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Obama’s Fishy “Personal” Fund Raising Pages

Barack Obama’s records are either incredibly shabby or purposely deceptive.

Many My BHO members (55,000 according to the website) have their own fund raising pages: (hat tip Cathy)

An anonymous reader posited this:

Since I have the user number for the argument simply by viewing the page and what they describe in their own page source as ‘simple page security simple report’ and the script to call to the donation routine it opens it up to all sorts of things.

Now lets take this as a what if.

You are a big pocket donor and want to shove funds in via the under 200 donation doorway which does not get itemized in the FEC reports

How you play it

Write a script to query All the donor pages like the ones in you post
Determine unfunded amount necessary to reach goal for each volunteer
Using a debit/credit/prepaid whatever card anonymously push money in via the donor routine via a remote procedure call using the page user number as an argument for the donation
She / he sees a report to think they ‘convinced’ people to donate and feel validated and oh so happy and lights a candle on their personal shrine at home.
Lots of people (shills really) have full thermometers or even more for super duper friends and all is well in the world.

If you need more places to shill money through…no problem …fake a donate via me page….

Wash, rinse, repeat as necessary.

Since you are signing up voters in 17 states, you have names and addresses to use for donor names etc via prepaid cards and what are the odds they will be a friend to a mini bundler who would send them a thank you note?

So Joe Blow from Florida does a prepaid card donation via somebody from Oregon and they don’t know each other from Adam.

Joe has no way to check neither does Oregon person.

Check out any of the stories on the web about the field people "obama fellows" out there registering…they feed all the data into the computer at the end of the day.
The important bottom line here is there is zero linkage between the page donations from the website and the donations of that person to the FEC in their name.

FEC stuff is their own cash they gave to Obama, not money raised on the site.


Student, Morad Tabbicca from Ghana has a “keen interest in politics” and admires Barack Obama.  His fundraising goal is below:


Morad seems to be doing it right.  There is no record of a contribution directly from him to BHO in a search of the FEC website or in the FEC download of BHO’s individual contributors file.  So, one is led to believe that the 8 people contributing $485 did that under their own names.

However, Christine Wakim is a puzzler.

She set a goal of $500 but has raised a total of $810 from 9 people
(the number 9 is important as you’ll see) according to her personal
fundraising page at My BHO  Christine’s
Personal Fundraising Page
A search of the FEC website shows that Christine has three
contributions totaling $650. But WAIT…the FEC website counts her
3/18/08 $200 contribution TWICE!


Going back to the downloaded Obama FEC database, Christine has NINE individual transactions that total $939.70.  The 3/18 and 5/18 contributions are on this list, but another 7 are on the list that are NOT on the query.

Here’s the back up: Download WakimChristine.pdf

Receipt #28931993883 FEC Search
    shows that Christine donated $1,026.04 FOR THE ELECTION CYCLE-TO-DATE!

So, which is it?  $650, $810, $939.70 or $1,026.04?

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