Muslim girls only swimming accommodations “destructive” for Danish culture

muslim swim

If Muslims emigrate to the West, should they not be expected to respect Western mores and traditions? Of course, it is a rhetorical question, because we know they will not. Muslims are the only immigrant group that comes to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government (sharia) which they believe to be […]READ MORE

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Muslim parliamentarian to female reporter: Maybe I should give you to an Afghan man to take your nose off


Yes, of course, there is always that option under the sharia. Here’s the thing: he means it. Islam is peace! Nazir Ahmad Hanafi, a prominent Afghan legislator,  opposes women’s rights legislation in the Afghan Parliament, claiming it contradicts Islamic values. “The EVAW law will destroy Afghan families and our way of life,” he told Yeung in […]READ MORE

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Five Muslim Migrants Caught Brutally Sexually Assaulting Teen Boy In Asylum Center

asylum center police rape

What’s interesting is how the Swedish authorities twist themselves into knots to somehow diminish the ghastly nature of the crime. Police originally charged the men with attempted rape; they later decreased the seriousness of the charge down to aggravated assault: “It was not the kind of violence which is required for a rape.” Ugh. “Five […]READ MORE

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Invasion: Turkey is about to be given VISA FREE travel throughout Europe

merkel erdogan's dog

The nightmare Europe will not wake from. It’s astonishing, is it not? The conquest of Europe without so much as firing a shot. Handing over the keys to the kingdom to the Caliph of Turkey. For those unfamiliar with the term, the Schengen zone is the area including 26 European countries that have abolished passport […]READ MORE

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Migrants set up camp outside The Ritz London; squalor just yards from one of the world’s most prestigious 5-star hotels


Tea at the Ritz, a pleasure denied me as I was banned from the UK, but hostile invaders are indeed welcome. You can’t make this stuff up. “Migrants set up camp outside The Ritz: Men and women swig from vodka bottles in broad daylight just yards from one of the world’s most prestigious 5-star hotels” […]READ MORE

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Obama admin pursuing under-the-radar “alternative” ways to bring in MORE Muslim “refugees”

Obama Muslim Islam

But don’t worry, they will be vetted, right? The San Bernardino jihad killer Tashfeen Malik passed five separate background checks from five different U.S. government agencies. There were “refugees” among the Paris jihad killers in November. Obama is setting the stage for death and destruction on a massive scale inside the U.S. “US weighing under-the-radar […]READ MORE

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Muslim kills wife over HONOR in Pakistan

honor killing collage

Honor killings and honor violence are escalating here and abroad. The problem is that we can’t talk about the problem. Anyone who dares to do so is immediately vilified as a racist-islamofauxbic-antimuslim-bigot. Yet over 91% of honor killings worldwide are Islamic. According to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, “In the name of preserving […]READ MORE

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Turkey columnists get TWO YEARS IN JAIL over Muhammad cartoon


Turkey’s President Erdogan is Obama’s “favorite,” “most trusted” world leader. And they’re both enemies of free speech. Turkish journalists Ceyda Karan & Hikmet Çetinkaya were sentenced to two years in jail for running the Charlie Hebdo cover. Where is the worldwide outcry “Je suis Hikmet!” and  and “Je suis Ceyda!? SMH “Turkey columnists get two […]READ MORE

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UK: Devout Muslim ISIS SECURITY GUARD, 23, wished his followers a ‘Happy 911’ and sent 8,000 TWEETS glorifying the terror group and encouraging JIHAD


British authorities jailed him for five years. What will he do in five years (and he will probably get out sooner)? They’re not dealing with the roots of the problem — they’re too busy hounding and persecuting foes of jihad. “ISIS fanatic security guard, 23, wished his followers a ‘Happy 911’ and sent 8,000 tweets […]READ MORE

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9,000 Photos from Palestine in 1800’s – with no trace of Muslims or mosques


“Palestinian” is a euphemism for Islamic Jew hatred. Previously I published the actual flag of Palestine before 1948. (above.) What follows is an “aha moment” in Muslims’ war on Israel. Now here is further proof of the lie (as if we needed any more) of the vicious historical revisionism by the Muslim world to erase […]READ MORE

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