Joan Garson… And Yossi Beinart, President of Tel Aviv Stock Support Boycotts Against Israel

Yossi Beinart

Joan Garson, the President of New Israel Fund of Canada (together with her husband David Baskin), is a significant donor not just to New Israel Fund, but also to Sikkuy, an Israeli NGO which claims to “advance equality between Arab and Jewish citizens of Israel.” And Sikkuy is yet another anti-Israel organization. According to NGO […]READ MORE

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VIDEO Former New York Governor George Pataki: Muslims inciting on the Internet need to be arrested


Pataki says in closed to media event at Republican Jewish Coalition that Muslims inciting on the Internet need to be arrested (video clip) Former New York Governor George Pataki opened the Republican Jewish Coalition spring conference Friday night – and in this video we have obtained from a closed-to-the-media session, he makes a very strong […]READ MORE

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New York Daily News: AFDI ad criticizing Hamas is “outrageous drivel” that “would offend many Muslims”

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.50.55 AM

The now-notorious NY Daily News is once again doing the bidding of jihadists, and in this particular case, Hamas. According to the Islamic apologists over at the NY Daily News, it’s “outrageous drivel” to call attention to Hamas’ genocidal rhetoric. The terror-linked group CAIR had an ad campaign “rebranding” the word jihad ( They mean […]READ MORE

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Minneapolis Muslim charged threatening to kill FBI officials if they didn’t free six Muslims related to Islamic State case


You would think that the arrest of six jihadis in Minneapolis would relieve the Muslim Somali in Minnesota community, the largest in the United States. Instead, it has created tension and animus. What side are they on? A Minneapolis man was charged Friday with threatening law enforcement officials and writing on Twitter that a “massacre” […]READ MORE

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Saturday Night Cinema: Born To Kill

born to kill-3

Tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema classic is a rare film noir gem of a film, “Born To Kill.” The sharp, elegant Claire Trevor stars and gives a jarring performance in this vicious, dark film. Trevor and Tierney play two very twisted individuals in Robert Wise’s 1947 Born to Kill… Trevor’s role, that of a good woman […]READ MORE

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Loomis Chaffee School To Host Anti-Israel Event


The uber-elite Loomis Chaffee School is described as one of the best “college preparatory schools for boarding and day students grades 9–12.” The school is quintessentially preppy, WASPY, expensive – and hosting an anti-Israel event. The Loomis Chaffee School is a renowned New England boarding school located on a 300-acre campus in Windsor, Connecticut. Chartered […]READ MORE

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Doctor joins ISIS medical team in “jihad” against the west: “I wish I’d come sooner”


Another doctor, affluent and Western educated, leaves everything to join the Islamic State, blowing up Obama’s and every other Western leader’s delusional narrative about poverty, disaffection and illiteracy driving Muslims to jihad. It’s Islam. I’ll also point out that calling those who oppose jihad terror “racists” is laughable. Islam is not a race. Just ask […]READ MORE

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