 – Then sit back and let the Obamaniacs call the speculators “delusional, bat sheet crazy, nuts”, or worse.
    4 – Have the MSM repeat over and over that the ONE has already been vetted.
    The problem with Obama’s tactic is, “truth is like water and will eventually penetrate a stonewall”.

  • Claire

    Okay since all of you are obviously not the brightest crayons in the box, let me enlighten you:
    If you’d actually bother to examine some facts, instead of running around the internet like rabid opossums, you’d have found that:
    1. The email says she attended in “Autumn 1961″
    2. University of Washington’s Fall term always starts the last week of september (Sept 30th for example this coming Fall term)
    I’ll even make the conclusion for you, since none of you seem capable of rational thought: His mother stays home in (or goes home to) give birth, like many mothers do, and nearly TWO MONTHS LATER starts college as planned. There is nothing unusual about this, and furthermore, if anything, college is a great place to raise a child, far more spare time to be at home with your newborn, than when you are in a full time job!

  • MotherOfGirls

    Obviously, you never had teen-age girls who are hell bent to be with a boy. The family will send the girl out of state, have her register for school elsewhere and she and the boy will find each other. Now for a little common sense.
    This is 1960. Girls with pregnancies were sent ELSEWHERE to deliver; you are mixing up what is done today with what was done in 1960’s. I’m so old now.. lol but that was what was done with girls that were pregnant with questionable Fathers. It makes sense to me but I grew up in that time and know how such was taken care of. Sorry because I can imagine you thought you had a story but keep trying. I’m Republican by the way :chuckle:

  • MotherOfGirls

    We do look crazy by the way since the BC was confirmed. That by law is all that is needed. Tell you what. Put YOUR birth certificate (original) on a website then post here your addy. You won’t? But… but… why????? Like I said, I’ve been living to long to see what the Republican party has come too. Please children get a brain.

  • Cellie
    Al Quaida wanted McCain to win for their recruitment purposes. Al Quaida’s #2 man videotaped his disgust with Obama using a racial slur.
    The Web site, if I remember correctly, was broken into by the government. It isn’t far fetched for me to believe that any sleeping cells in the U.S. were told to support the McCain presidency. Look at what has happened within the Republican party. For two years we have been inundated with allegations of Obama being muslim, Arab, terrorist, socialist, marxist, against gun rights, and made out to be a dangerous man. For two years we have lived in fear.
    Something clicked in my head that suggested caution. Maybe it was the Berg efforts, but I took my time looking over the proceedings on this link Then I compared what was being told on the Berg site to this site’s report and discovered a world of difference.
    I noticed the emphasis on muslim Indonesian law and studied them myself. I then noticed we were being referred to tapes and other Kenyan muslim associations; something said to me “Hold on here. Why are you diving further and further into muslim law and Kenyan ties to muslim law?” and I shook myself. I realized I had completely left American law behind. The caution I believe is: Could any of us trace where we got emails from, that were passed during the campaign?
    I’ve checked every allegation we’ve stated in the campaign and found they were untrue–and I mean every single one! I also noticed blasphemous statements being said by so-called white racists on Fox News blogs and got a strange feeling. One man confronted them as being muslim infiltrators passing themselves off as white racists, while speaking in blasphemous terms suggesting Obama personified Christ. They were pushing Berg’s agenda by fundraising and asking for signatures. He called them to their face muslim infiltrators. He said by their attempts to link Christ and Obama, that this gave them away because Americans do not speak that way, even American racists do not speak that way. They do not tie Obama to Christ, or the Messiah, or any one of his followers. And do you know the group of people speaking this way did not deny the charge!
    I then read articles of our Republican loss of stature and asked myself who does this benefit. We are laughed at for believing crazy emails, which lowered our stature with the educated public and those abroad. We embraced a nut called Berg who called on world leaders to oust our own Republican president, furthering a lowering of opinion about us before the public and the world. We also show ourselves as hypocrites in our lack of trust in our officials and our laws by accepting everything democrat-Berg followers tell us and lead us to think and believe that our questions should be.
    Now I’m going to say something very strange. Is it possible the Republican party has been manipulated from the first by muslim infiltrators in the U.S.? Their purpose was to gain members which was admitted would fall off under an Obama presidency. We have proved we can be manipulated through our bias toward Obama, and we have proved that our ignorance about privacy laws is profound. The infilitrators knew we wouldn’t test what was being told us by any attempt to look up McCain’s information. I really think it’s time for me, at least, to return to sanity, because we are living in dangerous times.
    McCain stated (at his last press conference) that Obama’s economic team is a team Republicans can work with. Gates and Jim Jones will remain for another year, guaranteeing a Republican voice in strategy of wars we are involved in. Obama, I’m coming to the conclusion, is not the one to fear but those elements in our own party that carefully keep us in fear and away from real knowledge and understanding. I see now it is up to us as individuals to educate ourselves or be used by a force more evil than imagined. I am putting away all things muslim now, including Berg. The world and its issues will command my attention.
    So far I find Obama a centrist moderate who leans to the right with a pragmatic approach. Republicans solutions have an advantage with such a man because solutions would mean more to him than ideology. Our question would be if we could get to him first with answers, before the far left presents him with their solutions.

