Fourth DEADLY Jihad Attack in Germany in a Week

merkel migration

This was the fourth violent attack in Germany in the past week. Ansbach is home to a whole lot of American families whose US Army soldiers are stationed at Ansbach, Katterbach, Oberreichenbach, et al. The jihad bomber’s backpack was filled with explosives. One dead and dozens injured. 2500 were attending the music festival the Muslim […]READ MORE

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ISIS claims responsibility for Ansbach jihad attack: Syrian ‘asylum seeker ‘blows himself’ up at wine bar

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One of Obama’s “orphans” merely practicing his faith — ISIS claims responsibility for Ansbach attack via its official media agency “Amaq.” The BBC is reporting that the Muslim bomber pledged allegiance to ISIS: Video showing the Syrian man who blew himself up in Ansbach, Germany, pledging allegiance to the Islamic State is found on his […]READ MORE

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Germany: Muslim Migrant BOMBER Blew Himself Up at Wine Bar After Being Turned Away From MUSIC FESTIVAL


Music festivals, concert halls, gay bars, trains, McDonalds, malls, Christmas parties, buses …. Islam in the West. Robert Spencer writes, “Note the German authorities’ spin: the jihad murderer was a Muslim migrant who was denied asylum. The subtext, therefore, is that we must welcome the poor refugees — with the further subtext being that we […]READ MORE

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WATCH: Highlights from the TRUMP LGBT Event at RNC with Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jim Hoft


Check out this video compilation of hightlights of the Trump LGBT event at the RNC in Cleveland. Watch it — then look at how the enemedia portrayed it. Video thanks to David Miles. The enemedia has viciously attacked the event. Go here. Village Voice (this one is really over the top): Even after I’d passed […]READ MORE

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Pakistan human rights lawyer who defends Christians goes into hiding after death threats

Non-Muslims Pakistan

Meanwhile, “human rights” organizations worldwide are too busy wringing their hands over islamofauxbia to take any notice. “Pakistan human rights lawyer who defends Christians goes into hiding after death threats,” by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today, July 8, 2016: A leading Christian human rights lawyer in Pakistan has gone into hiding after receiving death threats because […]READ MORE

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2nd Munich Arrest: Jihadi Ali Sonboly’s Afghan Muslim friend ARRESTED, planned Munich shooting for a year

Despite all the Breivik reportage, police did not find the manifesto of Norwegian madman Anders Behring Breivik when they searched the gunman’s room at his parents’ flat. The order of the day is to blame anyone, anything, except the actual motive. Islam. “Munich shooting: David Sonboly ‘planned attack for year'” BBC, July 25, 2016: The […]READ MORE

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Knife Jihad: MACHETE WIELDING Muslim “refugee” KILLS woman, injuring two others in #Reutlingen #Germany

merkel refugee

German police confirmed that the Reutlingen stabber is a Syrian migrant who recently entered the country. UPDATE: Victim was reportedly pregnant It’s every day now. Every day. And it will only get worse as the Muslim invasion of Europe continues. In the wake of Angela Merkel flinging open the gates to Muslim “refugees,” the continent […]READ MORE

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Suicide Bombing Threat to Scientology ‘Allah Akbar, Tom’


The glitterati are not exempt. Hollywood is not exempt. The leftist celebrities who think that to resist terrorism is “islamophobic” are not exempt. This war is targeting everyone, both the aware and the indifferent. Perahps it’s time Hollywood actually starts making movies about the jihad threat. The Islamic war against the West is noticeably absent […]READ MORE

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