Over [corrected hat tip Ed] 90% of the female population of Egypt has had their clitorises removed.

The US gives these barbarians 300 million a year UPDATE: I low balled it and I stand corrected. It is more to the tune of USD1 to 2 billion per annum.

W magazine does glowing spreads on these savages.
The New York Times magazine did a glowing cultural piece on cliterror (here).

Feminsts are silent. (I vlogged about that here.)

There is something seriously wrong.

Egyptian Parliament Okays Female Genital Mutilation Israel National News hat tip Yisrael

( Conservatives in the Egyptian parliament have made female genital mutilation (circumcision) legal again in Egypt.
The conservatives succeeded in striking several laws that had been passed by the parliament’s religious Shura Council in the past. The laws canceled also include a law limiting marriage age to 18 and up, a law permitting a mother to register a child on her name and a law allowing neighbors of a family that beats its children to report the beatings to the police.

One of the parliament’s members said that the law permitting a mother to register a child on her name “encourages adultery.”

A Cairo appellate judge who is also the legal advisor to the Council for the Mother and Child said that the decision to strike the laws contravened international agreements signed by Egypt.

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