  • Cellie

    The link missing in the post above:
    Something clicked in my head that suggested caution. Maybe it was the Berg efforts, but I took my time looking over the proceedings on this link

  • Cellie

  • Cellie

  • Steve

    Was the University of Washington calendar different in 1961 than it is today? According to the UW website, the Autumn Trimester starts during the second half of September, not mid-August. Even if Autumn 1961 classes started in mid August, Ann could have given birth on August 4 1961, and still had time to return to Seattle to start Autumn 1961 classes.
    Nevertheless, I agree, it seems plausible that Ann became pregnant shortly after her high school graduation (May/June 1960), and the pregnancy motivated Ann and her mother to move to Hawaii in the “late summer of 1960″. I don’t see any other explanation as to why Madelyn would give up a good job in Seattle to become a teller in Honolulu, or why Ann would have not enrolled in U. of Washington.
    I believe, back then, U. of Hawaii had open enrollment. The time between application and acceptance was short, but not instantaneous. If the Durham’s move to Hawaii was a hastily-made last-minute decision, Ann may have applied too late to start the Autumn Semester on time.
    That would explain the 6 week delay in her start of classes. As bright as Ann may have been, it would have been difficult for her to make up 6 weeks of course work. Despite open enrollment, the U. of H. academic standards have always been high, and the drop out rate is high as well.
    If she gave birth around April/May 1961, there would have been no reason for her to lie about her son’s birth date, UNLESS the birth took place overseas. In order to register a foreign birth in Hawaii, the birth mother had to be a Hawaii resident for at least a year. If the birth occurred overseas, Ann may have felt compelled to lie about the actual birth date, setting it to at least a year after her relocation to Hawaii.
    Back then, Hawaii birth registration procedures were lax. As long as Madelyn and Obama Sr. were willing to give their signatures as witnesses, Ann could have said just about anything on the birth registration form. As long as the information appeared plausible and reasonable, no one would have bothered to check.
    When births are registered, the Health Department automatically sends birth announcements to local newspapers, which publish these announcements “as is”.
    The above scenario is speculative, but it seems to fit the evidence.

  • Shelly

    What does the first day of instruction being Sept. 26 prove? My daughters first day of fall quarter was the same day in 2008. The letter says that was the first day of instruction. Any reason to believe that fall quarter started in early
    Aug. in Hawaii? Also, I have seen general articles claim that Dunham came to Seattle in late Aug. to attend Fall quarter in 1961 at the UW. Fall quarter usually starts in the FALL, so her being there in late Aug. makes sense. Obviously the marriage was a disastrous mistake for whatever reason. None of that makes his birth in Kenya or Canada credible when he has public notices made by the state of Hawaii that claim he was born in Hawaii-those notices being in two separate newspapers in the Vital statistics section.
    Who is his father? If he was born in HI, and he was, it isn’t going to change the election if it was Malcolm X or MLK. If you want to go on about who he LOOKS like, I think his bone structure comes straight from Grandpa Dunham. Occams razor and all that. The simplest explanation? He is HALF black, which is why he isn’t as dark as his father.
    I am not here to vouch for his character or associations. I sure didn’t vote for him. But you are grasping and it looks really desperate.
    Get a better candidate on the ballot and vote him out next time.

