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VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Fox and Friends Calls for Investigation of Phoenix Mosque


I was on Fox and Friends this morning discussing the free speech rally in Phoenix in front of the Garland jihadi’s mosque, where he was a longtime member. Was it investigated? Even after the attack? If not, why not? The mosque lied repeatedly about the jihad members. —-Simpon’s friend Courtney Lonergan remembers Elton Simpson would […]READ MORE

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Minnesota Muslims declare: ‘We want Shariah’

minnesota muslim

Let’s be clear here. It’s not just Michigan Muslims. According to a recent poll, 58% of US Muslims reject first amendment criticism of Islam as a right. 46% want blasphemy punished, 12% want them killed. Minnesota Muslims brutally honest: ‘We want Shariah’, By Leo Hohmann Street interviews capture on video anti-American, anti-1st Amendment views The […]READ MORE

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The New York Times Runs Mother Mary Covered in Excrement, Won’t Run Muhammad Drawing

wapo cartoon

The NY Times writer who contacted me asked me for a copy of the ad. The old gray dhimmi did not see fit to print the drawing that is changing the very foundation of free speech in this country. But vile Christian imagery — they can’t get enough. This is hardly the first time: NY […]READ MORE

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The Original Bird on an Open Thread

While my Deadhead friends were listening to Phish, the Allman Brothers, etc., I was spinning Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Dinah Washington, after I discovered 78s (!) found in the attic when I was kid. I fell head over heels in love with those blues singers, and then I found Charlie Parker. I was home. […]READ MORE

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Eugene Volokh, WaPo: ‘[W]e know what happens when you criticize Muhammad, we know how some people react to that’

free speech

Volokh doesn’t disappoint on the WMATA’s decision to restrict free speech in adherences sharia and it’s violent enforcers. Kudos to the Volokh and the Washington Post for publishing the cartoon (at least in the online edition). The Volokh Conspiracy ‘[W]e know what happens when you criticize Muhammad, we know how some people react to that’ […]READ MORE

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ISIS Jihadis and Muslim Supporters Blame AFDI Art and Cartoon Contest for Texas Flooding


Apparently Allah has no sense of humor either, and remarkably shares the same hair-trigger sensitivity as violent jihadis. Expect CNN’s Chris Cuomo to investigate …. It had to be that, right? Or the Jews. Widespread flooding has caused massive destruction and death in Texas and Oklahoma. At least 17 are dead and 40 are missing […]READ MORE

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Emails show Clinton’s interest in arming Libyan jihadis despite prohibitions


The leftist enemedia has frequently raked me over the coals for pointing out that the Obama administration is aligned with the jihad force. Will the retractions and apologies be rolling in now? I won’t be holding my breath. “Emails show Clinton’s interest in arming Libyan rebels despite prohibitions,” by Catherine Herridge, Pamela Browne, FoxNews.com, May […]READ MORE

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UNEDITED: Raw footage of REUTERS interview with Pamela Geller on Muhammad Bus Campaign

reuters logo

Reuters interviewed me for a story on the new AFDI free speech campaign featuring the winning Muhammad drawing in our art submission contest held in Garland, Texas, where jihadists tried to massacre all of us. I covertly videoed the whole thing, so that people can see what was said, and then what they publish. The […]READ MORE

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Oppose the Ban: Get the Muhammad Tee-Shirt

muhammad tee shirt

Washington, DC may have banned free speech on the buses, but they haven’t banned YOU — at least not yet. Muhammad cartoon tee-shirts, calenders and other great AFDI stuff on sale here. What better way to fight the government’s suppression of free speech than with defiance tee-shirts? Proceeds help towards our enormous security costs. Muhammad […]READ MORE

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US officials: ISIS fighters may have made airline chemical weapons threats


More than a dozen airplanes were threatened with chemical weapon attacks on Memorial Day. That’s a terror attack, too. Probing, testing, all in preparation. But no worries: Washington, DC banned our ads addressing the sharia and jihad threat. “US officials: ISIS sympathizers may have made airline threats,” Jerusalem Post, May 28, 2015 WASHINGTON – Islamic […]READ MORE

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Assassin’s Veto: Washington Transit Authority Shuts Down Free Speech, Suspends All Issue-Related Ads

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 9.57.21 AM

WMATA has submitted to the assassin’s veto. Following the cowardly policy change for the New York MTA, the Washington MTA has suspended all issue-oriented ads through the end of year after we submitted our free speech ad. Oh, the irony. This is an end run around the First Amendment. These cowards may claim that they […]READ MORE

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