New York Dem Candidate to Appear with Unindicted World Trade Center Bombing Conspirator

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Kathleen Rice is not singular. The entire Democrat Party is completely compromised and sold out to Islamic supremacists, along with much of the Republican Party — thanks to Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan. “New York Dem Candidate to Appear w/Unindicted World Trade Center Bombing Conspirator,” by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage, October 24, 2014: I hope Kathleen […]READ MORE

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Blue Train on an open thread

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Tonight’s musicale at Atlas is full-on Coltrane. One tune would hardly suffice, and after this bloody week, let’s take our time — a moment for a cool martini and some cool jazz. Savages be damned. Art, music, love — this is why we fight. Released in 1957 on Blue Note records, Coltrane recorded this album […]READ MORE

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NYC police commissioner: Hatchet attack was terror


Finalmente! The endless dialogue about motive speaks to the enormous failure by the Obama administration and law enforcement. Apparently the NYC Police Commissioner finally agrees: a rose is a rose by any other name….. Of course he trips over his own convoluted logic when he says that the jihadist “had no clear ties to international […]READ MORE

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“He seemed like a typical and fairly boring convert”

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I would like to understand how the Royal Canadian Mounties and the police worked with the imam at the mosque the Canadian jihadist attended. Did the imam say the Quran was wrong? Did the mosque have programs against jihadic doctrine and recruitment? Ahmad Rouleau was following Islamic texts and teachings. Why didn’t Crown prosecutors charge […]READ MORE

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Al Qaeda issues call to support Islamic State in new threat to America, “We urge all Muslims to back their brethren, with their souls, money and tongues, against the crusaders”


For anyone who thought things might cool off, it’s just getting started. Four terror attacks in as many days, two in Canada one after the other, an ax attack in NYC and vehicular jihad in Jerusalem …… But no worries, Obama say, al Qaeda is on the run! Members of jihad Syrian  group Jabhat al-Nusra […]READ MORE

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Canadian Jihad Gunman Prayed Faithfully, Taught Others about Islam

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Unlike President Obama, Prime Minister Harper called it terrorism. As Aristotle said, A is A. Freedom-loving peoples look in desperation to Canada as the leader of the free world — as worldwide chaos ensues in the wake of President Obama’s pro-jihad policies. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed to redouble the country’s fight against “terrorist […]READ MORE

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Memo from US Consulate refers to Jerusalem jihad terror attack that murdered baby girl as “traffic incident”


This past summer, when Hamas staged a hoax – a staged school attack — without verification or confirmation, Obama called Israel “indefensible,” instead of calling the blood libel “indefensible.” His administration was “appalled” and “horrified” by Israel, not Hamas. What is more appalling, horrifying and indefensible than denouncing Israel on the world stage without the […]READ MORE

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NYC ax-wielding jihadi: “If the Zionists and the Crusaders had never invaded and colonized the Islamic lands after WW1, then there would be no need for Jihad!”


He also said, “Which is better, to sit around and do nothing, or to Jihad fisabeelallah!” Jihad fisabeelallah is jihad for the sake of Allah, violent jihad. And Zale Thompson didn’t sit around and do nothing, he took his ax and went jihad on four police officers. “Zale Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know,” […]READ MORE

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Facebook Page of NYC Ax-Wielding Muslim Who Attacked NYPD

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UPDATE: Robert Spencer has translated the Arabic on the jihadi’s Facebook page: “The Arabic at the top of his Facebook page is from the Qur’an: it is the first few verses of the Fatihah, the Qur’an’s first chapter and the most common prayer in Islam. ‘In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Praise […]READ MORE

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Islamic State Supporter Calls for the Killing Pamela Geller: “Anyone having opportunity kill her”

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Anyone having opportunity kill her, if not spam her account at least. #Quran #Islam #Jews #kuffar pic.twitter.com/aMCFT124FT — Amr Ar Rumi (@AmrArRumi) October 23, 2014 Much thanks to American Jihad Watcher who alerted me to this male ISIS supporter who posted a call for ‘killing Ms.Geller’ on his timeline on twitter about 8 hrs ago. […]READ MORE

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Jihad Terror in NYC: Muslim Attacks NYPD Cops with AX, One Cop Struck in the Head, Suspect Shot Dead

Photo: Hatchet-wielding man shot and killed Police officers shot and killed a hatchet-wielding man on Thursday on a Queens street after he struck one of the officers in the head with the blade, the police said. They are not releasing the dead assailant’s name — we know what that means. Scrub a dub dub. They […]READ MORE

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Armed with Tens of Millions of Dollars, Foreign Agent Hamas-CAIR wages jihad against the truth

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Jihad in America. Here is the mandatory Islamic follow-up to jihad — the second wave of an Islamic attack. Putting the victims on the defense with accusations of “backlashophobia” and “islamophobia.” Followed up with confusion, dissembling and obfuscating. Armed with hundreds of millions of dollars from jihad nations and organizations, the terror tied group CAIR […]READ MORE

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Following Parliament Hill jihad attack, Canada’s military told to stay out of uniform in public


This is surrender. This is saying, we will respond to jihad attacks by curtailing our own activities and freedoms. This is cowardice. This is saying, We will walk around in fear of the jihadis instead of being resolute in defending ourselves against them. This is outrageous. “Following Parliament Hill attack, Canada’s military told to stay […]READ MORE

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Devout Muslim Leaders in the UK: The Caliphate Will Expand to Europe and the U.S.

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This video is instructive to the non-believers (non-Muslims) who have been misled by the enemedia, the Obama adminsitration, and Islamic apologists who insist the worldwide war on the West and Asia has nothing to do with Islam. British Islamists: The Caliphate Will Expand to Europe and the U.S., MEMRI, October 23, 2014 British Islamist Anjem […]READ MORE

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