  • The_Freeman

    Frankly, I have never read a more convoluted load of unsubstantiated mishmash in my entire life. OK, we get it, you don’t like Obama, but why do you feel the need to post so many lies? Or, is it that you cannot justify your unprincipled hatred for Obama if you had to deal exclusively with the TRUTH?
    One last point for you to consider. IF Mr Obama is a “tool of the left”, using your logic, the majority of the USA are now leftists. After all, Obama won this last election by a landslide. Are all of the people who voted for our new President-Elect leftists?? If that is your conjecture, conservatives are now the minority, and far from the mainstream of American politics.

  • verdad

    Ms Pamela writes…….”HERE IS A MORE PLAUSIBLE THEORY”:
    ( An excerpt from the above article )
    ….’in 1960, unmarried parents and children suffered penalties ranging from
    confinement in isolated maternity homes to parental rejection and community
    As a 25 year old I remember hearing talk about biracial couples in the 60’s
    relying on midwives delivering their children in order to avoid being ridiculed
    by the public then, especially if their children were born at the hospitals.
    I mention midwives, because I question if there is a possibility that the services of a person with that kind of profession might have taken a role in the masking the true facts about BHO’s birth. I’m not inferring that this person might have delivered this child, but was involved in filing the COLB with data that favored BHO being recognized a natural born citizen regardless where he was actually born. Midwives are very heavily regulated by state laws, thus making them very responsible and expected to provide information that contains great veracity, but at times some may not play by the rules though!
    Please note that I’m not inferring that baby Obama’s citizenship status was planned way back then, so he could become a future POTUS is not what I’m saying
    Investigators have visited the 60850 Kalanianole Hwy address in Honolulu where BHO’s birth announcement states as being the residence of his parents. The neighbors who have lived in that neighborhood since the late 50’s don’t recall seeing a biracial child living there in 1961. Could this address have been the residence of a midwife …using her home address for expedient purposes? By the way the name of the highway on the birth announcement was misspelled if it means anything. The name in the print has an extra “a”.

  • I Hench

    If Stanley Ann Dunham Obama’s whereabouts are so important, it may be of interest if someone could obtain and post both her and her parent’s Credit Report, if legal. As they are all dead I do not see a problem.
    The report should with dates and ownership or rental etc. If Obama’s mom had no addresses of her own listed, it might be inferred from her parents location; give rise to leads, witnesses etc. BTW why has no one obtained statements from Stanly Ann’s classmates etc?

  • David Perkins

    Even Malcolm X was a rational, reasonable man with a conscience. He left the Nation because at its very top was self-serving corruption, and he was not going to accept it.
    I have much more respect for M-X than I ever did before, after hearing and seeing this video…
    But on a larger scale, I fear for this country like never before. If I was not a man with faith in the God who made me, I don’t know what I’d do. It is too frightening to even consider for any length of time.
    God’s will be done. The story ends happily, but some dark chapters are just ahead of us.
    Thanks is not strong enough for you, Pam, for what you do.. but it’s all I’ve got. :-)

  • Denise Fisher

    The ears tell the story. Children inherit their fathers ears, Obamas ears are very simular to Malcom, also the height, Obama was short, Malcom tall……..Barak’s mother was not a tall woman, the height had to come from the father. Remember when Princess Diana was selected to be Prince Charles wife the height was important, they wanted any sons that they may have to be taller than the mother or father.


