New York Muslima ‘activist’ calls for boycott of Christian Copts: “The crescent must be on top of the cross”


Obama is bringing in quarter of a million of these … activists: “New York-based Egyptian Muslim activist calls for boycott of Copts: “The crescent must be on top of the cross,” By Robert Spencer, September 25, 2016: Ayat Oraby lives in New York. What does Bill de Blasio think will be the result of the […]READ MORE

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2,000 Muslim teens “radicalized” by ISIS in France – report


Only 2,000? Hey, it’s not just the kids, “Quarter of French Muslims favor ultra-conservative form of Islam.” And the West’s response? Import millions of the invaders. “2,000 teens radicalized by ISIS in France – report,” RT, September 23, 2016: Around 2,000 teenagers have been radicalized by Islamic State propaganda in France, a security source told […]READ MORE

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Hillary Clinton’s Solution for Terror Attacks in America? More Gun Control


This could almost be the Joke of the Day – but it’s not. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party’s chosen one for the White House, has a plan to fight terrorism in America and it’s basically this: Dismantle the Second Amendment. As Robert Spencer in Jihad Watch noted, Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins picked up on Clinton’s interesting […]READ MORE

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Obama VETOES bill allowing families of victims of jihad attacks to sue foreign governments linked to the attacks


Once again, Obama shows which side he is on. He is far more interested in protecting the gangster governments of Saudi Arabia and Iran than he is in protecting Americans. “Obama Vetoes Terrorism Bill as Override Votes Loom,” by John T. Bennett, Roll Call, September 23, 2016: President Barack Obama on Friday vetoed a bill […]READ MORE

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Persecuted Christians in Mideast Thrown Bone of Hope Amid ISIS Slaughter


Christians increasingly under attack by radical Islamic terrorists in the Middle East are being driven from the homes they inhabited for decades to the point they’re now wondering: Where can we live in peace? At least one U.S. congressman, joined by members of the faith community from Iraq and other regions with similar concerns, think […]READ MORE

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Angry Migrants Learning of Deportation Riot, Torch Camp, Destroy Tourist Hotspot


Here’s a lesson learned: Don’t make the Muslim migrants angry. Take a look at this story, happening now in Lesbos: Migrants being sheltered on the Greek island of Lesbos became so angry when they learned they were about to be deported, they actually set fire to their camp in Moria. Nine were arrested on suspicion […]READ MORE

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Pope urges “sincere dialogue” between Christians and Muslims as he meets Nice jihad victims

isis pope2

The purpose of this “dialogue” is to distract and render victims and future victims defenseless. Dialogue subdues the enemy. Dialogue is stay quiet and do not oppose Islam, sharia, and jihad. Church leaders assisting in this subterfuge will answer to a higher authority. “Pope urges “sincere dialogue” between Christians and Muslims as he meets Nice […]READ MORE

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Muslim Teacher SUES School Over 9/11 Film


Mind you, this is only 15 years after 9/11. Considering how fast Western elites are caving and submitting to Islamic demands, how many more years do you think it will take before all mention of Allah, jihad and Islam are scrubbed from 9/11 histories? Five? Ten at most. The last martyrdom letters of the 9/11 […]READ MORE

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