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UN Chief Wants Review of Israeli Use of Force, Silent on Ongoing Islamic Terror Attacks


The violence began on October 1, when a Hamas cell shot dead a Jewish couple in front of their children. There have since been dozens of attacks, and murders most involving Muslim terrorists stabbing Jewish civilians. The UN response? Ban Ki-moon questions whether Israel uses too much force when trying to stop terror attacks. No […]READ MORE

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Taliban’s Reach Is Widest Since 2001: #epicfail in Obama’s “Good War,” the “War That Has To Be Won”


Why didn’t Steve Kroft grill President Obama on this on Sunday, his most glaring failure (and that’s a category with stiff competition)? Back in 2008, Obama campaigned on Afghanistan — “the good war,” remember? Another epic failure his running dogs in the media choose to scrub from their so-called reportage. , Obama’s assertion that Afghanistan […]READ MORE

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Muslim cleric in Friday sermon brandishes dagger, tells “Palestinians” to stab Jews, “cut them into body parts”

Cut them into body parts

The stabbings of Jews by “Palestinians” are daily now — thanks to Obama’s sanction of the savagery and racism commanded in the Quran. And we see here that Muslim clerics are encouraging this hatred and bloodlust — as is to be expected, since Islamic Jew-hatred is in the Quran. “Rafah Cleric Brandishes Knife in Friday […]READ MORE

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Pamela Geller, Breitbart Column: Man Bites Dog: Muslim Is Nice to Non-Muslim

isis finger

When the media’s hysterical predictions about “anti-Muslim extremist hate rallies” failed to materialize (predictably), the media found another false story to jump on like flies on ….. But this one came back to bite them — not that they’ll report about how they got taken. “Man Bites Dog: Muslim Is Nice to Non-Muslim By Pamela […]READ MORE

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British Retiree Faces 350 Lashes in Saudi Arabia

Karl Andree

They found homemade wine in his car. So this senior Briton has been sentenced to 350 lashes. His children Hugh, 46, Kirsten, 45, and Simon, 33, fear the grandfather-of-seven will not survive the punishment, as he suffers from asthma and is frail after surviving cancer three times. Remember that when leftist running dogs for Islam […]READ MORE

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Obama airdrops 50 tons of ammo to ‘moderate Al Qaeda’ in Syria, Islamic State Seizes U.S. Missiles in Iraq

moderate al qaeda

The Obama administration just airdropped 50 tons of ammo for Syrian rebels, also known as “moderate al Qaeda,” after his “moderate” training mission ended in abject failure. The US spent 500 million dollars to train 4 or 5 fighters. That’s a catastrophic failure. This massive ammo drop comes amidst reports that ISIS has a large […]READ MORE

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VIDEO: 13-Year-Old Stabbed, Muslims’ Murderous Rampage in Israel Continues Unabated, World Silence Deafening

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 2.19.11 PM

Muslims continue their genocidal rampage. In the past 24 hours: 13-Year-Old Stabbed in Terror Attack: He’s only 13 years old, but a young Jewish boy who was riding his bicycle minding his own business Monday afternoon is now fighting for life at the Mount Scopus campus of Jerusalem’s Hadassah Medical Center. A 25-year-old Jewish man […]READ MORE

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VIDEO: Muslim migrants refuse to enter shelter, DEMAND apartments, “This is not comfortable enough, that’s just a gym!”


The myth of the poor war refugees continues to blow up in the face of reality. Four out of five of these migrants are not from Syria. They are fit (or even fat), and have the latest technology at their fingertips. They refuse the shelters and demand homes. Below is an article about refugees refusing […]READ MORE

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Pamela Geller, WND Column: New York buses must run ‘Muslim’ ads

chicagi hamas afdi ad

Check out my column in today’s WND. The latest federal ruling clearly demonstrates the continued erosion of our First Amendment rights and the gruesome imposition of blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law). After banning our ads designed to increase awareness of the jihad threat, a Federal court (more like a sharia court) ruled that […]READ MORE

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