    Frist i want to say that malcolm x was put into the media. Same as Obama. They say all blacks look alike. malcolm x left nation of isam because of the corruption. and lost his life for leaving. PARENTS HEIGHT DOES NOT determine whats on the family tree.
    Also, i would like to say that i met one of the daughters of Malcolm x at a bus stop in texas. she was very quiet. so lets just say that african americans just wanted civil rights. Our civil leaders were everyday people wanting to make a better day for america.

  • tinea corporis

    interesting to mention about the physical similarities and idiologicas of Malcon and President Obama, the very complete report, I am extremely aware of this, thanks for sharing with us.

  • Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

    Is there any scientific evidence whatever that Stanley Ann Dunham is the birth mother of Barack Hussein Obama II? All children of the same mother have identical mitochondrial DNA, whatever their gender and regardless of who the father might be. If Barry and Maya do not have identical mitochondrial DNA, then (assuming Maya is Stanley Ann’s daughter) it is biologically impossible for Barry to be Stanley Ann’s son. If so, why is she named in the certification of life birth? Presumably Stanley Ann and Obama the Luo adopted Obama II. Why? Perhaps to accommodate Stanley Ann’s father in covering up his fathering a son out of wedlock. Is there any scientific evidence whatever that Barack Hussein Obama is the true father of Barack Hussein Obama II? Proof that the alien Luo tribesman Barack Hussein Obama is the father of Obama II would be proof that Obama II is not a natural born U.S. citizen. Only a natural born U.S. citizen – one born in the land of which his parents are citizens – is eligible to the Office of President under U.S. Const. Art. II Sec. 1. Arguably, adoption by Obama the Luo would terminate Obama’s natural born status, if his birth parents were American citizens. Whatever his status at birth, it appears that Obama II later lost American citizenship altogether by forfeiture, disclaimer, renunciation or sedition. In such event, he would be ineligible, even if a natural born citizen at birth. The term “natural born citizen” subsumes “citizen”. You can’t be a natural born citizen if you are not a citizen at all, even though you were a natural born citizen at birth.

  • Questions for First Date

    Very interesting post I never thought of obama and human rights this way..

  • al

    well barack did say his father served in ww2 .if this is true , now the only one who fits here is the man who ppls have been led to believe is his maternal grandfather , sgt stanley armour stanley ann in fact barack’s half sister ? on the book cover “dreams of my father ” is a pic of sgt.stanley armour dunham and a blk woman from indonesia , allegedly barack’s grandmother? maybe she was the real mom . i think barack should be compelled to put up or get out of the white house. he has admitted he was born in kenya and that he is a muslim. i seriously doubt he is qualified ,which opens him up to blackmail by the dhimmicrat party .

  • Horn of Ammon

    So, if all the above is true, with Malcolm X as Barack’s true dad and Obama Sr. being just part of a cover-up, then doesn’t this mean Obama was NOT born in Kenya? And since the author assumes that the university records are all correct, then Obama’s mother must have had him in Hawaii, and then gone to Washington a month later.
    But then what else do we do to challenge the constitutionality of Obama’s presidency, if he was actually born in the US?
    Please explain, I need an expert to pick another conspiracy theory for me.
    -Patriotic conservative

  • Howie Feltersnatch

    Goddamn, you are one stupid cunt.

  • usmc24

    nice backtracking there, still totally batshit, but I admire your ability to drop one of your conspiracy theories when people point out that you’re full of crap.

  • locylyn

    how cum u guys (and gals) won’t just face up to it: this obsession with Obama’s Otherness of various stripes has that one underlying reason. He’s black. Just say it, be done with it, and move on.

  • Robert Crawford

    Well, Pammy, you allowed it to be posted under your good name and was posted thanks to your scrupulous editorial gatekeeping. Ergo, this clown’s theory is yours.
    Btw, Pammy, I admire your ability to peddle racist lies about our president and get six figure contracts from a Simon & Schuster imprint while REAL writers who write REAL books and not ghost-written doorstops, continue getting form rejection letters from brain-dead literary agents.
    Thank you so much, Pammy, for pandering to the lowest common denominator, subtracting from the nation’s literacy and store of knowledge then replacing it with racist-based speculation, lies and innuendo and getting rich off it.
    Now put go put on a bikini, douchebag. You’re on in three, two, one…

  • Alexandra

    Look up Frank Marshall Davis–that one is more likely to be Obama’s baby-daddy.

  • ABRA

    if you could prove even one of those charges, you might just have a point
    right now, your bat sheet crazy

  • Fiora Fatou

    Your stories about President Obama are fake and waste of time.
    Let the man do something well to US.
    Would u like to be next US president?
    You can apply but u can wait…

  • Parid

    Thank u , I like the stories.

  • jleinf

    When I look around my household it is very apparent that 2 kids look like mom and 1 is mostly me. What is more strange than Barry’s record hiding is he looks exactly like M X and Chitown is his head quarters. Something is very wrong with Soetoro/Obama/Or whatever name was on his bc before he AMMENDED IT! Just the tip of the sealed iceberg of lameness.

  • Albert W. L. Moore, Jr.

    DNA analysis will prove that it was biologically impossible for Stanley Ann to have been Obama’s birth mother. Hence she could not have given birth to him in Honolulu, Kenya, British Columbia, or any place whatever.
    Take the certification of live birth to be accurate as far as it goes. The data in it probably come from an amended birth certificate reflecting adoptive parents Stanley Ann and Obama the alien Luo. The original birth certificate shows birth parents Stanley Armour Dunham and an as yet unknown predominantly Polynesian wahine (with, my amateur genealogical instinct tells me, an admixture of Portagee). Public officials are bound by law to keep the adoption confidential, but this should not be a privilege against disclosure in response to official subpoena. Mr. Obama withholds the release of records to private inquiries because he does not want to reveal he is posing as a black man, and can not honestly claim the distinction of being the son of a Luo tribesman with kith ‘n’ kin in today’s Africa.
    Why is it so generally assumed that Mr. Obama is the son of Obama the Luo tribesman? Is it because of the notorious work of fiction by Bill Ayres, Dreams from my Father? Is it because Obama says so? Ayres and Obama have such reputations for probity.
    Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawai’i State Department of Health, refers to Mr. Obama’s “vital records” in the plural. He is not dead, so she must be referring to two birth certificates, an original naming birth parents and an amended certificate naming adoptive parents. The data in the certification of live birth must be taken from the amended certificate, for Dr. Fukino also says that the records verify that Mr. Obama is a “natural born American citizen.” If the original birth certificate showed Obama the Luo to be a birth parent, it would have proved the opposite. See Dr. Fukino’s statement in haec verba, The Manchurian President, page 76.
    Compare Mr. Obama’s DNA with that of Mark Obama and Samson Obama, sons of Barack Hussein Obama the Luo tribesman, whose DNA analyses are almost certainly on Interpol’s genetic data base as a result of their brushes with the law in Britain and in Kenya. This comparison would almost certainly disprove the lie that Mr. Obama is the son of Obama the Luo tribesman. This would put you a step closer to proving that Obama as an innocent babe was a natural born U.S. citizen, as well as a step closer to proving that he is not black.
    Dr. Fukino has gone about as close to the brink as she can, without violating her legal obligation to keep the adoption confidential, to tell us that Mr. Obama was adopted at birth by Obama the Luo (and probably by Mr. Obama’s paternal half sister Stanley Ann Dunham). Why should we make her out to be a liar?
    Obama’s Hawai’ian birth certificates and DNA will show him to be a natural born U.S. citizen, subject to the slim outside chance that he’s a ringer, unrelated to a parent or parents in his vital records. This must be carefully researched, but chances are that his vital records, as per Dr. Fukino, and his DNA will verify that he was a natural born citizen at birth. No clear ineligibility at birth. But there is ample reason to suspect loss of eligibility in the course of his life, by loss of U.S. citizenship through forfeiture, disclaimer, renunciation, sedition or some combination of the foregoing.

  • Stoner

    Where do you birthers get your drugs?

  • Cerina J.

    Ms. Geller, can you please clarify something for me?
    From your blog above:
    Drunk on radical ideology, Stanley “Ann” Dunham became pregnant in the summer of 1960 in Seattle WA
    With racial unrest at its peak, the Dunham’s wanted to move as far away as possible from their predominantly white conservative community to allow Ann to have her illegitimate child in relative obscurity. So the Dunham’s abruptly moved to the new state of Hawaii (Aug of 1959) where whites were the minority and a mixed race child would be more accepted. In a 1959 interview with the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Obama Sr. described the absence of racial prejudice in Hawaii as “unique.”
    Why would the Dunham’s move to Hawaii in August of 1959 to hide Ann’s pregnancy when she didn’t even conceive until the summer of 1960?

  • Cerina J.

    Sorry, my question should not have been in italics.


    America , open your eyes , and REALLY SEE , WHO and WHAT is destroying OUR Great Nation . DO YOU SEE NOW ? Lock and Load . the time is upon us !

  • Alexander the Great

    Why not just read this and see what needs to be done to get America back, in easy to understand Si=Fi format:

  • ItsJo

    Amazing article that I had not read before(bits and pieces here and there) but it puts into order, the “Path of Obama, and it clears the air, about WHAT HIS OBJECTIVES ARE, and why he’s done everything AGAINST AMERICA DELIBERATELY.”
    This article should be sent to Each and EVery Congress Person, and reprinted in its entirety for ALL AMERICANS TO READ IN “ALL PAPERS, INTERNET SITES AND ANYWHERE ELSE, THAT WILL EXPOSE WHAT, AND WHO OBAMA REALLY IS.”

  • you’re insane


  • mkegino

    Gay Barry is 6’1″ or 6’2″; Obama Senior was 5’10” or shorter; Anne was no taller than 5’4″; Malcolm X was 6’4″. Gay Barry did not get his height from Obama Senior.

  • World Wide Waco



    1. His father NEVER being a US Citizen EVER- a FOREIGN NATIONAL whose allegiance is to Kenya
    2. His forged CERTIFICATION of live birth- no legal certification attesting that actual real documents exist in the archive:

    FAIL to provide STATE SEAL
    FAIL to provide Registrar General’s Signature
    FAIL to provide Director of Health Signature
    There IS NO ACTUAL CERTIFICATION THAT REAL DOCUMENTS EXIST SINCE THESE ELEMENTS ARE NOT THERE AND what is there FAILS to actually certify anything which is the whole point of the documents existence, TO WIT:

    1. Instead of the Registrar General’s Signature- Charles G Bennett, it has a
    U K L LEE- is there even such a person…thus far no response from Hawaii gov’t email requsets to affirm or deny that this is a fact or a lie

    2. Instead of the Director of Health Signature- Leo Bernstein MD, it has an
    Alvin T. Onaina(?)- however there is a smiley face embedded in the signature
    which means it is NOT an actual signature or it is a ‘joke’ forgery

    3. The REAL certification of live birth DOES JUST THAT, the above
    signatures of Bennett & Bernstein accompany a State Seal that
    affirms the following:

    ” This certifies that the above is a true and correct copy of the original record on file in the research planning and statistics office Hawaii state dept of health”
    Thus it affirms that such REAL RECORDS EXIST

    Oblivious’ says this: “I certify this is a true copy or abstract of TXE record on file in the Hawaii state dept health”

    So there is NOTHING being affirmed here…it is a LIE

    Please read all about this poser president who instead of being truthful has
    lied from the get go and hired an army of paid trollls to take everything sideways censor those who speak the truth and make everyone serve the father of all lies satan rather than the truth which is jesus

    WE THE PEOPLE have reserved to us the RIGHT and the POWER to RECALL the administration…no different than if you lie on a resume- you get


  • Monet

    You people are fukkn nuts